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bio bio bio bio bio che che che che che 117 143 141 150 151 130 140 145 170 175 biology ii lab or 1 zoology with laboratory or 4 botany with laboratory or 4 principles of biology i and 3 principles of biology lab i 2 introductory general and biological chemistry or 4 introductory general chemistry and 3 introductory general chemistry lab i or 1 general college chemistry i and 3 general college chemistry lab i 1 subtotal 26-27 technical core agr 125 agr 140 agr 180 agr 230 agr 240 asc 106 agr 250 introduction to fertilizers and soils 3 issues in agriculture 3 agricultural internship i 2 career development in agriculture 3 introduction to animal science or 3 agriculture animal science 3 introduction to plants/crop production 3 digital literacy 3 electives 5 subtotal 25 agricultural technology track – 010301701 agr agr agr agr agr agr 130 150 170 190 200 220 offered at hec field applications in agriculture 2 agriculture power 3 introduction to equipment

psy ifm ifm ifm ifm ifm ifm ifm 180 128 111 130 211 215 225 235 human relations 3 principles of informatics 3 client-side informatics software 3 business data communications 3 collaboration software 3 information systems analysis 3 advanced informatics 3 information systems and business intelligence 3 subtotal 18 total credits 64-67 informatics track 520201716 offered at gtw hec hzc myc smc required ifm cit cit ifm 128 120 170 215 principles of informatics 3 computational thinking 3 database design fundamentals 3 information systems analysis 3 choose 6 hours from the following technical courses students may select other courses cit bas as approved by the business administration systems program coordinator ifm ifm mgt ifm ifm ifm cit 130 235 258 111 225 211 150 business data communication 3 information systems and business intelligence 3 project management 3 client-side informatics software 3 advanced informatics 3 collaboration software 3 internet technologies 3

certified medical technician equine business management track – 520201714 offered at blc required eqs eqs eqs eqs eqs eqm eqs eqs 101 103 104 299 118 120 130 240 introduction to thoroughbred 3 racehorse care 1 racehorse care lab or 3 equine internship 1-9 equine bloodstock 3 introduction to commercial breeding practices 3 introduction to racing industry 3 equine legal and business principles 3 subtotal 19 total 67 certificates equine management – 5202013399 offered at blc hec required eqm eqm eqm mgt eqm eqm eqm psy mgt 100 120 140 160 240 242 246 110 101 introduction to equine studies 3 introduction to commercial breeding 3 equine business management i 2 introduction to business 3 equine business management ii 2 equine law 3 current trends in the equine industry 1 general psychology 3 quality management principles 3 total 23 real estate pre-brokerage management – 5202013409 rea rea rea 100 220 230 offered at blc real estate principles i 3

cosmetology basic carpenter 4602013139 offered at asc blc bsc elc hpc hzc jfc myc owc sec smc,wkc car 126 car 127 intro to construction 3 intro to construction-lab 1 electives any five [5 additional credits program or otherwise 5 total credits 9 acoustical carpenter 4602013119 inf 205 inf 211 offered at bsc elc hzc jfc sec introduction to acoustical carpentry 3 advanced acoustical carpentry 2 electives technical electives 6 total credits 11 dry waller 4602013039 inf 125 inf 131 offered at bsc elc hzc jfc sec introduction to drywall 2 advanced drywall 2 electives technical electives 4 total credits 8 painter interior finish 4602013049 inf 105 inf 111 offered at bsc hzc jfc sec introduction to painting 2 advanced painting 2 electives technical electives 2 total credits 6 painter paper hanger 4602013129 inf inf inf inf 105 111 115 121 offered at bsc hzc jfc sec introduction to painting 2 advanced painting 2 introduction to wallcovering 2 advanced wallcovering 2 total

energy systems core the energy systems degree is designed to prepare its graduates for entry level positions across the entire range of energy technologies the initial track will prepare students to work safely and effectively as operators in fossil-fueled electricity generating power plants the curriculum will also provide a background in other types of energy production and distribution including solar wind geothermal and petroleum-based as well as emerging technologies such as ethanol biodiesel and clean coal technologies graduates will have an understanding of the financial societal and environmental impacts of the various energy production technologies and will be able to operate and troubleshoot the machinery and systems used in energy production associate in applied science elt 102 esp 220 elt 208 esp 211 esp 120 isx 101 esp 212 esp 213 esp 130 coe 199 total credits energy technologies offered at myc general education technical mathematics 3 writing i 3 introductory physics

