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bob ross brush cleaning system winsor newton art daniel smith art supplies bockingford watercolour paper kolinsky sable hair brush winsor newton palette cotman water colour kolinsky sable 14 round derwent drawing pencil sets transparent gold ochre winsor newton series 7 winsor newton oil brushs winsor newton artist oil a4 sheets of watercolour paper winsor newton series 7 size 14 daylight professional artists easel lamp winsor newton deep edge 12 x 12 varnish to go over acrylic paintings wet on wet painting books glass jar for compressor watercolour art brush clear plastic storage tubes for art brushes glass effect for art canvas japanese ink art how to art supplies drawers daler rowney pencils daler rowney 1 sable watercolour watercolour pencils winsor newton kolinsky sable brush winsor lemon 5ml burnt umber joseph zbukvic winsor newton brushes winsor newton brush alkyd resin quinacridone violet watercolour paints ultramarine violet winsor yellow sable rigger brushes watercolour brushes sable brush sable brush 4 winsor newton ink porcelain palette winsor newton pastels winsor lemon yellow sable rigger brush winsor newton artist watercolour watercolour paper winsor red oil winsor lemon winsor newton dry pigments

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watercolours watercolours artists watercolour bamboo box sets artists field box great fo outdoo r rs winsor newton artists watercolour sets one of our most popular watercolour sets these beautifully crafted solid bamboo boxes contain a great selection of w&n artists watercolour paints and accessories available in half pan or 5ml tubes the per fect gift for any waterco lour half pan 0190693 rrp £72.00 £49.99 ar tist 5ml tubes 0190692 rrp £72.00 £49.99 half pan set contents ·sketchers pocket box with 12 half pans ·1 x a5 watercolour paper pad ·2 x artists sable brush ·pencil sponge ·putty rubber ·cloth colours subject to variation winyell trans yell scarlet lake perm aliz crim ultramarine g/s win blue r/s win green b/s perm sap green yell ochre burnt sienna burnt umber ivory black winsor newton cotman watercolours to complement the artists watercolour range winsor newton also produce the cotman range this colour range is made to the normal quality standards but costs

acrylics winsor newton artists acrylic colours artists acrylics which equates to approximately 20-30 minutes this longer open time makes artists acrylic ideally suited for artists who want plenty of time to work and blend their paints on the palette and canvas 25 off winsor newton artists acrylic includes a good mix of transparent and opaque colours offering good levels of opacity and covering power transparent colours such as the synthetic organics phthalocyanines and quinacridones give clean colour mixing while opaque colours such as the cadmiums and earth colours offer the greatest covering power covering power is how well a paint can cover previous layers or how far it spreads on the canvas new colour formulations all 80 colours in winsor newton artists acrylic are new formulations giving the brightest and strongest colours the range also includes 17 exciting new colours further increasing the number of unique pigments available to acrylic painters winsor newton research

acrylic mediums liquitex mediums liquitex offers the broadest possible range of acrylic mediums to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process liquitex mediums enable artists to modify acrylic paint and thus use it in an infinite variety of techniques and applications liquitex mediums mixed into acrylic colours can change paint consistency thickness transparency sheen drying rate absorption rate and even texture 25 off black lava gel medium string gel liquitex mediums are compatible with all acrylic paints in this catalogue surface preparation surface preparations seal prime and add tooth for adhesion to surfaces such as canvas wood paper and metal for acrylic and oil paint liquitex gesso is flexible non-cracking and non-yellowing when dry varnish varnishes are applied over dry paint to change or unify the surface sheen protect the painting surface from the environment and protect colours from ultraviolet light see website for additional varnishes a self levelling gel

oil mediums oil mediums drying oils mediums linseed stand oil mediums are additives which alter or enhance the characteristics of the colour oil painting mediums are used to change the rate of drying increase gloss improve flow provide texture etc mediums are based on the binders used in milling the colours linseed oil alkyd resin and modified oils for water mixable oils traditional oil based mediums are made from a combination of oil and solvents while the alkyd based mediums combine synthetic alkyd resins and solvents because alkyd resin functions in much the same way as linseed oil alkyd mediums may be added to conventional oils alkyd resin mediums offer dramatic advantages by accelerating the speed of drying as well as adding a unique natural translucency we offer a range of mediums to suit your different needs all mediums should be used in moderation they are intended only as an additive to the colour in addition you should avoid adding multiple mediums to the colour the most

watercolour brushes winsor newton sable brushes winsor newton series 7 by all means try brushes are the world s finest another brush but like water colour brush me you will always the standards of quality for this return to these there brush were set in 1866 when is no better her majesty queen victoria tim gustard gave orders that winsor newton should produce the very finest water colour brushes in her favourite size the no.7 these brushes are made to the same superior quality as series 7 and contain the same kolinsky sable hair the only difference is that the hair is comparatively short out of the ferrule so that the brush point can be more accurately controlled during delicate work 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5012030 5012020 5012000 5012001 5012002 5012003 5012004 rrp £8.35 rrp £8.90 rrp £9.40 rrp £10.00 rrp £10.70 rrp £12.50 rrp £14.60 size 6 brush set £5.85 £6.23 £6.58 £7.00 £7.49 £8.75 £10.22 qu be ali ty st a handy presentation set of the most popular brushes from the

