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conforma clad™ for burner components applic at ionbulletin kennametal is a leading provider of severe wear solutions for applications involving extreme abrasion corrosion impact and erosion our proprietary infiltration brazed tungsten carbide cladding is metallurgically bonded to burner components kennametal’s cloth delivery system enables densely-packed tungsten carbide to be uniformly applied to complex geometries providing a protective barrier that wears at a uniform and predictable rate kennametal burner components last longer and sustain maximum performance levels by maintaining critical component geometries for extended run times the proven reliability of kennametal components has made us an industry standard erosion resistance riley power conducted laboratory testing following astm g73 standards on low swirl coal spreaders to determine the best erosion protection from fine-grit black beauty coal slag testing was conducted at a 90° impingement angle with a particle velocity of 240 ft/sec for 30 minutes kennametal’s wc 219 cladding provided top wear protection while retaining critical component geometries kennametal increased riley power’s low swirl coal spreader life from 1–2 years to 3–4 years babcock power ccv-daz development project erosion test astm g73 3.00 2.50 material loss g 2.36 kennametal burner liner 2.00 2.00 1.50 1.15 1.00 1.24 0.84 0.50 0 0.21 conforma clad wc 219 hardfaced alloy cobalt alloy a chrome carbide weld overlay cobalt alloy b 50cr 50ni up to 10x bet ter erosion resistance versus cobalt alloys performance data kennametal protects low nox burner components at coal-fired power plants throughout the country including wisconsin electric valley station’s ccv® burner spreaders coal spreaders are essential components in distributing pulverized coal to the burner flame and are designed to enhance combustion by controlling the flame length and minimizing nox and unburned carbon ubc in order to maintain critical geometries and coal distribution patterns the coal spreader vanes are protected with kennametal’s tungsten carbide cladding the valley station plant’s burner components experience increased erosion rates because of high burner velocities approximately 87 ft/sec and the coal’s high silica and alumina content wisconsin electric tripled the service life of their riloy ® 74 50cr/50ni with cb spreaders by applying .040 of kennametal tungsten carbide cladding to the spreader’s leading edges low swirl coal spreader wisconsin electric tripled the service life of their controlled combustion venturi ® burner components with kennametal kennametal inc 501 park east boulevard new albany in 47150 usa tel +1 812 948 2118 fax +1 812 944 3254 ©2014 kennametal inc l all rights reserved l b-14-04149 for further information +1 888 289 4590 or +1 812 948 2118