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acr 170 acr 250 acr 251 acr 260 acr 261 acr 270 acr 271 heat load/duct design 3 cooling and dehumidification 3 cooling and dehumidification lab 2 heating and humidification 3 heating and humidification lab 3 heat pump application 3 heat pump application lab 2 electives 8-11 subtotal credits 41-48 total credits 47-54 comparable electrical courses eet eet ett ett elt imt imt 154 155 112 113 110 110 111 electrical construction i and 2 electrical construction i lab or 2 basic electrical theory telenetworking and 3 basic electrical theory lab or 1 circuits i or 5 industrial maintenance electrical principles and 3 industrial maintenance electrical principles lab 2 certificates environmental control system servicer 4702013039 offered at asc bgt blc bsc elc gtw hpc hzc jfc mdc myc owc sec smc,wkc acr 100 acr 101 acr 102 acr 103 acr 130 acr 131 acr 250 acr 251 acr 260 acr 261 refrigeration fundamentals 3 refrigeration fundamentals lab 2 hvac electricity and 3 hvac electricity

turf grass/landscaping management track 520201707 choose 6 hours not duplicated from the core from the following technical courses students may select other courses as approved by the office systems program coordinator 150 160 216 235 295 199 280 275 transcription and office technology 3 records and database management 3 selected topics in office systems topic 1-3 business communications technology 3 office systems technology internship or 1-3 cooperative education business technology or 1-3 business internship 1-3 office management 3 subtotal 18 tgm agr tgm hrt hrt total credits tgm tgm tgm agr agr agr hrt hrt hrt coe bas 64-67 real estate management track 520201706 offered at asc bsc elc,wkc required rea 100 rea 121 rea 225 rea 230 real estate principles i 3 appraising 3 real estate finance 3 real estate law 3 choose 6 hours not duplicated from the core from the following technical courses students may select other courses as approved by the real estate program

real estate pre-licensing – 5215013029 choose 6 hours from the following 120 122 200 201 202 220 199 real estate marketing 3 construction and blueprints 3 real estate principles ii 3 property management 3 real estate investments i 3 real estate brokerage management 3 cooperative education business management and marketing 1-4 subtotal 18-19 total 66-67 rea rea offered at blc 100 120 real estate principles i 3 real estate marketing 3 total 6 choose two 2 from the following rea rea rea rea 122 220 225 230 construction and blueprints 3 brokerage management 3 real estate finance 3 real estate law 3 total 6 equine management track – 520201710 total 12 offered at blc required eqm eqm eqm eqm eqm eqm eqm 100 120 140 240 242 246 250 introduction to equine studies 3 introduction to commercial breeding practices 4 equine business management i 2 equine business management ii 2 equine law 3 current trends in the equine industry 1 equine practicum 3 subtotal 18

construction technology the construction technology program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the construction industry residential and light commercial construction applications are taught this program includes instructional units in blueprint reading building site layout procedures foundation systems light framing construction methods exterior and interior finish systems concrete forming systems and construction safety units of instruction are designed to include lecture and practical experience in the lab or on-site projects this program also offers an excellent prerequisite for students that plan to pursue a career in areas such as construction management civil engineering or architectural design progression in the construction technology program is contingent upon achievement of a grade of “c” or better in each technical and mathematics course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better on a 4.0 scale associate in

imt wld wld dit dit dit fpx fpx dit dit adx adx 101 120 121 123 140 141 100 101 190 191 260 261 welding for maintenance lab or 2 shielded metal arc welding smaw and 3 shielded metal arc welding smaw lab 2 undercarriage lab 3 hydraulics and 3 hydraulics lab or 2 fluid power and 3 fluid power lab 2 electrical systems for diesel equipment and 3 electrical systems for diesel equipment lab or 2 electrical systems and 3 electrical systems lab 2 subtotal 47-52 total 53-58 wld 121 dit 123 dit 152 dit 153 dit 105 pmx 100 dit 193 dit 195 dit 197 dit 198 dit 298 dit 199 dit 299 certificate medium and heavy truck technician 4706054049 offered at asc bsc elc gtw myc owc sec smc,wkc general education area 1 area 2 written communication oral communications or humanities/heritage 3 social/behavioral sciences natural sciences or quantitative reasoning 3 subtotal 6 technical courses adx 170 adx 171 bex 100 bex 101 adx 120 adx 121 elt 110 dit 103 dit 110 dit 111 adx 150 adx 151 dit 112

