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diagnostic medical sonography 131 diesel technology 132 digital game and simulation design 135 education 136 emergency medical services paramedic 137 energy management 138 energy systems 139 energy technologies 139 engineering and electronics technology 140 environmental science technology 146 environmental technology 147 equine studies 147 financial and customer services 149 fire/rescue science technology 149 funeral service 151 general occupational/technical studies 152 geographic information systems technology 152 global studies 153 health and wellness technology 153 health care foundations 154 health care informatics 154 health education 155 health information technology 155 health physics 156 health science technology 156 healthcare technology management 157 heavy equipment operation 157 historic information management 158 historic preservation technology 158 homeland security emergency management 159 horticulture 160 human services 161 industrial chemical technology 162

public relations 270 901-1117 records 270 901-1001 transfer information liaison 270 901-1001 veterans affairs 270 901-1003 website 270 901-1160 mark brooks brooke justice brooke justice carrie orning josh henderson administration president provost vice president of academic affairs vice president of student affairs vice president of business affairs director of workforce solutions deans arts and humanities applied technology allied health and nursing and director glasgow campus mathematics and sciences engineering and machine tool technology business faculty dr phillip neal dr maggie shelton dr gerald napoles chris cumens dr lewis burke jr alice benham gene basil dr jimmy isenberg kevin kenady gene basil patti sumner adams jessica l instructor ms murray state university 2001 aldridge emily r instructor ms university of kentucky 2012 avery kevin c assistant professor ma northern michigan university 2008 basil jr eugene professor ms university of louisville 2006 bayer jessica assistant

academic curricula associate in applied science a.a.s curricula advanced integrated technology the advanced integrated technology ait program is a program of study that employs the principle of technology integration within sought after certifications multi-skilled technician power plant operator engineering controls mechatronic operator and industrial refrigeration certifications within each certification area a systems approach is employed that is in line with the expectations of current day employers the ait program offers both online coursework and flexible lab hours the ait graduate will have acquired a high level of mechanical and electrical skill sets that can provide them with opportunities to work in today’s technically advanced industrial settings both in manufacturing and value-added 2nd tier support roles   these skill sets include robotics and plc programming drive configuration advanced electric motor control hydraulics/pneumatics refrigeration and mechanical

associate in applied science construction technology 4602017029 offered at blc elc general education requirements mat 105 written communication 3 business mathematics or higher level quantitative reasoning course 3 social/behavioral sciences 3 heritage/humanities 3 natural sciences 3 oral communications 3 subtotal 18 technical requirements brx 220 car 126 car 127 car 140 car 141 car 190 car 191 car 196 car 197 car 200 car 201 car 298 car 299 isx 100 digital literacy or demonstrated competency 0-3 blueprint reading for construction 3 intro to construction 3 intro to construction-lab 1 surveying foundations 3 surveying foundations-lab 2 light frame construction i 3 light frame const i-lab 2 light frame construction ii 3 light frame const ii-lab 2 light frame construction iii 3 light frame const iii-lab 2 practicum in construction or 2 co-op in construction 2 industrial safety 3 technical electives 10 subtotal 42-45 total 60-63 note digital literacy must be

iec 130 iec 200 mna 100 naa 100 psy 180 psy 185 psy 230 sed 110 sed 101 sed 102 soc 220 swk 124 swk 222 swk 180 swk 269 swk 270 swk 275 swk 276 swk 280 swk 281 early childhood development 3 child guidance 3 medicaid nurse aide or 3 nursing assistant skills i 3 human relations 3 human potential 3 psychosocial aspects of death and dying 3 orientation to interpreting for the deaf 3 american sign language i 3 american sign language ii 3 the community 3 introduction to social services 3 development of social welfare 3 introduction to gerontology 3 juvenile delinquency 3 corrections 3 the family 3 criminology 3 methods of working with the aged 3 psychology of aging 3 murray state university courses swk 120 swk 121 group preparation and selection for foster and adoptive parents 2 child sexual abuse for foster and adoptive parents 2 eastern kentucky university courses cdr 106 cor 423 cor 423 foundations of youth work 3 reclaiming our prodigal sons and daughters 3 life

