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potent 64.7cm3 engine the heart of the littlest kx is its punchy liquid cooled 2-stroke engine built for competition easy operation assists in developing motocross skills and puts riders to the front of the pack the bike that builds champions the race-tuned engine features a low-friction electrofusion coated cylinder and produces a broad range of strong usable power uni-trak® suspension the uni-trak® rear suspension system features a rising-rate action that increases the damping strength as the suspension compresses the nitrogencharged shock offers 4-way rebound damping adjustability a stiff spring in lime green and damping settings to accomodate aggressive riding high-performance stopping power the kx65’s mighty front and rear 180mm disc brakes deliver powerful braking performance and high resistance to fade the brakes on the kx65 are light to operate and provide powerful stopping power the front brake lever design offers excellent feel and the ergonomic lever shape offers easy operation for junior riders for more than 30 years kawasaki’s smallest kx motocross bike has played a key role in the sport of motocross providing a racewinning platform on which countless national and world champions have begun the journey to superstardom today kawasaki’s kx65 maintains the same successful attributes including a powerful and reliable two-stroke engine lightweight chassis disc brakes and long travel suspension its reputation as the quintessential learning tool for young racers taking their first steps into the world of competitive riding is well deserved • powerful disc brakes • long travel suspension • race-bred chassis • 6-speed transmission lightweight aluminium rims aluminium rims reduce unsprung weight for improved suspension action and durability the kx65 rims share the look of our bigger kx250f and kx450f more aggressive riding front fork springs and damping settings reduce bottoming for more aggressive riding the large 33mm inner tubes assure rigidity for great handling on rough courses four-position rebound-damping adjustment accomodates different riding styles and terrain suspension is built to reduce fatigue improve line holding and create confidence green alumite fork caps on the kx65 share the same colour as the kx250f and kx450f.