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hvac electricity lab or 2 comparable electrical course 4-5 electrical components 3 electrical components lab 2 heat load/duct design or 3 manual n commercial load calculations design 4 cooling and dehumidification 3 cooling and dehumidification lab 2 heating and humidification 3 heating and humidification lab 3 heat pump application and 3 heat pump application lab or 2 commercial hvac systems 5 electives 8-11 subtotal credits 41-49 total credits 47-55 refrigeration mechanic 4702013059 offered at asc blc bsc elc gtw hpc hzc jfc mdc myc owc sec smc,wkc acr 100 acr 101 acr 102 acr 103 acr 130 acr 131 acr 200 acr 201 acr 210 acr 250 acr 251 refrigeration fundamentals 3 refrigeration fundamentals lab 2 hvac electricity and 3 hvac electricity lab or 2 comparable electrical course 4-5 electrical components 3 electrical components lab 2 commercial refrigeration 3 commercial refrigeration lab 2 ice machines 3 cooling and dehumidification 3 cooling and dehumidification

offered at bsc gtw mdc smc,wkc general education area 1 eng 101 com 181 com 252 area 2 ost eco eco eco 213 101 201 202 writing i or 3 basic public speaking or 3 introduction to interpersonal communication 3 business calculations for the office professional or 3 contemporary economics or 3 principles of microeconomics or 3 principles of macroeconomics 3 general education subtotal 6 required technical cit ost acc act act bas ost ost ost ost ost cit ost 105 105 201 101 102 160 110 210 213 215 220 130 240 introduction to computers or 3 introduction to information systems 3 financial accounting or 3 fundamentals of accounting i and 3 fundamentals of accounting ii 3 introduction to business 3 document formatting and word processing 3 advanced word processing applications 3 business calculations for the office professional 3 office procedures 3 administrative office simulations 3 productivity software or 3 software integration 3 required technical subtotal 27-30 choose

computer aided drafting and design diploma a computer aided drafter and designer is a technical specialist with broad-based skills for architectural civil mechanical and manufacturing fields in this program the students are taught manual drafting techniques and 2d and 3d cad specific skills taught include but are not limited to lettering geometric construction orthographic projections dimensioning and tolerancing and related technical processes these skills are required to transform specifications and instructions of architects designers and engineers into complete and precise drawings the drafter is a skilled technician with a thorough understanding of the graphic language and is an indispensable contributor to the engineering design team progression in the computer aided drafting and design program is contingent upon achievement of a grade of “c” or greater in each technical and mathematics course with maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or above on a 4

crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj crj 201 203 208 210 211 215 218 219 220 222 224 225 230 231 240 245 277 279 290 299 introduction to criminalistics 3 community corrections/probation parole 3 delinquency and the juvenile justice system 3 physical security technology and systems 3 liability and legal issues 3 introduction to law enforcement 3 police supervision 3 police recruit defensive tactics 4 introduction to computer forensics 3 prison and jail administration 3 basic traffic collision investigation 4 driving and traffic enforcement for law enforcement 4 criminal justice courtroom procedures 3 legal aspects of corrections 3 introduction to corporate and industrial security 3 introduction to business and financial fraud 3 introduction to criminology 3 terrorism and political violence 3 internship in criminal justice 3 selected topics in criminal justice 1-3 subtotal 9 technical elective 0-3 subtotal 0-3 total credits

energy systems core the energy systems degree is designed to prepare its graduates for entry level positions across the entire range of energy technologies the initial track will prepare students to work safely and effectively as operators in fossil-fueled electricity generating power plants the curriculum will also provide a background in other types of energy production and distribution including solar wind geothermal and petroleum-based as well as emerging technologies such as ethanol biodiesel and clean coal technologies graduates will have an understanding of the financial societal and environmental impacts of the various energy production technologies and will be able to operate and troubleshoot the machinery and systems used in energy production associate in applied science elt 102 esp 220 elt 210 esp 211 esp 120 isx 101 esp 212 esp 213 esp 130 coe 199 total credits energy technologies general education technical mathematics 3 writing i 3 introductory physics i or higher 3

certificate geographic information systems technology 4507023029 offered at blc technical core gis 110 gis 120 gis 210 cit 105 spatial data analysis and map interpretation 3 introduction to geographic information systems 3 advanced geographic information systems 3 introduction to computers 3 technical electives 6 total credits 18 technical electives choose six 6 credits from the following technical elective courses geo 130 earth’s physical environment 3 geo 162 introduction to global environmental issues 3 cit 170 introduction to database design 3 approved level i or level ii cit programming language 3 course est 160 fundamentals of hydrological geology 3 est 250 fundamentals of solid waste management 3 cad 100 introduction to computer-aided design 3 cad 200 intermediate computer-aided design 3 ach 195 computer-aided drafting i 3 ach 180 special topics in architectural technology 3 ach 298 computer 3d modeling 3 cet 150 civil engineering graphics 3 cet 220

