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new redesigned engine delivers more power revised intake ports intake valves and a new offset cylinder deliver even more power from the 449cm3 fuelinjected engine with hard-hitting power across the rev-range and stable fuel-metering in all conditions championship winning performance new massive weight savings weighing in at a meagre 108.7 kg the new kx450f is over 3 kg lighter than its predecessor the weight reduction comes care of a thorough reevaluation of both engine and chassis components new slimmer lighter aluminium perimeter frame narrower across the main beams and considerably lighter the redesigned frame features revised rigidity contributing to greater front-end feel kx fi calibration controller the hand held kx fi calibration controller enables riders to adjust engine characteristics this simple tool can be used without a pc the kx fi calibration controller is a separate accessory kawasaki engineers have broken all the rules once again by redefining what everyone thought

dual fuel injection a wide spray pattern from the fine atomising main injector contributes to strong low and mid-range power feeling with a sharp response and quick acceleration launch ahead of the competition adjustable riding position the riding position can be tailored to suit your body size and personal preference ensuring you feel completely at home and helping you to perform at your peak the triple clamps and mounts offer four different positions for the handlebars and the footpeg mounting system enables two different height positions separate function front fork large diameter 48mm type 2 separate function forks sff with low friction titanium coating provide incredible rigidity for a planted feel and excellent ride quality factory valve settings offer first class damping performance as well as provide excellent high-speed handling and ride stability launch control launch control modifies power output in first and second gear at the start of a race only to increase traction for

sleek bodywork styled after the full-size kx250f kx450f models the kx85 now features sleek aggressive bodywork designed for ease of rider movement and stunning looks the revolution has started slimmer flatter seat design a slim flat seat design combined with a lower positioned fuel cap enables easier body transitioning from the front to the rear of the motorcycle 6-way adjustable handlebars handle bar mounting brackets feature 2-position forward backward adjustment while optional spacers allow 3-positions of height adjustment larger radiator for extra cooling the kx85’s radiator has a large capacity and is very efficient offering more than a 50 increase in cooling performance compared to the previous model front fork the front forks utilise accumulating shim-type valving as used on the full-size kx models to step suspension performance up to the next level by improving light and heavy shock absorption kx85 small wheel kx85-ii large wheel the revolutionary kx85 is ready to

potent 64.7cm3 engine the heart of the littlest kx is its punchy liquid cooled 2-stroke engine built for competition easy operation assists in developing motocross skills and puts riders to the front of the pack the bike that builds champions the race-tuned engine features a low-friction electrofusion coated cylinder and produces a broad range of strong usable power uni-trak® suspension the uni-trak® rear suspension system features a rising-rate action that increases the damping strength as the suspension compresses the nitrogencharged shock offers 4-way rebound damping adjustability a stiff spring in lime green and damping settings to accomodate aggressive riding high-performance stopping power the kx65’s mighty front and rear 180mm disc brakes deliver powerful braking performance and high resistance to fade the brakes on the kx65 are light to operate and provide powerful stopping power the front brake lever design offers excellent feel and the ergonomic lever shape

kx450f kx250f kx85-i i kx85 kx65 engine type 4-stroke liquid cooled single cylinder 4-stroke liquid cooled single cylinder 2-stroke liquid cooled single with kips 2-stroke liquid cooled single with kips 2-stroke liquid-cooled single cylinder displacement 449 cm³ 249 cm³ 84cm³ 84cm³ 64.7cm³ bore x stroke 96.0 x 62.1 mm 77.0 x 53.6 mm 48.5 x 45.8 mm 48.5 x 45.8 mm 44.5 x 41.6 mm compression ratio 12.8:1 13.8:1 low speed 10.9:1 high speed 9.0:1 low speed 10.9:1 high speed 9.0:1 8.4:1 valve system dohc 4 titanium valves dohc 4 titanium valves piston reed valve piston reed valve 4 x mono petal reed valve intake system fuel system keihin 43mm diameter x 1 digital fuel injection keihin 43mm diameter x 1 dual digital fuel injection keihin pwk 28 keihin pwk 28 mikuni vm24ss ignition digital dc-cdi digital dc-cdi digital cdi digital cdi digital cdi starting primary kick primary kick primary kick primary kick primary kick transmission 5-speed return 5-speed return 6 speed return 6