if more than two years have elapsed since initial enrollment in the first funeral service course an applicant must repeat all funeral service courses unless the student has demonstrated current competency by passing exams equivalent to comprehensive course final examinations both written and practical skills if applicable transfer students students wishing to transfer from an accredited funeral service program will be considered on an individual basis admission will be dependent upon available resources students must meet all program admission requirements set by the college no grade less than “c” in a course equivalent to a funeral service core course will be accepted for transfer program requirements in order to protect the funeral service provider external facilities used by our students require data related to the health status of students therefore prior to the first day of classes the student must submit the following ppd skin test results for tb two mmr

basic electricity/electronics 3 mechanical drive systems 5 safety 3 welding and fabrication 4 machine tool operations 4 electrohydraulics/pneumatics 6 programmable logic controllers 5 robot maintenance 4 controls and instrumentation 5 subtotal 46 total credits 64 the interactive design technology program prepares students for present and future employment in expanding fields of interactive advertising/marketing and animation employers of these graduates include advertising agencies marketing companies in-house agencies movie studios production companies and game developers students will need to achieve a “c” or better in each class to remain in the program diploma certificate integrated engineering technology – 1442014019 3d modeling specialist – 0907023019 offered at blc area 1 area 2 mat 126 written/oral communications or heritage/humanities 3 technical algebra and trigonometry or 3 higher level quantitative reasoning course 3 subtotal 6

offered at blc gtw hec myc sec phb 100 phlebotomy 6 phb 155 phlebotomy clinical 2-3 total credits 8-9 or mai 120 medical assisting laboratory techniques i 3 phb 155 phlebotomy clinical 2-3 total credits 5-6 or mai 120 medical assisting laboratory techniques i 3 phb 152 phlebotomy clinical experience 1 total credits 4 note see http for a directory of phlebotomy certification agencies and examination requirements a competency level of successful completion of mat 065 rdg 030 and enc 091 must be attained for any certificate medical laboratory technician the medical laboratory technician mlt program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to work under the supervision of a registered clinical scientist or pathologist in a clinical laboratory hospital or other health agency the mlt student learns to collect specimens from the patient and perform laboratory tests in all areas of the clinical laboratory to include

the plastics processing certificate will prepare students for an entrylevel position in plastics processing companies efm wpp bas isx isx 100 200 250 101 100 certificate personal financial management 3 workplace principles or 3 business employability seminar 1 introduction to industrial safety or 3 industrial safety 3 subtotal 42-45 total 60-63 diploma plastics processing 1506073049 ite elt isx pl pl pl pl 233 107 101 101 151 251 261 offered at myc statistical process control 3 computer applications for technicians 4 introduction to industrial safety 3 plastic processes and materials 4 polymer science testing 4 injection molding or 4 plastics extrusion 4 total credits 22 plumbing technology installing water supply and waste disposal systems in residential commercial and highly complex industrial sites is the focus of the plumbing program in addition to practical experiences instruction is given in laws and codes blueprint reading drawing special equipment and other

visual communication advertising design track 500406701 visual communication communication arts technology total credit hours for advertising design track the communication arts technology program provides students with the knowledge skills and a portfolio needed for entry-level employment as a graphic designer commercial photographer web designer videographer or video editor these fields involve the use of specialized software combined with creativity design and problem solving skills to communicate an effective visual message for tv web and interactive media product packaging and advertising layout this program focuses on developing the creativity and software skills necessary to be competitive in these fields many courses include hands-on lab hours with one-onone assistance from the instructors the program is completed with an internship in the student’s specialty field that allows the student to transfer academic skills to a professional environment students and graduates

concentration choose 18 hours from the approved theatre electives 18 tha 127 acting techniques 3 tha 150 fundamentals of production 3 tha 200 introduction to dramatic literature 3 tha 283 american theatre 3 flm 110 filmmaking treatment through storyboard 4 flm 120 filmmaking storyboard through production 4 flm 130 filmmaking editing through distribution 4 flm courses are co-requisites mus 192 university chorus 1 art 110 drawing i 3 eng 281 introduction to film 3 eng 282 international film studies 3 imd 250 digital video editing final cut 3 other courses approved by program coordinator summary general education core requirements 25–28 theatre core requirements 15 practicum core 3 concentration approved theatre electives 18 total 61-64 visual art the associate in fine arts afa in visual art degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution in order to pursue a bfa in the visual arts and/or a career in arts-related areas requiring