watercolour brushes davinci special brushes davinci cosmotop golden extra smooth synthetic fibre rust-proof steel ferrule and short red-black polished handles davinci vario-tip fan special effect brush with several tips ideal for parallel line structures a fibre mixture in different lengths made from the tried and tested synthetic mixtures size 5 13855 rrp £9.22 £7.75 vario-tip brushes are great for special effects such as grass or water rrp £9.22 rrp £10.70 rrp £13.37 rrp £17.15 rrp £20.73 rrp £31.55 made from a mix of polyester specifically for use with acrylics these brushes rinse out easily and have a good colour retention flat head brushes have a special taper to prevent hairs splaying galeria oil and acrylic brushes size 5 winsor newton galeria brushes galeria filbert 2 4 8 12 14 18 22 long handle £5.10 £5.61 £6.59 £7.57 £9.69 £12.03 £14.11 round 1 2 4 6 8 12 16 20 24 28 long handle rrp £5.40 rrp £6.00 rrp £6.60 rrp £7.10 rrp £7.75 rrp £8.90 rrp £11.90 rrp

easels visit our website for more easels including mabef loxley visit our website for more easels including mabef loxley sketching easels severn sketching easel by winsor newton this offers a more substantial version of the traditional beech wood sketching easel whilst remaining compact and portable the easel features a tilting facility for adjusting working angles ·max height 79 200cm ·max canvas height 31 79cm ·weight 2.5kg windrush box easel easels 65 off se 7006125 rrp £125.00 be lle st r by winsor newton folds down to a box shape for transportation and features a carrying handle it is the ideal easel for both studio working and painting on location the box section contains a wooden palette and metal storage tray ·folded dimensions 21 x16 x6 54x42x16cm ·max height 71 180cm ·max canvas height 29 73cm ·weight 6.9kg up to available in seasoned beech wood or environmentally friendly bamboo beech wood 7006203 bamboo 7006245 rrp £264.00 rrp £280.00 63 off 70 off

canvas stretched canvas loxley gold stretched canvas standard 57 off up to this stretched canvas is an excellent quality triple acrylic primed 380gsm cotton canvas suitable for use with oils and acrylic colours canvases are individually poly wrapped also available in carton quantities number of canvases in carton is shown in for more carton sizes see page 55 when ordering cartons please add a `c to the end of the code eg 12 x10 carton code is lcm1210c size inches size cm code rrp singel carton 12 x 10 30.5x25.5 lcm1210 £8.25 £3.66 £26.65 10 14 x 10 36.5x25.5 lcm1410 £8.95 £3.97 £28.91 10 16 x 12 40.6x30.5 lcm1612 £9.95 £4.30 £16.65 5 18 x 14 45.7x36.5 lcm1814 £12.95 £5.14 £18.71 5 20 x 16 50x40.6 lcm2016 £12.50 £5.98 £21.78 5 24 x 18 61x45.7 lcm2418 £16.95 £7.91 £28.82 5 24 x 20 61x50 lcm2420 £17.95 £8.59 £31.28 5 30 x 12 76x30.5 lcm3012 £19.95 £9.31 £33.92 5 30 x 20 76x50 lcm3020 £21.95 £9.99 £36.38 5 36 x 24 94x61 lcm3624 £24.95

accessories drawing and sketching accessories electric eraser this battery driven eraser is very useful where you need to erase just a small area with accuracy which may be difficult using a normal eraser comes with 5 spare erasers requires 2 x aaa batteriesnot included refill packs of 30 eraser tips also available electric eraser 5370 £2.25 refill pack 5371 £0.75 pencil extender extend the life of your pencils with this simple to use pencil holder mps06 £1.80 fixative winsor newton putty rubbers artists kneadable eraser for improving and brightening chalk pastel and charcoal drawings and creating special effects available in two sizes medium 7030576 rrp £1.55 £1.32 large 7030618 rrp £3.35 £2.85 for heavier cutting work pack of 5 blades also available pack of spare blades 10 utility knife 7335 £3.49 blades can be used on compact pack 5 spare blades 7343b £0.99 and team system t 804020310 £3.20 xcellen e but e make pensiv inex s to cutter res aluminium craft knife mount

dvds dvds £27.50 visit our website for more dvd titles plus see trailers and reviews key watercolour oil acrylic pastels/drawing dvds dvds £27.50 portrait painting in oil with june mendoza june mendoza reveals her portrait painting secrets 118 mins thf027 taking risks with pastels with john tookey 6 stunning paintings using pure pastels and with acrylics watercolours 102 mins thf009 capturing light in acrylics with john hammond john reveals his techniques for painting vibrant paintings in acrylics 194 mins jh1dvd inspirational oil landscapes with peter wileman peter demonstrates how to get truly creative with oil painting 120 mins thf025 aspects of flower painting in oils with pamela kay pamela is one of britain s foremost painters of flowers 90 mins pk1dvd painting the light in oils with peter wileman create paintings that sing with light from sketches photography 104 mins thf014 the 1 2 3 of portraits with karen simmons using oils pastel and charcoal karen demonstrates her

series 7 is the world s finest water colour brush the standards of quality for this brush were set in 1866 when her majesty queen victoria gave orders that winsor newton should produce the very finest water colour brushes in her favourite size the no.7 made from the very finest selected pure kolinsky sable these brushes are unsurpassed in quality 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 30 off 5007030 5007020 5007000 5007001 5007002 5007003 5007004 5007005 5007006 5007007 5007008 5007009 5007010 5007011 5007012 rrp £8.35 £5.85 rrp £8.90 £6.23 rrp £9.40 £6.58 rrp £10.00 £7.00 rrp £11.90 £8.33 rrp £16.60 £11.62 rrp £26.20 £18.34 rrp £34.55 £24.19 rrp £44.99 £31.49 rrp £70.00 £49.00 rrp £129.80 £90.86 rrp £141.00 £98.70 rrp £182.90 £128.00 rrp £210.00 £147.00 rrp £245.00 £171.50 winsor newton artists watercolours now 30 off see page 5 for full colour chart and additional sizes s 1 s 2 s 3 s 4 5ml tubes rrp £5.10 rrp £5.60 rrp £5.77 rrp £7.66 £3.58 £3.93