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system equipment carrier heat bridge-free electrical installation in insulated facades easy and fast

system equipment carrier for insulation thicknesses from 160 310 mm the new system equipment carrier is designed to fit perfectly into the external insulation and becomes part of the composite thermal insulation system this reliably prevents heat bridges new the equipment carrier is fitted in the same way as the insulation with a single hammer blow drive the impact dowel included through the specified guide into the masonry – this anchors the equipment carrier securely and permanently ideal for sturdy fixing of external luminaries sockets door intercom systems and many more heavy loads are not a problem • extra-fast easy installation • 2 product types allow a wide range of applications • heat bridges are efficiently prevented • adaptable to insulation thickness in 10 mm steps – no cutting necessary • modular design for insulation thicknesses from 160 to 310 mm innovation

1 2 3 4 tips and tricks 1 for an additional conduit remove the bridges next to the neopor® parts 2 and break out the perforated entry next to the dowel cover 3 for air-tight installation fit a suitable air-tight sleeve to the conduit exit site 4 and fit a sealing plug to the conduit 20 °c 15 °c 10 °c 5 °c 0 °c -5 °c heat bridge calculation energy-saving ordinance a heat bridge calculation carried out by the passivhaus institut in darmstadt shows that the system equipment carrier has a point-specific heat bridge loss coefficient of xwb 0,01 w/k and meets the requirements of a heat bridge-free facade despite the fitting of the electrical installation air-tightness and absence of heat bridges are still guaranteed this ensures adherence to the building efficiency requirements as defined by the energy-saving

1a 1b 2a 2b combinations with front panels 1a multiple accessories front panel art 9966.31 and 9966.32 opening Ø 1 x 68 mm 1b 2-way and 3-way combinations can be made by breaking out the covers 2a delivery status 9966.21 and 9966.22 universal mounting plate 2b universal mounting plate with broken-out exit for luminaires system equipment carrier art no 9966.31 5 versatile in use the choice of two front parts and the modular design make the system equipment carrier a product which is extremely versatile in use cutting is not necessary because of adaptation to the insulation in 10 mm steps fixing by means of a single impact dowel reduces installation time to a minimum and at the same time it ensures secure anchoring to the masonry 1 2 1 basic element 2 intermediate elements 3 housing base 4 front plate 5 impact dowel 3

160 310 mm max 8/10 kg max 160 mm weight-bearing loads – independently of the insulation thickness for an overhang of 160 mm and insulation thickness of 160 310 mm • 8 kg without additional screwing of the front plate • 10 kg with additional screwing of the front plate the system equipment carrier must be fitted vertically the hole for the dowel must be drilled to make an exact fit increasing the weight-bearing loads to support heavier loads we recommend securing the mounting plate by means of four self-tapping screws Ø 3.5x25 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 installation 1 masonry with conduit exit 2 adapt equipment carrier to insulation thickness by selecting suitable components 3 drill a Ø 8 mm hole and depth overlength of dowel 10 mm 4 remove the side lugs from the impact dowel note the different lengths 5 depending on the length of the dowel it must protrude from the equipment carrier by at least 30 mm 6 hold the equipment carrier against the wall align it and fix it

system equipment carrier 160 240 mm · adaptation to insulation thickness possible in 10 mm steps · including 2 impact dowels · material polyethylene · insulation material neopor® · characteristics halogen-free · processing temperature -5°c +60°c length x width x depth combination conduit entries m20/25 combinations impact dowel art no packaging inner/dispatch 220x110x160-240 mm 2 1x1 2x1 3x1 1 x 190 1 x 230 mm 9966.31 5 220x110x160-240 mm 2 luminaire exit mounting plate 1 x 190 1 x 230 mm 9966.21 5 220x110x240-310 mm 2 1x1 2x1 3x1 1 x 270 1 x 310 mm 9966.32 5 220x110x240-310 mm 2 luminaire exit mounting plate 1 x 270 1 x 310 mm 9966.22 5 system equipment carrier 240 310 mm tools sealing plug din en conduit Ø art no packaging inner/dispatch 20 1040-20 25 100 25 1040-25 25 100 air-tight sleeves fleece butyl din en conduit Ø art no packaging inner/dispatch 3d-animation kaiser gmbh co kg ramsloh 4 · d-58579 schalksmühle tel