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cosmetology 128 criminal justice 129 culinary arts 131 dental hygiene 133 dental assisting/dental hygiene integrated program 133 diagnostic medical sonography 134 diesel technology 136 digital game and simulation design 139 education 139 emergency medical services paramedic 140 energy management 141 energy systems 142 energy technologies 142 engineering and electronics technology 143 environmental science technology 149 environmental technology 149 equine studies 150 financial and customer services 152 fire/rescue science technology 152 funeral service 154 general occupational/technical studies 155 geographic information systems technology 155 global studies 156 health and wellness technology 156 health care foundations 157 health care informatics 157 health education 157 health information technology 158 health physics 158 health science technology 159 healthcare facilities leadership 159 heavy equipment operation 160 historic information management 160 historic preservation

general information academics dr wheeler conover 606 589-3038 admissions veria baldwin 606 589-3018 business affairs angela simpson 1-855-2go-skctc 1-855-246-7528 workforce solutions vic adams 606 248-0416 disability services veria baldwin 606 589-3018 financial aid barbara gent 1-855-2go-skctc 1-855-246-7528 human resources billie franks 606 589-3029 library warren gray 606 589-3070 public relations chris jones 606 589-3003 registration/records anita barnhill 606 589-3017 transfer information liaison georgina billings 606 248-0853 veterans affairs kim hobbs 606 248-0145 website southeast.kctcs.edu administration president dr lynn moore chief academic affairs officer dr wheeler conover chief business affairs officer angela simpson chief student affairs officer dr rebecca parrott chief operations officer larry warf chief community/workforce econ dev dr vic adams chief information tech officer merrill galloway chief cultural diversity officer carolyn sundy director of public relations

the agricultural studies program provides students with the skills knowledge and experience necessary to enter the field of agriculture and enhance current skill sets this program includes a food and farm management track as well as a production agriculture operations track the food and farm management track emphasizes diversified agriculture and is designed for the new and beginning farmer upon graduation the food and farm management student will be trained in crop and livestock management as well as business management sales and value added production cumulatively these skills will empower the graduate to begin a diversified farming operation the production agriculture operations track provides training and knowledge in large scale commercial production agriculture businesses students will gain skills in crop management agriculture technology pest management and crop scouting this skill set will enable graduates to obtain positions with large farm operations or other businesses

brx 220 car 126 car 127 car 150 car 151 blueprint reading for construction 3 intro to construction 3 intro to construction-lab 1 construction formwork 3 construction formwork lab 2 electives suggested technical electives 6 total credits 18 suggested technical electives this list is not all inclusive other courses [technical or general education may be taken as approved by construction technology program coordinator brx isx car car car car car car car car car car car 120 100 140 141 150 151 190 191 196 197 198 200 201 car 240 car 241 basic blueprint reading 3 industrial safety 3 construction surveying and foundation systems 3 construction surveying and foundation systems-lab 2 construction formwork 3 construction formwork – lab 2 light frame construction i floors and walls 3 light frame construction i floors and walls-lab 2 light frame construction ii ceilings and roofs 3 light frame construction ii ceilings and roofs-lab 2 special topics in construction 1

elearning developer track – 130501702 idl idl idl idl 147 207 217 227 offered at gtw elearning development i rapid authoring tools 3 elearning development ii html css and java script 3 multimedia development 3 elearning development iii advanced authoring tools 3 total credit hours for elearning developer track 60 graphic design for instruction track – 130501703 idl idl idl idl 113 203 213 223 offered at gtw introduction of visual communications for learning 3 designing in client applications 3 designing in graphic applications 3 design application 3 total credit hours for graphic design for instruction track 60 custom track – 130501704 offered at gtw must select 4 courses from above tracks or select courses from education visual communication or computer information technologies programs total credit hours for custom track 60 certificates idl idl 217 227 multimedia development 3 elearning development iii advanced authoring tools 3 total 18 graphic