you have been waiting for classes are offered through state fire/rescue training and may be offered in various formats such as web courses hybrid courses and traditional classroom offerings for more information regarding this program contact your local state fire/rescue training area office or see list of contacts on page 69 emergency medical technician certificate students in the emergency medical technician program are instructed in the proper care of sick and injured patients students are trained to treat victims suffering from traumatic and medical emergencies such as broken bones puncture wounds cardiac and respiratory emergencies vehicle accidents and more this course meets the standards set forth by the us department of transportation national standard curriculum for emt-basic and the kentucky board of emergency medical services students that successfully complete the course and its requirements will be awarded a certificate for emergency medical technician and will be prepared

seminar in information management design technologies 3 internet technologies 3 computational thinking 3 javascript i 3 computer programming course approved by program coordinator 1-3 other computer information technologies architectural business communication fine arts or other track appropriate courses approved by program coordinator 1-3 other web or graphic design courses approved by program coordinator 1-3 subtotal 24 total 63 certificate library information technology 5204023159 offered at blc the certificate in library information technology prepares students for paraprofessional jobs in libraries and particularly in kentucky public libraries upon completion of the academic certificate students will be able to perform basic library reference services using print and online sources plan and produce library services and programs for a selected group of library customers describe the role of the public library in the community as an agency for information services and

medical office administrative assistant 5108013069 bio 135 ahs 115 ahs 120 cla 131 mit 103 mai 105 mai 150 mit 217 mai 250 mit 227 mai 281 offered at blc hec jfc myc sec smc basic anatomy and physiology with laboratory 4 medical terminology or 3 medical terminology or 1 medical terminology from greek and latin or 3 medical office terminology 3 introduction to medical assisting 3 medical assisting administrative procedures i or 3 medical office procedures 3 medical assisting administrative procedures ii or 3 medical office software 3 medical assisting practicum 1 computer/digital literacy 3 total credits 18-20 electrocardiograph technician 5108013079 ahs ahs cla mit cpr khp mai mai mai 115 120 131 103 100 190 140 240 281 offered at jfc myc medical terminology or 3 medical terminology or 1 medical terminology from greek and latin or 3 medical office terminology 3 cpr for healthcare professionals or 1 first aid and emergency care 2 medical assisting clinical

pha 136 pha 104 pha 250 pharmacology 3 parenterals 2 pharmacy experience 2 computer/digital literacy 0-3 total credits 20-23 retail pharmacy technician 5108053039 com 181 com 252 com 101 ahs 115 cla 131 mit 103 pha 110 pha 125 pha 136 offered at asc gtw jfc smc basic public speaking or 3 introduction to interpersonal communication or 3 introduction to communications 3 medical terminology or 3 medical terminology from greek and latin or 3 medical office terminology 3 pharmacy procedures and skills 5 pharmaceutical calculations 2 pharmacology 3 computer/digital literacy 0-3 total credits 16-19 com 101 may be used in certificates if taken in the diploma an additional three 3 credits will be needed to meet area 1 requirements technical support courses cpr 100 cpr for healthcare professionals or 1 cpr certification 0 subtotal 0-1 technical courses pta 100 pta 150 pta 160 pta 170 pta 200 pta 220 pta 240 pta 250 pta 260 pta 280 computer/digital literacy 0-3 orientation to

technical theatre associate in applied science surveying and mapping technology 1511027029 writing i 3 humanities 3 technical mathematics or 3 higher level quantitative reasoning course 3 natural sciences 3 social/behavioral sciences 3 subtotal 15 required technical courses com 181 smt 110 smt 130 smt 160 smt 210 smt 220 smt 230 smt 250 smt 270 smt 290 computer/digital literacy 3 basic public speaking 3 principles of surveying 3 land surveying graphics 3 construction surveying 3 advanced surveying measurement 3 surveying lab 3 land boundary location 3 mine surveying 3 professional ethics and conduct for land surveyors 3 boundary law 3 technical electives approved by program coordinator 12 subtotal 45 aas total 60 the technical theatre certificate will prepare students for an entry level position as a theatre technician and/or advanced studies in the areas of lighting scenery and sound certificates technical theatre -5005013019 offered at owc general education

filmmaking – from script to screen 5006023019 offered at blc the filmmaking script to screen certificate program will provide students with a hands-on practical overview of the filmmaking process in addition to a working knowledge of the elements of filmmaking graduates will have a greater understanding of the collaborative process creative problem solving and critical thinking graduates will have an enhanced level of media literacy and deeper understanding of filmmaking as a communication strategy for dissemination of ideas the curriculum supports the desire of the film industry for a stronger filmmaking workforce in kentucky flm flm flm tha tha tha 110 120 130 126 190 191 filmmaking treatment to storyboard 4 filmmaking storyboard through production 4 filmmaking editing through distribution 4 acting i 3 production practicum or 1 performance practicum 1 total credits 16 visual art the associate in fine arts afa in visual art degree program is designed for students who