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telescope equipment carrier and switch box for secure attachment of accessories to insulated facades secure attachment to walls and

telescope equipment carrier and switch box telescope equipment carrier and switch box for the secure installation of luminaires sockets and many other accessories on insulated external facades the new equipment carriers and switch boxes are optimised for use with modern insulation thicknesses and allow flexible use in external facades with insulation thicknesses from 80 to 200 mm with its bearing load up to 5 kg and its expandable mounting area the equipment carrier provides a wide range of installation opportunities the one-gang boxes offer increased installation flexibility and can easily be combined for multiple combinations the basic carrier has two conduit entries which guarantee secure connection of conduits the integrated cable routing in the carrier arm ensures fast easy introduction of the cable • for insulation thicknesses from 80 to 200 mm • equipment carriers for accessories up to max 5 kg • one-gang boxes can be combined with a standardised 71 mm

installing the basic carrier prepare the cable routes try to avoid direct cable routing through masonry and insulation the internal cable routing can easily be broken off to permit cable routing from the rear saw the carrier to the required length the integrated indicated dimension ensures exact reading of the dimension slotted holes allow precise alignment even when the drill holes are not exact lateral fixings allow the secure positioning of several equipment carriers next to each other … … and stable installation for accessories when the attachment points are far apart the new front fixing and the depth stop always ensure exact fitting and prevent incorrect installation for multiple combinations cut out the side separator walls and connect the onegang boxes for multiple combinations cut out the side separator walls and connect the one-gang boxes slotted holes allow exact alignment of the carrier even when the drill holes are not exact the two conduit entries on the

passiv haus institut [°c 20 abbildung 2 teleskop-geräteträger oben modell mit materialien unten isothermengrafik links mit schaum rechts ohne schaum heat bridge calculation a heat bridge calculation carried out by the passivhaus institut dr feist in darmstadt showed that the thermal conductivity is only minimally affected and this demonstrated that no heat bridges occur when the space between the basic carrier and the mounting plate/one-gang box is filled with insulating material the loss coefficient of x wb for the telescope equipment carrier is 0.0085 w/k and 0.0077 w/k for the telescope switch box bearing load max 200 mm 15 max 50n 5kg 10 5 dr wolfgang feist max 160 mm 0 wärmebrückenberechnung zur ermittlung der punktförmigen wärmebrückenverlustkoeffizienten einer teleskop-gerätedose und eines teleskop 5 geräteträgers im wärmedämmverbundsystem telescope equipment carrier telescope equipment carrier im auftrag der firma · f or secure