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i 1 antenna solutions evolution of multi-band and ultra-broadband antennas mobile

2 i antenna solutions i antenna design kathrein is a leading international specialist for reliable highquality communication technologies we are an innovation and technology leader in today s connected world our ability to provide solutions and systems enables people all over the world to communicate access information and use media whether at home at the office or on the road we cover a broad spectrum from outdoor and indoor mobile communication solutions to satellite reception broadband and broadcast technology to transmission and reception systems in vehicles as a hidden champion and family-owned enterprise we have been working on the technologies of tomorrow since 1919 we take pride in our dedicated employees and our passion for customers and quality features benefits â–ª significant capex reduction through just one antenna in type approvals logistics installation and service upgrades â–ª considerable reduction in opex thanks to reduced site/mast rental fees and

antenna solutions i 2 and 4-port antennas i 3 2-port antennas kathrein is able to offer a variety of different broadband low-band solutions special single-band antennas for lte 700 are also available which provide the additional feature of integrated remote control units ircu 2-port low-band antennas ▪▪ 790-960 mhz ▪▪ 698-864 mhz ircu 2-port high-band antennas ▪▪ 1710-2200 mhz ultra-wideband ▪▪ 1710-2690 mhz ultra-broadband 2-port antenna 4-port side-by-side antennas kathrein’s side-by-side solutions provide the possibility to deploy different technologies and realise site sharing or offer 4 x 4 mimo with one antenna only ▪▪ 790-960/790-960 mhz ▪▪ 1710-2200/1710-2200 mhz ▪▪ 1710-2690/1710-2690 mhz 4-port

4 i antenna solutions i 4-port antennas 4-port multi-band antennas kathrein offers a variety of 4-port solutions in order to meet a multitude of network requirements a further reduction in the number of antennas and an improvement of the optical impact is possible by using kathrein antennas 4-port low-band antennas ▪▪ 698-862/880-960 mhz integrated filter 4-port high-band antennas ▪▪ 1710-1880/1920-2170 mhz ▪▪ 1710-2170/2490-2690 mhz ▪▪ 3300-3800/3300-3800 mhz 4-port antenna 4-port multi-band antennas ▪▪ 698-960/1710-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-894/1710-2170 mhz ircu 4-port

antenna solutions i 6-port antennas i 5 6-port multi-band antennas kathrein’s unique antenna technology combines three different frequency ranges installed into just one single radome the design of kathrein’s 6-port antennas is either realised in filter stacked or multi-array technology available frequency combinations include ▪▪ 790-862/880-960 1710-2180 mhz integrated filter ▪▪ 790-960/1710-1880 1920-2170 mhz integrated filter ▪▪ 698-960/2 x 1710-2690 mhz stacked version ▪▪ 698-960/2 x 1710-2690 mhz multi-array version 4 x 4 mimo 6-port

6 i antenna solutions i 8-port antennas 8-port multi-band antennas four antenna systems are placed in one common radome where each system is equipped with an independent electrical downtilt mechanism kathrein 8-port antennas have a very small width due to the unique filter technology they are available for different frequencies as filtered or sideby-side multi-array solutions including ▪▪ 698-862/880-960/1710-2170 2490-2690 mhz integrated filter ▪▪ 698-960/1710-1880/1920-2170 2490-2690 mhz integrated filter ▪▪ 2 x 790-960/2 x 1710-2180 mhz multi-array version 4 x 4 mimo ▪▪ 2 x 1710-2170/2 x 2490-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-862/880-960 2 x 1695-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-803/824-960 2 x 1698-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-960/3 x 1710-2690 mhz ▪▪ 2 x 698-960/2 x 1695-2690 mhz 8-port

