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legal requirements fire-protection technology as a result of federalism building law in germany is the responsibility of the federal states in a joint working group argebau the federal ministries responsible for the building industry draw up sample draft laws which can depending on the federal state and with more or fewer amendments become valid as a law regulation or guideline for that state §14 of the standard building regulations mbo defines the basis for fire protection the requirements of the building regulations and federal state building regulations are supplemented by various decrees by-laws technical building regulations and general technical standards in addition defective fire protection is considered to be an intentionally concealed defect with a 30-year term of liability furthermore planners and contractors have a legal duty to implement safety precautions during the entire period of use of a building in the event of physical injuries fatality the full extent of

protects escape routes in emergencies kaiser afs-technology afs – active fire stop this technology guarantees preventative active fire protection whether a fire load comes from above below the front or the rear the fast-acting insulation layer in boxes housings and sealings reacts immediately generating foam which reliably seals the installation opening the fire-protection class of the ceiling is retained up to f30 and of the wall up to f90 this successfully prevents the spread of smoke and fire in the event of a fire kaiser afs-technology maintains the fire-protection class of walls and ceilings even with opposing installation without encasing the ready-to-fit systems with afs-technology guarantee certified security and problem-free installation heat generation causes the intumescing material to foam 8 the high level of reliability of the afs-technology saves lives and prevents catastrophes in buildings and on ships in cavity wall and ceiling boxes as

innovation for fire-protection walls up to ei120 hwd 90 fire-protection boxes around 10 years after the market launch of the first fire-protection box for lightweight walls with a fire protection class of up to 90 minutes the range of hwd 90 fire-protection boxes has been expanded the ongoing development of afs technology means that fire-protection boxes now provide fire-resistance duration of up to 120 minutes installation is just as easy as with the previous model directly opposing installation up to a 5-way combination maintains protection up to fire-resistance class ei 120 all hwd 90 type boxes completely retain the sound insulation function up to a level of 77 db in addition the hwd 90 is found in many general official test certificates of well-known manufacturers of walls or ceilings as part of the approval 1 2 3 1 for use as a junction box when fitted with a fire-protection cover 2 ​fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang junction boxes with each other is by means

fire protection electronics box hwd 90 easy-to-use installation compartment electronics box hwd 90 the electronics box hwd 90 has the installation space necessary for electronic switch devices databoxes cables and terminals population with both cables and installation conduits up to m25 is possible • for ei30 ei20 fire-protection walls • retrofitting is possible • also for use as a double box • extra-large terminal area for communications and network technology • additional space for electronic components knx actuators relays radio module communications technology ei30 ei120 one-gang box hwd 90 art no 9463-01 Ø 74 mm one-gang junction box hwd 90 art no 9464-01 electronics box hwd 90 art no 9462-94 Ø 74 mm centering insert 68/74 to expand existing installation openings from Ø 68 mm to Ø 74 mm use exact guide for cavity wall cutter multi 4000 fire-protection cover art no 1184-94 support connector art no 9060-78 2 x Ø 74 mm the matching

fire protection fire sealings 3 1 2 3 4 1 opening the cable and conduit seal makes it easy to fit it around the cables and conduits 2 feed-through through a solid masonry wall acc to din 1053 3 wall feed-through through a concrete wall acc to din 1054 4 for component openings smaller than Ø 35 mm remove the side pull-off lug on the rs90

easy closing permanently sealed sealing plugs sealing plugs with econ® technology for sealing all standard electrical installation conduits in one-gang boxes or at cable exits the long sealing plug with three sealing lips and in different widths adapts itself to the installation conduit in use and guarantees an airtight and smoke-tight end even when conduits are cut at an angle from conduit size m25 upwards the membrane surfaces are divided with reinforcing ribs which ensure secure cable routing and prevent damage and gaps where the cables pass through zertifikat über die qualität der luftdichheit bauteil dichtstopfen kaiser gmbh co kg dichtstopfen typ 16/20/25/32/40 prüfobjekt gehäuse aus spanplatten mit 28 dichtstopfen der oben genannten marke die dichtstopfen waren in kabelrohren montiert mit kabeldurchführungen ergebnisse mit hilfe des blowerdoor messsystem und dem dg-700 wurden folgende werte für den volumenstrom sowie a-wert bei 10 pascal druckdifferenz

innovation for luminaires and loudspeakers fire-stop box flamox® the flamox® fire-protection housings form the new generation of the tried-and-tested housings for the installation of accessories such as luminaires loudspeakers or other devices in suspended fire-protection ceilings for this new generation of housings the dimensions were matched to modern lighting systems so it is ideal for universal use now it is possible to install led luminaires luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps low-voltage and high-voltage halogen lamps loudspeakers and other devices including any necessary operating devices the housings can easily be installed from below in fire-protection ceilings through the installation opening which is made for them because of the low weight of the housings even when luminaires or loudspeakers are fitted the maximum permitted weight load of 5 kg/m² is not exceeded this ensures that no additional suspension devices are needed flamox® housings correspond to

innovation 1 2 3 4 1 mixed population of sheathed cables and conduits 2 also for use as an empty seal 3 full occupancy with sheathed cables Ø 29 mm and conduits up to m63 4 full occupancy with sheathed cables Ø 15 mm and conduits up to m40 easy fast and secure ceiling seal systems for the ceiling upper surface kaiser ceiling seal systems ds 90 74 mm and ds 90 120 mm are ideal for fire protection sealing of sheathed cables and electrical installation conduits cables and conduits as pure cable or conduit bundles can be fed through them up to full occupancy but mixed occupancy is also possible the ceiling seal system can easily be installed with little need for tools and completely from one side of the ceiling upper surface it is not necessary to use additional fire-protection materials the sealing flange on the mounting sleeve ensures smokeproof and clean room separation as with the box sealing systems non-destructive later fitting of additional cables is possible at any time

preventative fire protection installing housing 80˚c 1 200˚c 2 3 latent fire risk caused by temperatures of more than 200°c from halogen lamps can occur very quickly the thermox® installation housing prevents the transfer of extreme heat development to all the surrounding materials 1 thermox® housing is fitted during ceiling installation 2 thermox® housing is retrofitted from below in a plasterboard ceiling 3 thermox® housing is retrofitted from below in a slab ceiling thermox® housing for halogen and swivelling led luminaires art no 9300-01/02/03 thermox® universal housing with mineral fibreboard art no 9300-22 thermox® front rings art no 9300-41/42/43 thermox® universal front part art no 9300-01/02/03 the matching Ø 120 mm cutter art no 1082.20 is shown on page 39 thermox® decorative coverings art no 9301

fire protection ship’s cabin building 1 2 3 the certified one-gang boxes are suitable for both metal-clad and mineral-based shipbuilding walls they offer maximum safety and satisfy the requirements of current legislation 1 for use with panel thicknesses of 0.2 to 40 mm 2 multiple combinations possible by removal of the holding ring 3 one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes with zero tension technology are available for thin boarding one-gang box hwd b15 art no 9463-15 40 art no 9461-15 44 one-gang box hwd b15 art no 9463-14 40 one-gang box hwd b15 one-gang junction box hwd b15 art no 9461-14 44 one-gang junction box hwd b15 art no 9464-15 54 one-gang box hwd b15 art no 9464-14 54 Ø 74 mm the matching Ø 74 mm cutter art no 1083-74 is shown on page 39