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Postfach 10 04 44
83004 Rosenheim, Deutschland

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kathrein street connect revolutionising data traffic in cities mobile

kathrein street connect i introduction with the growing demand for high speed data traffic macro mobile communication cells are at the edge of their capacity limits thus the additional use of micro cells becomes indispensable but there is one big challenge how to obtain sites in open sensitive areas to overcome this kathrein introduces an innovative solution for mobile communication in city centres an in-ground antenna with the appearance of a manhole cover blending seamlessly into the existing infrastructure in order to enhance mobile capacity at hotspots with high data traffic kathrein has developed this “kathrein street connect” antenna in collaboration with swisscom switzerland’s leading telecom provider the antenna is embedded into the ground in the immediate vicinity of an according base station by way of core drilling the base station can for example be incorporated into existing cable manholes of the landline infrastructure bts in existing manhole

kathrein street connect i structure building blocks of kathrein street connect ▪▪ top cover and frame for the protection of the antenna ▪▪ antenna radiation system in ip 68 casing ▪▪ damping element to absorb vibrations ▪▪ horizontal adjustment element to adapt the orientation of the antenna elements top cover antenna module with radiation system damping and horizontal adjustment element top frame the installation instructions for the cover and frame must be followed

kathrein street connect i specification electrical specification type no frequency range gain horizontal pattern vertical pattern cross-polar isolation max effective power per port vswr passive intermodulation polarisation connector top frame outer inner diameter height the optics of the antenna blend seamlessly into the cityscape 80010235 1695 -2690 mhz 6-9 dbi quasi omni max deviation from circularity approx ±6 db several main lobes above ground level 27 db 20 w at 50°c ambient temperature 1.5 -153 dbc 2 x 43 dbm carrier dual vertical 2x2 mimo bottom 2 x 4.3-10 female 425 315 100

kathrein street connect i proof of concept live network in bern switzerland test measurements have been made in a live network by swisscom in bern switzerland for lte 2x2 at 1800 mhz and 2600 mhz these measurements verify extensive coverage area very strong 2x2 mimo performance high data throughput in average 90 mbps data throughput at 2600 mhz lte 30 50 mbps 50 70 mbps 79 90 mbps 90-110 mbps 110-130 mbps 130-150 mbps 4-port © swisscom kathrein street connect antenna ▪ ▪ ▪ 8-port 12-port please ask your kathrein contact for further information about the product trials or installation details streetconnect c-hub find out more about kathrein street connect in our

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