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i 1 in-building wireless solutions passive distributed antenna systems

2 i kathrein i company portrait who we are and what we stand for kathrein is a leading international specialist for from outdoor and indoor mobile communication solutions reliable high-quality communication technologies to satellite reception broadband and broadcast technology to transmission and reception systems in vehicles we are an innovation and technology leader in today s connected world our ability to provide solutions and as a hidden champion and family-owned enterprise we systems enables people all over the world to communicate have been working on the technologies of tomorrow since access information and use media whether at home at 1919 we take pride in our dedicated employees and our the office or on the road we cover a broad spectrum passion for customers and quality our solutions mobile communication indoor sat broadband broadcast automotive find out more about us at

passive das i introduction i 3 passive distributed antenna systems with increasing data traffic and the need for mobile access any according to an abi research study from january 2016 the size time and anywhere additional availability of mobile networks in of the in-building wireless market is predicted to more than dou indoor environments is indispensable the network coverage ble in revenue by 2020 these numbers reflect the importance supplied by macro sites is not sufficient to overcome the high of in-building systems in the future and show the indispensability penetration losses due to the used façade material of most of indoor das installations buildings resulting in poor indoor coverage to overcome this distributed antenna systems das are numerously installed in with more than 3 million sold indoor products and more than typical indoor venues like shopping malls hotels transportation 20 years of experience in passive indoor systems kathrein is a hospitals etc trustable partner

4 i passive das i technical description functional layers of a passive das in a passive das all components which are used for the distribution of the source signals throughout the indoor location are passive devices a passive indoor system consists of 4 main levels 1 signal source the signal supply for the indoor system can be fed into the building in different ways a donor antenna repeater b standard base station bts c baseband unit bbu plus remote radio head rrh 2 combiner point of interface poi the different source signals and different frequencies are interconnected to a common interface  3 signal distribution electrical accessories like splitters and tappers are used to achieve the correct signal level on the different antennas 4 indoor antennas multi-band antennas are used for the distribution of the signal in the building structure of a passive

passive das i technical description i 5 combiner poi frequently passive das are multi-operator multi-band applications in order to connect multiple operators/bands to one common mobile network the use of combiner systems is essential standard multi-band combiners offer the possibility to interconnect different bands to one single multi-band application with a huge range of more than 100 products kathrein offers the highest variety to choose the required band combination ▪ dual triple quad-band ▪ 50 mhz – 2700 mhz for combinations in the same frequency range same-band or hybrid combiners can be used 16:4 hybrid combiner system besides standard combiner products kathrein’s hybrid combiner systems offer the possibility to interconnect multiple operators to one single indoor system these hybrid combiner systems merge multi-operator multi-band inputs to a fixed number of outputs e.g 4 the different solutions can flexibly be adapted to different frequency needs

6 i passive das i technical description signal distribution in order to distribute the sum of signals to the different floors tappers can split up the input signal with unequal distribution spots the correct split of the signals is essential the signals at the output ports may need to be split up equally or unequally to achieve the cor â–ª 2 output ports â–ª different splitting ratios â–ª adjustable versions available â–ª 380-5920 mhz rect signal level at the antenna splitters provide the possibility to equally split up the input signal â–ª 2 3 or 4 output ports â–ª 380-3800 mhz example of different power distributions for splitters and tappers splitters tappers the choice of the correct device depends on the architecture of the building and the needed signal distribution an example of the rf power split with kathrein electrical accessories is given on page

passive das i technical description i 7 indoor antennas in indoor applications the antennas are the only elements in the antennas into intermediate floors and suspended ceilings the whole systems which are in most cases visible thus it as well as towards partial integration of the antennas e.g is essential that the visual impact is kept to a minimum the in the ceiling one example of a partially integrated kathrein unobtrusive broadband design of kathrein indoor antennas indoor antenna is shown in the picture above makes them highly versatile for a wide range of applications ▪ frequency ranges of 370 – 470 mhz/694 – 6000 mhz ▪ ceiling or wall mounting ▪ omnidirectional or directional ▪ mimo capability if the system shall support mimo it is recommendable to use special mimo antennas with 2 polarisations instead of using 2 single antennas which would need to be separated in space and provoke a higher visual impact during the planning phase it is

8 i passive das i application signal distribution in a passive das calculation example in order to achieve a similar rf power distribution on each floor of a 4-storied building different splitter and tapper versions can be deployed by choosing different devices the power levels can be adapted accordingly the below picture shows the calculation for this scenario the splitters and tappers split up the power with the ratios indicated in the chapter “signal distribution” the values are rounded to 0.5 steps losses are not included in the

passive das i services i 9 kathrein services for passive das kathrein offers a variety of support services during the complete lifecycle of passive das projects the broad experience of a long-experienced innovation and technology leader and the dedication of a motivated and committed team are uniquely combined within kathrein services our highly experienced team in the kathrein headquarters in rosenheim and the service hub in bucarest together with our local sales partners are the basis for our support unit the following services are provided planning services support during the initial setup and all further upgrades like additions of technologies network operators and technologies we offer the whole range of planning from the scratch and initial walk tests up to the detailed cad plans implemention services local customer care for each implementation step we have top quality is a synonym for kathrein products and this quality a qualified team of local kathrein branches and partners

10 i passive das i reference projects examples of successfully installed passive das indoor coverage on passenger ships in greece greece has over 1,400 islands 227 of which are inhabited millions of passengers use passenger ships for their transportation around the islands travel time may vary from 30 minutes to 12 hours therefore mobile operators wish to provide mobile signal coverage within the ships initiated by the mobile operators cosmote vodafone greece and wind greece’s passenger ferries passenger ferry have been equipped with passive das kathrein’s sales partner mortek has been selected for this job due to their expertise in das installation their special knowledge about installations in ships and the superior quality of kathrein indoor products mortek has already successfully installed passive das in more than 100 passenger ferries throughout greece the radio coverage within the ships is provided by installing a dual band repeater donor antennas and the relevant

passive das i reference projects i 11 indoor das for the romanian operator rcs rds indoor passive das in mauritius when mauritius telecom was searching for a supplier to provide romanian operator rcs rds knows that mobile access in reliable mobile network coverage in public buildings they chose indoor environment is a crucial topic in kathrein’s romanian kathrein’s african sales partner kathrein africa ltd as their subsidiary romkatel they found a trusted and reliable partner supplier the key for this choice was kathrein africa’s professi to build up indoor das distributed antenna system in a variety onalism and long-term experience in rf during 2015 kathrein of buildings from the design phase over full material delivery up africa successfully completed passive das for mauritius tele to the implementation services during the last year romkatel com in the following buildings professionally and successfully implemented more than 70 passive das in shopping malls

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