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“the gist of it” – a summarization of the facts and benefits of pakari tmd • • • • • thermally modified wood was first commercialized throughout europe in the 1990’s and has quickly garnered mass appeal raw lumber is placed in specifically designed kilns and heated to almost 500°f over the course of 65 hours no chemicals are used throughout the process only heat and steam the products end moisture content is less than 7 and its stability has been improved the woods physical properties have been permanently modified most of the hemicelluloses are removed from the wood eliminating the necessary conditions to support fungal growth and insect infestation water absorption has been significantly reduced which means less shrinking and swelling a ⅛” nailing gap is recommended the woods ability to retain heat has been reduced meaning when left in the sun pakari is 2030 cooler to the touch than other decking products

installation instructions for outdoor application of pakari tmd getting started – thermally modified wood is still wood once wood has been put through the unique process of thermal modification it is improved at the molecular level taking on an abundance of new benefits increased durability stability and even a reduction in the weight of the wood to name a few besides the physical improvements the thermal modification process also reduces the woods ability to absorb water resulting in a product that does not shrink or swell to the same degree as unmodified wood despite all of these great improvements created by thermal modification it is very important to remember that while pakari tmd has been modified it is still wood all though pakari tmd looks like a high-priced hardwood it is a softwood and can dent and scratch if handled roughly for this reason we ask that you avoid over-expectations in regards to pakari tmd • the thermal modification process increases the woods

cutting drilling and installation pakari tmd works well with standard woodworking tools but it is important that special attention is given to saw and tool coarseness/fineness to better improve the end result we recommend that all blades and routers have carbide tips saw speed will have an effect on the cut quality generally the higher the saw power the better the cut quality use dust masks and protective eye wear for safety as recommended by california prop 65 use standard residential deck codes to determine on-center space for decks and stair treads deck boards shall extend across a minimum of three joist bays and terminating board ends shall lie on joist centers a gap of 1/16” to 1/8” between adjacent deck boards is recommended as pakari tmd will display minimal swelling or shrinking all installations should follow all local municipality code regulations all pakari tmd is intended to be installed “ribbed” face up for increased grip comfort and decreased