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a pplic at i o n bu llet in conforma clad™ for burner components • increased productivity extended burner component life results in fewer equipment shutdowns and component changes lengthening run-times between maintenance windows • enhanced burner performance decreased burner component wear leads to better nox performance leaving you with more credits for sale • superior erosion resistance 1/16 1,5mm of kennametal’s wear protection performs 15x better against erosive wear than an equivalent layer of typical overlays and 50x better than plain carbon steel and it is up to 25x more erosion resistant than high-temperaturestainless steels • proven results kennametal’s premium technology has been used in coal-fired power plants for more than 15 years extending the life of burners gas fans boiler tubes thermowells ash conveyance equipment pitot tubes pulverizer components and other plant equipment lengthen run-times and reduce maintenance

conforma clad™ for burner components applic at ionbulletin kennametal is a leading provider of severe wear solutions for applications involving extreme abrasion corrosion impact and erosion our proprietary infiltration brazed tungsten carbide cladding is metallurgically bonded to burner components kennametal’s cloth delivery system enables densely-packed tungsten carbide to be uniformly applied to complex geometries providing a protective barrier that wears at a uniform and predictable rate kennametal burner components last longer and sustain maximum performance levels by maintaining critical component geometries for extended run times the proven reliability of kennametal components has made us an industry standard erosion resistance riley power conducted laboratory testing following astm g73 standards on low swirl coal spreaders to determine the best erosion protection from fine-grit black beauty coal slag testing was conducted at a 90° impingement angle with a