antenna solutions i 10 and 12-port antennas i 7 due to the growing requirements for mobile services along with the limited space on available sites kathrein has succeeded in developing highend multi-array 10 and 12-port antennas 10-port multi-band antennas kathrein’s 10-port design offers almost unlimited possibilities for network rollouts and future system requirements this multi-array antenna is not only suitable for site sharing purposes but also for mimo applications such as 4 x 4 mimo for lte 1800 and/or 2.6 ▪▪ 698-960/4 x 1695-2690 mhz 10-port antenna up to 8 x 8 mimo ▪▪ 698-960/2 x 1695-2180 2 x 2490-2690 mhz 4 x 4 mimo 12-port multi-band antennas another step in antenna evolution is kathrein’s 12-port antenna besides 4 ultra-broadband high-band systems this version also offers 2 low-band systems each system is equipped with independent tilt adjustment set by flexret ▪▪ 698-862/880-960/4 x 17102690 mhz up to 8 x 8 mimo

8 i antenna solutions i indoor and small cell indoor antennas kathrein offers a comprehensive portfolio of indoor antennas for ceiling and ceiling-mounted wall mounting the design of these antennas is characterised by the capability of supplying multi-band coverage this means only one indoor antenna is sufficient to cover a huge range of mobile communication services from 694 up to 6000 mhz 1-port antenna small cell antennas kathrein as the world’s largest antenna manufacturer offers different antenna solutions in order to support their customers in their effort to deploy small micro cell antenna cell outdoor solutions for 3g and lte not only do these antennas meet reliable electrical parameters the unobtrusive design also minimises the visual impact especially in sensitive urban areas small cell antenna besides small cell or indoor solutions kathrein offers different outdoor vpol panel and omni antennas please contact us for more

antenna solutions i ret system i 9 remote electrical tilt ret system kathrein’s complete ret system works in accordance with the aisg antenna interface standards group and 3gpp flexret system 3rd generation partnership project standard components for ret ▪ flexret system ▪ slimline remote control unit rcu with rfid feature ▪ antenna line configurator alc ▪ portable control adapter pca ▪ site sharing devices rcu with rfid feature · site sharing adapter · gender adapter · port extender alc further accessories are available please ask for further information about the new rfid features and the flexret system site sharing

10 i antenna solutions i antenna line devices kathrein’s portfolio contains a wide range of antenna line products such as filters combiners and tower mounted amplifiers ▪▪ filters for pre-selection and duplexing applications ▪▪ dual-band triple-band and quad-band combiners ▪▪ various auto-sense combiners ▪▪ hybrid combiners ▪▪ system components dtma e.g dc-stops smart bias tees ▪▪ tmas for e.g gsm umts and lte · aisg and/or cwa current window alarming capability · excellent noise figure low insertion auto-sense combiner loss various gain performances available · single and dual-band/special bypass-solutions ▪▪ same-band combiner · enables antenna and feeder sharing for two base stations in the same same-band combiner frequency band · suitable for two operators with frequency allocations within the same frequency band · very low tx/rx insertion loss 0.5 db 0.6 db

antenna solutions i mimo 4.3-10 connector i 11 in general all 2-port single column antennas are suitable for 2 x 2 mimo due to emerging mobile applications and the necessity for higher download rates operators will be forced to offer higher order mimo solutions in order to satisfy their subscribers kathrein’s outstanding multi-array design will be one of the key elements required to reach the goal of high quality networks in terms of high-order mimo requirements kathrein is already able to offer certain antennas e.g up to 4 x 4 mimo ▪▪ 1710-2180/1710-2180 mhz ▪▪ 1710-2690/1710-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-960/2 x 1710-269 mhz ▪▪ 2 x 698-960/2 x 1695-2690 mhz ▪▪ 2 x 790-960/2 x 1710-2180 mhz ▪▪ 2 x 1710-2170/2 x 2490-2690 mhz up to 8 x 8 mimo ▪▪ 698-960/4 x 1710-2690 mhz ▪▪ 698-862/880-960/4 x 1710-2690 mhz 4.3-10 connector kathrein provides new antennas and antenna line products with this new

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