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auto-sense combiner simplifying site configurations mobile

auto-sense combiner i introduction in order to enable the control of alds1 when deploying standard multi-band combiners in mobile communication networks such combiners are fitted with integrated dc/aisg bypass circuits depending on the application different bypass configurations are available the correct bypass combination needs to be selected in order to ensure the proper control and configuration of the alds kathrein’s auto-sense combiners simplify the selection of the correct combiner since there is no need to choose one fixed aisg bypass version the correct bypass is automatically detected thereby enabling safe and easy deployment of the auto-sense combiners in universal applications 1 ald antenna line device including where appropriate secondary aisg devices how does an auto-sense combiner work ▪▪ automatic detection of dc voltage on the input port ▪▪ short-circuit detection to acknowledge connected alds ▪▪ dc/aisg signal is bypassed to

auto-sense combiner i features/benefits features/benefits ▪▪prevent installation mistakes e.g incorrect cabling and/or dc bypass selection ▪▪simplification of type choice same type for bottom top one type for all dc bypass situations ▪▪reduce warehouse stock ▪▪reduce ordering logistics and number of parts ▪▪no external dc stops required ▪▪flexible retrofitting of networks ▪▪led status indication ▪▪aisg and cwa functionality ▪▪customised priorisation of different ports type no

auto-sense combiner i portfolio type no frequency ranges/mhz equivalent type no without auto-sense 78210627 single unit 1710-1880 1920-2200 78210620 -622 -624 78210628 double unit 1710-1880 1920-2200 78210621 -623 -625 78210977 single unit 790-862 880-960 78210970 -972 -974 78210978 double unit 790-862 880-960 78210971 -973 -975 78211287 single unit 698-806 824-960 78211280 -282 -284 78211288 double unit 698-806 824-960 78211281 -283 -285 78211197 single unit 791-862 880-960 1710-2690 78211190 -192 78211198 double unit 791-862 880-960 1710-2690 78211191 -193 please ask your local kathrein sales contact for a delivery plan or advise if further autosense combiner types are required a detailed manual describing the setup behaviour of kathrein auto-sense combiners is available at

bts 1 bts 2 to ald to antenna to antenna to antenna to ald to antenna auto-sense combiner i application bts

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