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small cells solutions for future network demands mobile

small cells i why small cells a revolution is currently under way in the field of mobile communications the expectations of the subscribers are to have unlimited access to mobile services and social networks at every time and place prognoses show an enormous growth of mobile data traffic within the next few years according to current estimations operators will be facing an increase of global mobile data traffic by 2019 by a factor of 10 compared to 2014 smartphones lead traffic growth 57 cagr 2014-2019 25 24.3 eb 20 exabytes per month 15 16.1 eb 10 10.7 eb 6.8 eb 5 4.2 eb 0 2.5 eb 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 source “” courtesy of cisco systems inc unauthorised use not permitted cisco global mobile data traffic forecast update 2014-2019 white paper to meet these demands operators and system suppliers are starting to investigate in deploying new network solutions resulting in small cell roll-outs the concept of small cells is to provide capacity in high data

small cells i features features â–ª h  andling the data traffic in mobile networks tablet pcs smartphones â–ª c  over areas with a high amount of data traffic â–ª o  ptimise and add more cells to your network with a low interference level â–ª a  dd capacity to your network where it s really needed â–ª u  se all advantages of the mimo technology macro cell small cell user kathrein supports you with â–ª â–ª â–ª â–ª d  ifferent antennas for different scenarios e  asy and versatile mounting l  ow visual impact place capacity where it is needed kathrein also provides a micro c-ran solution for indoor capacity for more information please visit

small cells i small cell antennas kathrein offers different antenna solutions in order to support their customers in their effort to deploy small cell outdoor solutions for 3g and lte not only do these antennas meet reliable electrical parameters the unobtrusive 1-port antenna bi-directional design also minimises the visual impact especially in sensitive urban areas small cells are well-suited for providing dedicated capacity to high-use urban hotspots such as hotel lobbies restaurants malls train stations airports and city streets 1 2 or 4-port antennas ▪▪ ultra-broadband design with different frequency combinations single dualband 2-port antenna cross-polarised omni ▪▪ different pattern version e.g cross-polarised omni bi-directional tri-sector ▪▪ mimo capability ▪▪ 2 to 9.5 dbi gain ▪▪ very small dimensions ▪▪ smart innovations e.g antenna 2-port antenna cross-polarised with 2 independently adjustable

small cells i small cell antennas 4 8 or 12-port antennas ▪▪ ultra-broadband design 698-960/1695-2690 mhz ▪▪ available with omni two or tri-sector pattern ▪▪ with integrated gps antenna ▪▪ mimo capability ▪▪ 6 to 13 dbi gain ▪▪ low visual impact 12-port antenna kathrein street connect antenna ▪▪ invisible capacity enhancement solution ▪▪ appearance of manhole cover merges with existing infrastructure ▪▪ ultra-broadband design 1695-2690 mhz ▪▪ proven mimo performance kathrein street connect antenna 4.3-10 connector kathrein provides antennas and antenna line products with a new connector series this 4.3-10 connector is an advanced development of the 7-16 interface and represents the new generation of mobile communication interfaces the advantages of this new connector are ▪▪ reduced dimensions on the bottom plate for more installation space

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