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kathrein inside connect integrates mobile communication into ad space mobile

kathrein inside connect i introduction in times of almost unlimited need for mobile access any time and everywhere the deployment of small cells in high density areas is a universal approach but most of the inner-city areas which are at their capacity limits are high visual sensitive hence one of the main challenges is the aesthetic integration of the needed equipment into the small cell sites to optimise this kathrein introduces a new and innovative solution to provide invisible antenna integration for these lively spots kathrein inside connect invisible integration kathrein inside connect is designed to be easily integrated into street furniture such as billboards columns and bus shelters and therefore is not visible kathrein developed the modular system together with jcdecaux the number one outdoor advertising company

kathrein inside connect i modular concept modular concept kathrein inside connect is a modular antenna system the simple plug-in system allows multiple configurations by just joining the modules together the components have a compact flat design and can for example be incorporated into all sorts of street furniture this guarantees easy access to power and to the fixed networks basic module as stand-alone antenna additional accessories in order to enable the customers to build the different multiple configurations kathrein offers a range of adapters and mounting support parts these mounting accessories can be ordered separately type no 85010205

kathrein inside connect i modular concept the modular concepts allow a lot of different applications according to the requirements of each individual site the antenna module can be used as a stand-alone device as well as a part of a combined antenna system 4 modules 2 modules 8 modules 3 modules 4 modules mimo can be deployed with each configuration 2x2 for stand-alone and 4x4 for combined

kathrein inside connect i specification electrical specification type no frequency range [mhz gain [dbi horizontal hpbw [° vertical hpbw [° isolation [db max effective power per port [w vswr passive intermodulation [dbc polarization [° connector 80020100 1695-2690 max 8 75 ±5 75 ±5 25 40 at 50°c ambient temperature 1.7 -150 2 x 43 dbm carrier +45 45 2x2 mimo 2 x 4.3-10 female bottom height/width/depth [mm 115/115/74 possibilities of street furniture to integrate kathrein inside connect multi-service column bus shelter please ask your kathrein contact for further information about the product trials or installation details city information

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