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internal insulation box one-gang junction box for insulated inner walls safe and heat-bridge-free – protection against moisture

internal insulation box​ neu one-gang junction box for electrical installations in internal insulation systems for the permanently secure and heat-bridge-free fixing of switches sockets and other accessories in internal-insulated external walls for optimal indoor climates with proven protection against moisture damage for use with many internal insulation systems • for installation in insulated inner walls • guaranteed heat-bridge-free installation • regulates moisture insulation function • prevention of building damage cause by moisture • for use with many insulation systems • for insulation thicknesses of 30 to 100 mm • fitted to the masonry without plaster innovation ​ proof of functionality a comprehensive components test carried out by the tu dresden institut für bauklimatik confirms demonstrably the functionality of the kaiser internal insulation box the study of the internal insulation systems with 0,03w/mk

1 2 3 4 the internal insulation box offers the fitter an easy solution to the professional fitting of electrical installations in internal insulation systems the easy installation and flexible opportunities for application are special features after installation it plays an important role in the function of the insulation system fixing lug processing information 1 installation on masonry without using plaster or mortar 2 dimension details on the adapter allow easy adaptation to the insulation thickness 3 the box allows entry of 4 cables up to Ø 11.5 mm 4 make exact and air-tight cable entry with a drill insulation thickness scale snap-in connector for combinations sealing lips high-insulation component moistureregulating component heat-conductive inner component you can find the complete range of products with all technical information in the kaiser catalogue and on our website at

1 2 3 4 operating principle of the internal insulation box 1 air tightness • maintains the air-tight level • no air flow-through is possible • rear airflow of the insulation system is prevented • no convection • no entry of mould spores 2 heat insulation • no heat bridge • room heat enters the box but not the cold wall • insulation component replaces the insulation system function 3 moisture regulation • room-side moisture caused by insufficient ventilation many people in the room is stored • moisture is released again in a targeted way • no corrosion of the accessory terminals 4 heat conductivity • highly heat-conductive plastic in the inner box • room heat is conducted to the box • the increased surface temperature prevents formation of condensation masonry reinforcement plaster bonding insulating board reinforcement fabric reinforcement plaster finish coat of plaster decorative

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 installation 1 determine the insulation thickness adjust the fastening plates of the adapter 2 for insulation thickness 100 mm make a wall opening of Ø 82 mm 3 determine the location on the wall and mark it 4 insert the cable into the rear of the adapter attach the adapter to the wall 5 insert cables into the box screw the box to the adapter 6 strip the cable insert the signal cover 7 apply the internal insulation around the box 8 remove the signal cover and fit the required

​ internal insulation box ·o  ne-gang junction box for insulated inner walls · including fixing adapter · r ear cable entries ·p  eripheral air-tight sealing lip · c ombinations between each other 3d-animation ​ depth dimensions of adapter lxwxd for insulation thicknesses device screws accessory screw distance cable entries up to Ø 11.5 mm support connectors per pu art no inner packaging/shipping 90 mm 75 x 81 x 100 mm 30-100 mm 2 60 mm 4 3 1159-90 5 50 supporting connector · f or fully-insulated through-wiring with combinations art no inner packaging/shipping 9060-88 25 100 3d-animation ​ for exact openings art no inner packaging/shipping 4 22.5 mm 1085-80 10 stripping pliers amz 2 · integrated knife for longitudinal cutting of longer cable lengths · e rgonomic design easy-to-use ·h  ardened and ground cutting knife for stripping nym cables art no inner packaging/shipping kaiser gmbh co kg