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application guide chamfer contour copy 3d face full Ø plunge helical interpolation helical interpolation with bore hole plunge pocket ramp shoulder profile shoulder profile/slot slot shoulder spiral circular t-slot trochoidal patented x-grade insert technology 3-times the metal removal rate titanium and nickel based alloys are some of the toughest machining jobs on earth and it is a rare element a member of the platinum family called ruthenium that is one of the key ingredients used in our patented x-grade™ technology cutting tools we combine ruthenium with cobalt to form an exclusive binder that cements our engineered carbide formulas in the making of these inserts 2 kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 2 x-grade inserts provide unmatched performance in cutting difficult to machine materials 4/24/14 1:07

7792 patented high feed milling how high feed cutters work the patented design of high feed cutters and inserts combine to drive the cutting forces axially into the spindle this allows even less rigid machines to outperform newer machines with conventional cutters by taking high feed shallow cuts • 5 times the feed rate of conventional face mills • high feed shallow cuts • dramatically reduced cycle times • reduced vibration • better quality parts in less than half the time • twice the tool life or more hard case the ti alpha barrier the alpha casing which forms during the cooling of the titanium billet and varies in thickness and hardness creates nearly impossible machining conditions the previous most cost effective solution was to chemically remove it with acid an aerospace customer was using our x-grade inserts with our top performing button cutter on several titanium applications this was our benchmark to test the 7792 here’s how the

high feed grades gh2 n uncoated micrograin – tough and able to handle high pressure vibration and shock x400 p p h coating type pvd tialn – designed for high metal removal rates and interrupted cuts x500 m s coating type cvd tin-tic-tin – high level of shock resistance operates at low to medium cutting speeds high metal removal rates sc3025 k coating type cvd tin ticn al2o3 – multi-layer cvd coating offers wear and abrasion resistance sc6525 p p k coating type cvd tin-ticn-al2o3 – high performance machining at elevated surface speeds sp6519 m coating type pvd tialn – super nano coating is extremely hard for unmatched performance and virtually eliminates residual stress material guide – key to recommended inserts material designation p unalloyed steels p alloyed steels 8 kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 8 m stainless steels m ph stainless k cast irons n aluminum alloys s high temp alloys h hard materials

77 family vrd vr anti-rotation technology the high flute indexing cutter maximum chip evacuation the 7710 and 7713 series cutters feature a unique patented pocket system that locks the inserts into position to prevent inserts from moving during heavy machining high flute design • through coolant and unique flow through pocket design maximize chip evacuation and increase tool life 7713 patented series cutter bodies are armored with satin silver plating to protect body integrity in milling high performance materials through tool coolant the positive indexing round insert maximum tool life heavy cut geometries the anti-rotation insert features four five or eight locking positions which mate with the pocket of the cutter body • positive positioning of the insert throughout the heaviest cuts • maximum indexes to optimize tool life and reduce tooling costs locking positions kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 11 11 4/24/14 1:08

77 family grades tool gh1 mp91m sp4019 sp6519 x500 x700 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 7700vr08 7710vrd20 7713vr10 7713vr12 gh1 sp6519 nppmmks uncoated micrograin coating type pvd tialn this micrograin grade works well with or without coolant with low cutting pressure at high speeds due to sharp cutting edge this grade features a combination of a tough substrate with a new generation of tialn super nano coating making it virtually free of residual stress and extremely hard for unmatched performance mp91m x500 k coating type cvd tin-tic-tin x-grade™ technology coating type cvd tin-mt-ticn-al2o3 with its aluminum oxide coating this grade is recommended every time wear characteristics are more important than toughness sp4019 ppmms high level of shock resistance operates at low to medium cutting speeds high metal removal rates while retaining a secure cutting edge x700 s

