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tetra/cdma/lte gsm 450 antennas filters and combiners mobile

tetra/tetrapol i omnidirectional and train omnidirectional antennas features ▪ extremely small radome diameter Ø 20-51 mm ▪ shortest height with reference to gain ▪ gain of up to 8.5 dbi ▪ excellent grounding ▪ fixed electrical tilts 5°/8.5° the versions with a radome of 51 mm are made of an exceptionally stiff fibreglass tube which results in a max tip deflection of 1.5° with a 3 m long tube at wind velocities up to 180 km/h the antennas are fitted with a solid metal cap which provides excellent grounding via a 22 mm² copper cross-section omni antenna train antennas features ▪ slim and unobtrusive design ▪ integrated gps module additional gps amplifier available ▪ dc-grounded and approved by deutsche bahn ag against lightning and high-tension lines train

tetra/tetrapol i indoor antennas indoor antennas indoor antenna applications are supposed to blend in their surroundings as good as possible kathrein’s indoor antennas meet with these requirements due to their special design which easily blends in with the environment indoor panel features ▪ directional antennas for wall mounting ▪ omnidirectional antenna indoor omni for ceiling mounting with special unobtrusive design ▪ splitters available as electrical accessories for power distribution splitter additional antennas for e.g gsm umts lte or other spectrums are featured in our portfolio but are not part of this

tetra/tetrapol i 1-port and 2-port antennas 1-port antennas kathrein’s vpol antennas are available in broadband versions to cover full frequency range of 380-500 mhz the reliability of our specially designed vpol antennas has been proven for more than 20 years features ▪ 115° 1-port half-power beam widths 65°/115° ▪ adjustable mechanical downtilt clamps available ▪ gain of up to 11.5 dbi 65° 1-port 2-port antennas kathrein’s xpol antennas for tetra tetrapol lte 400 cdma 450 and gsm 450 are the result of the consequent continuing development based on the experience with the proven gsm technology features ▪ half-power beam widths 65°/88° ▪ with fixed or adjustable 88° 2-port electrical downtilt retsystem upgrade possible ▪ gain of up to 15 dbi ▪ patented vector-dipole design 65° 2-port 0°-14°

tetra/tetrapol i filters combiners amplifiers filters combiners amplifiers features â–ª band-pass filter band-stop filter s-p filter low-pass filter â–ª duplexer â–ª multi-band combiner transmitter combiner â–ª 3-db coupler hybrid ring junction circulator loads â–ª receiver multicoupler â–ª customised combiner combiner systems dual band combiner e.g 50-470/790-2500 mhz pmr tetra tetrapol cdma 800 gsm 900 gsm 1800 umts wlan duplexer e.g 380-385/390-395 mhz tetra tetrapol

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