certificate organized in a hierarchical pattern depending on the entry-level knowledge and the needs of the student they may be taken out of sequence with consent of the instructor associate in applied science advanced imaging in radiography 5109073029 img img core 230 240 sectional anatomy for advanced imaging 3 pathology for advanced medical imaging modalities 3 subtotal 6 radiography 5109077029 offered at asc blc elc hzc jfc mdc owc sec sky smc,wkc general education eng 101 mat 150 bio 137 bio 139 phy 172 phy 152 phy 171 social/behavioral sciences 3 heritage/humanities 3 oral communications 3 writing i 3 college algebra or 3 higher level quantitative reasoning course 3 human anatomy physiology i 4 human anatomy physiology ii 4 physics for health sciences or 2 introduction to physics or 3 applied physics 4 subtotal 25-27 computed tomography track – 510907301 img img offered at hzc owc sec smc 250 260 computed tomography physics and instrumentation 3 computed

bse 1503 1 diagnosing air leakage course id:006864 focuses on methods of measuring air leakage guidelines for evaluating potential energy savings and principles for evaluating natural and mechanical ventilation strategies lecture/lab 1.0 credit 18 contact hours components lecture bse 1504 1 heating and cooling course id:006865 covers the range of equipment used describes the operation of each and provides guidance for assessing the most critical operating parameters includes assessment of ducts and airflow lecture/lab 1.0 credit 18 contact hours components lecture bse 1505 1 course id:006866 the building shell and durable healthy home covers insulation and air sealing includes window repair and replacement moisture management ventilation equipment and pollutant source-control lecture/lab 1.0 credit 18 contact hours components lecture btn biotechnology laboratory technician btn 101 1 introduction to biotechnology course id:004277 introduces current and future applications of

course id:003931 covers selected aspects of trauma care as outlined by the national standard created by federal guidelines and considered to be the responsibilities services with emergency medical response missions consisting of classroom and laboratory instructions involves typical anatomy and physiology patient assessment care for respiratory and cardiac emergencies control of bleeding application of dressing and bandages treatment for traumatic shock care for fractures dislocation sprains and strains medical emergencies emergency childbirth burns and heat emergencies environmental emergencies principles of vehicle rescue transportation of patient and general operations of emergency medical services lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture frs 2051 0.5 course id:003932 fire prevention public education and fire cause determination ii relates to prefire planning fire incident reports building fire safety surveys school exit drills home safety programs common fire hazards

course id:004610 continues the process of integrating computer based technology into the creation and design of music through artistic and commercial applications covers intermediate skills in music notation midi musical instrument digital interface sequencing and electronic keyboarding includes the exploration of many ways to incorporate these skills into computer/midi applications prerequisite mus 120 or consent of the instructor lecture 1 credit 15 contact hours laboratory 2 credits 60 contact hours components laboratory lecture mus 150 1 class instruction in piano i course id:002231 mus 151 1 class instruction in piano ii course id:002232 mus 152 1 class instruction in piano iii course id:002233 mus 153 1 class instruction in piano iv course id:002234 introduces the fundamentals of piano playing to beginners lab 1.0 credit 30 contact hours components laboratory develops the fundamentals of piano playing on a second level with advanced beginner music and technique prerequisite

section 4 presumptions regarding residency status 1 in making a determination of residency status it shall be presumed that a person is a nonresident if a a person is or seeks to be an undergraduate student and admissions records show the student to be a graduate of an out-of-state high school within five 5 years prior to a request for a determination of residency status b a person’s admissions records indicate the student’s residence to be outside of kentucky at the time of application for admission c a person moves to kentucky primarily for the purpose of enrollment in an institution d a person moves to kentucky and within twelve 12 months enrolls at an institution more than half time e a person has a continuous absence of one 1 year from kentucky or f a person attended an out-of-state higher education institution during the past academic year and paid in-state tuition at that institution 2 a presumption arising from subsection 1 of this section shall only be overcome

kentuck y communit y technic al college system 300 nor th m ain street versailles ky 40383 877 528.2748 859 256-3100 kc tcs.edu kc tcs is a n equa l o ppor tuni t y employer and ed ucati on i nsti tuti on kentucky community technical college