technical theatre the technical theatre certificate will prepare students for an entry level position as a theatre technician and/or advanced technical theatre studies certificates technical theatre -5005013019 offered at owc general education courses tha com com eng 101 181 252 101 introduction to theatre principles and practice 3 basic public speaking or 3 intro to interpersonal communication or 3 writing i 3 tractor trailer cdla iii 4902053039 trk 110 trk 120 trk 130 trk 140 trk 150 trk 160 trk 216 trk 220 trk 230 trk 240 trk 250 trk 260 veterinary technology technical core tha 150 tha 250 tha 260 tha 141 fundamentals of production 3 stage electrics 3 stagecraft 3 costuming and make-up for the stage 3 technical electives select one of the following art 113 3-dimensional design 3 elt 110 circuits i 5 dft 102 drafting fundamentals 4 wld 152 basic welding b 5 car 126/127 introduction to construction/intro to construction lab 3/1 tha 192 production practicum 1 other

course id 001162 presents the concepts of interior and exterior finish materials and methods of installation lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture attributes technical car 201 2 light frame const iii-lab course id 001163 provides an opportunity for students to perform basic applications of the concepts of interior and exterior finish methods for light frame construction corequisite car 200 laboratory 2 credits 60 contact hours components laboratory attributes technical cet civil engineering technology cet 150 3 civil engineering graphics course id 004703 this course provides the opportunity for the student to learn the basic theory necessary to generate and understand typical civil engineering working drawings the student will develop graphic communication skills using current industry standard software prerequisite cad 100 or ach 185/195 lecture 2 credits 30 contact hours laboratory 1 credit 45 contact hours components laboratory lecture attributes technical cet

provides a geographic study of world regions defined conceptually and historically as non-western includes global patterns of social cultural economic and political differences between the west and non-west and the processes key to making the non-western world such as colonialism and imperialism considers significant current issues including sustainable development environment human rights and gender relations components lecture attributes sb social behavior science geo 172 3 human geography course id 000158 presents a study of the spatial distributions of significant elements of human occupancy of the earth’s surface including basic concepts of diffusion population migration settlement forms land utilization and impact of technology on human occupancy of the earth lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture attributes sb social behavior science geo 210 3 course id 000610 pollution hazards and environmental management an introduction to environmental systems such

ngt 210 3 course id 005032 troubleshooting cathodic protection rectifiers presents the electrical circuits basic to protection current rectifiers lecture 2 credit 30 contact hours laboratory 1 credit 30 contact hours components laboratory lecture attributes course also offered in modules technical ngt 1001 0.25 basic procedures/processes course id 006446 presents the major components of a natural gas system from well head to burner presents actions that each component has on the gas stream in the context of the total system reviews key terms and definitions applied to conditions common to the utilization of natural gas lecture 0.25 credits 3.75 contact hours components lecture ngt 1002 0.25 course id 006447 basic properties of fuel gases presents advanced procedures for extracting natural gas from the earth and for transporting and regulating natural gas with an emphasis on the physical and chemical properties of natural fuel gases lecture 0.25 credits 3.75 contact hours

section 10 criteria used in a determination of residency status 1 a a determination of kentucky domicile and residency shall be based upon verifiable circumstances or actions b a single fact shall not be paramount and each situation shall be evaluated to identify those facts essential to the determination of domicile and residency c a person shall not be determined to be a kentucky resident by the performance of an act that is incidental to fulfilling an educational purpose or by an act performed as a matter of convenience d mere physical presence in kentucky including living with a relative or friend shall not be sufficient evidence of domicile and residency e a student or prospective student shall respond to all requests for information regarding domicile or residency requested by an institution 2 the following facts although not conclusive shall have probative value in their entirety and shall be individually weighted appropriate to the facts and circumstances in each determination

kentucky community and technical college system 300 north main street • versailles ky 40383 toll-free 1-877 kctcs 4u 877-528-2748 • 859-256-3100 kctcs.edu dr michael b mccall president the kentucky community and technical college system is an equal educational and employment opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race religion color sex national origin age disability family medical history or genetic information further we vigilantly prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation parental status marital status political affiliation military service or any other non-merit based