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10 i antenna solutions i antenna line devices kathrein’s portfolio contains a wide range of antenna line products such as filters combiners and tower mounted amplifiers ▪▪ filters for pre-selection and duplexing applications ▪▪ dual-band triple-band and quad-band combiners ▪▪ various auto-sense combiners ▪▪ hybrid combiners ▪▪ system components dtma e.g dc-stops smart bias tees ▪▪ tmas for e.g gsm umts and lte · aisg and/or cwa current window alarming capability · excellent noise figure low insertion auto-sense combiner loss various gain performances available · single and dual-band/special bypass-solutions ▪▪ same-band combiner · enables antenna and feeder sharing for two base stations in the same same-band combiner frequency band · suitable for two operators with frequency allocations within the same frequency band · very low tx/rx insertion loss 0.5 db 0.6 db compared to standard hybrid combiners 3 db · suitable for indoor and outdoor applications · dc/aisg by-pass for tma supply please ask for further information regarding our antenna line devices.