elearning developer – 1305013019 eng com idl idl idl idl offered at gtw 101 252 147 207 217 227 writing i 3 introduction to interpersonal communications 3 elearning development i rapid authoring tools 3 elearning development ii html css and java script 3 multimedia development 3 elearning development iii advanced authoring tools 3 total 18 graphic design of instruction – 1305013059 eng com idl idl idl idl idl offered at gtw 101 252 113 123 203 213 223 writing i 3 introduction to interpersonal communications 3 introduction of visual communications for learning 3 multimedia design and development 3 designing in client applications 3 designing in graphic applications 3 design application 3 total 21 insurance risk management the certificate program in insurance and risk management is a fourcourse 12 credit hour credential students will learn the foundations of insurance production and multiple lines insurance production students will also master the fundamentals

associate in applied science medical office limited radiography 5108013139 mor mor mor mor 100 115 117 119 offered at jfc medical office limited radiography 6 medical office limited radiography lab 3 advanced medical office limited radiography 6 advanced medical office limited radiography clinical 3 total credits 18 phlebotomist 5108013109 offered at gtw hec myc sec phb 100 phlebotomy 6 phb 155 phlebotomy clinical 2-3 total credits 8-9 or mai 120 medical assisting laboratory techniques i 3 phb 155 phlebotomy clinical 2-3 total credits 5-6 or mai 120 medical assisting laboratory techniques i 3 phb 152 phlebotomy clinical experience 1 total credits 4 note see http for a directory of phlebotomy certification agencies and examination requirements a competency level of successful completion of mat 065 rdg 030 and enc 091 must be attained for any certificate medical laboratory technician the medical laboratory technician mlt program provides

certificates the physical therapist assistant programs at hazard community and technical college southeast kentucky community and technical college jefferson community and technical college madisonville community college somerset community college and west kentucky community and technical college are accredited by the commission on accreditation in physical therapy education capte 1111 north fairfax street alexandria va 22314 telephone 703-706-3245 e-mail website pharmacy technician i 5108053029 associate in applied science ahs 100 – human growth and development 2 ahs 130 – infection control 2 ahs 201 – management principles for allied health providers 3 ahs 203 – diversity in health care 3 bas 160 – introduction to business 3 khp 190 – first aid and emergency care 2 com 181 com 252 com 101 ahs 115 cla 131 mit 103 pha 110 pha 125 pha 136 pha 104 pha 250 offered at asc hpc jfc owc smc,wkc basic

tnt 110 tnt 120 tnt 210 tnt 220 tnt 250 offered at jfc offered at bsc driver preparation 3 trucking safety 3 instrumentation 3 systems check 1 cdl training 3 combined driving 2 advanced driver preparation 1 advanced trucking safety 3 advanced controls 1 system inspections 1 advanced cdl preparation 1 advanced combined driving 2 total credits 24 veterinary technology the veterinary technology program will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to work as a professional veterinary technician areas of study include anatomy physiology microbiology clinical techniques office and hospital procedures client relations and communication pharmacology anesthesiology surgical and medical nursing radiology and clinical pathology training the veterinary technology program will provide students with “real world” clinical and lab experiences to develop the skills needed to become a valued professional in the field note hours exception 69-72 for the a.a.s

associate in fine arts theatre 5005017019 offered at blc owc general education core requirements writing/accessing information eng 101 eng 102 ma 109 ma 111 mat 150 theatre core tha 101 tha 126 tha 226 tha 227 tha 260 25 writing i 3 writing i 3 oral communications 3 heritage/humanities not including tha classes 3 social/behavioral sciences 6 natural sciences with laboratory 4 college algebra or 3 contemporary mathematics or 3 college algebra or 3 higher level quantitative reasoning course 3 15-18 computer/digital literacy 0-3 introduction to theatre 3 fundamentals of acting 3 acting ii scene study realism 3 acting iii scene study styles 3 stagecraft 3 a student must pass an approved three 3 credit hour computer/digital literacy course unless the computer competency exam is successfully completed ta tha 195 196 3 production practicum 1 may be repeated performance practicum 1 may be repeated to equal 3 hours or 3 special projects in theatre arts project title or 3