the 5230vs series cut machining time by up to 50 or more cylindrical 2.0 • 90 degree roughing • high metal removal rates • high stability and rigidity • square inserts 4 cutting edges • three grades four geometries shell 2.0 – 4.0 • shell and cylindrical construction • standard and long series available • cutting diameters from 2.0 to 4.0 • insert sizes 0.375 and 0.500 • depth of cut from 2.010 to 5.236 5230 case histories material titanium 555-3 cutter 5230vs12 2.50 cutter component landing gear industry aerospace insert grade x500 rpm 150 cutting speed vc 97.4 sfm feed per tooth fz 0.004 feed rate 2.4 ipm depth of cut ap 1.969 increased metal removal rate by 300 material titanium 6-4 cutter 5230vs12 3.0 cutter component bulkhead industry aerospace insert grade x500 rpm 275 cutting speed vc 226 sfm feed per tooth fz 0.004 feed rate 4.6 ipm depth of cut ap 2.362 incredible metal removal rate of 43 in3

5505 ball nose contour milling contour milling of mild steels to high temperature superalloys kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 19 19 4/24/14 1:08

case history material titanium 6-4 component valve body industry oil gas cutter 5505vx 1.0 cutter insert grade sp6519 rpm 1,469 cutting speed vc 380 sfm feed per tooth fz 0.005 feed rate 15.5 ipm depth of cut ap 0.059 helical interpolation doubled productivity ball nose geometry -f ppmmks this geometry is a roughing ball nose fully ground insert for roughing and semi-finishing of all materials except aluminum this geometry is designed with chip grooves for better chip control ball nose grade sp6519 ppmmks coating type pvd tialn the combination of a tough substrate with a new generation of tialn super nano coating makes this new pvd coating virtually free of residual stress and extremely hard for unmatched performance primarily used in stainless steel high temperature alloys titanium with stable conditions also can be used in steel steel alloys and cast irons material guide – key to recommended inserts material designation p unalloyed steels p alloyed steels 22

5700 profile pocket milling aluminum 5720 patented series extreme high speed aluminum cutters cylindrical shank designed and balanced to g6.3 at 30,000 rpm capable of operating up to 51,000 rpm flute engineered for maximum chip evacuation excellent tool for thinwalled machining internal coolant for maximum chip evacuation inserts with different radii are held without losing any gauge height of the cutter length 12 different insert radii are available each with a 16mm cutting depth kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 25 25 4/24/14 1:09

5182vz high speed aerospace performance cat 50 taper diameter range 1.250 – 2.500 depth of cut 1.250 – 2.080 proven in critical aerospace applications this high speed cutter with its exceptional depth of cut performs at extremely high metal removal rates this design greatly reduces deformation when machining thin walled complex components – perfect for many aerospace components the 5182’s consistent cutting engagement assures longer tool life by reducing edge build-up which is typical when machining thin walled sections • • • • extended tool life exceptional wear resistance greater precision and surface finish exceptional depth of cut capabilities case history 5182 case history material aluminum 2017 cutter 5182vz 1.250 cutter component hatch industry aerospace insert grade gh2 rpm 14,917 cutting speed vc 4,920 sfm feed per tooth fz 0.008 feed rate 239 ipm depth of cut ap 0.197 metal removal rate of 960 in3 min 28

c w orld he ad qu arte rs kennametal inc 1600 technology way latrobe pa 15650 usa tel 800.446.7738 united states and canada e-mail eu rope an he ad qu art e r s kennametal europe gmbh rheingoldstrasse 50 ch 8212 neuhausen am rheinfall switzerland tel 41.52.6750.100 e-mail a s ia pac ific he ad qu a rt e r s kennametal singapore pte ltd 3a international business park unit #01-02/03/05 icon@ibp singapore 609935 tel 65.6265.9222 e-mail ind ia he ad qu arte rs kennametal india limited 8/9th mile tumkur road bangalore 560 073 tel 91.80.2839.4321 e-mail kennametal inc 1600 technology way latrobe pa 15650 usa ©2014 kennametal inc l all rights reserved l a-14-03774en_in kmst-006_focusbroinchus_nocartridges.indd 1 4/24/14 1:07