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west kentucky community and technical college transfer services transfer center main campus anderson technology building transfer contact rachel goatley coordinator of transfer advising west kentucky community and technical college 106 anderson bldg p.o box 7380 paducah ky 42002 270 534-3187 sandra tucker director of distance education advising west kentucky community and technical college 106 anderson bldg p.o box 7380 paducah ky 42002 270-534-3263 public university transfer contacts eastern kentucky university nicole mcgrew transfer admissions articulation coordinator 859-246-6430 859-248-4340 gail creekmore transfer center 606 451-6708 kentucky state university jonathan lott ksu transfer coordinator office of admissions 400 east main st frankfort ky 40601 502 597-6462 morehead state university brad bennington transfer coordinator 606 783-2008

students may receive credit for learning experiences in industry business and government as recommended by the american council on education ace the recommendations for awarding credit appear in the national guide to educational credit for training programs published by the ace articulation agreements articulation agreements provide a mechanism to accept and award credit for courses that will transfer toward a credential articulation agreements specify the terms and conditions for courses taken at other institutions that will apply to a kctcs credential and/or the terms and conditions for courses taken at kctcs that will apply to credentials or degree programs at other institutions in either case the award of applicable credit to the credential is subject to the specific terms of each agreement guide to educational credit by exam –cps/cap recommendations part i – office systems technology computer concepts– 3 credits computer information systems– 3

guidelines for clep general examinations clep credit is under review with anticipated updates for fall 2012 clep subject examination scaled score to earn credit equivalent course credit hours 50-69 fre 201 3 70 or above fre 201 202 6 50-69 ger 201 3 70 or above ger 201 202 6 foreign languages college level french language college level german language college level spanish language 50-54 spa 102 201 7 55 or above spa 102 201 202 10 50 or above 60 60 50 50 50 50 60 60 pol 101 his 108 his 109 psy 110 eco 202 eco 201 soc 101 his 104 his 105 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 50 55-59 ma 113 bio 103 4 3 60-64 bio 102 bio 112 6 65-80 bio 150 152 6 55 or above che 170 180 6 50 acc 201 202 6 history and social sciences american government history of the united states i history of the united states ii introductory psychology principles of macroeconomics principles of microeconomics introductory sociology western civilization i ancient near east to 1648 western civilization ii 1648 to the present science and

e represents unsatisfactory achievement and indicates failure in the course it is valued at zero credit hours and zero grade points in nonremedial and non-developmental courses credit may be obtained by repeating the entire course f represents unsatisfactory achievement in a course taken on a pass-fail basis it has no value in computing the grade point average credit may only be obtained by repeating the entire course this grade may be used for developmental courses au audit has no value in computing grade-point average a student who has been admitted to the college may elect to enroll in a courses as an auditor except in selective admissions programs auditing courses in a selective admissions program requires admission to the program and availability of space in the courses with few exceptions any change from audit to credit by a student fully admitted to a college must be accomplished by the last date to enter a class and any change from credit to audit must be made by mid-term of

a student may repeat a course for the purpose of improving a grade the course must be repeated with the same grade option as the original enrollment in the course the highest grade earned in a completed course shall constitute the official grade for the course and will be the only grade included within the cumulative gpa credit shall count only once for a kctcs credential if a student has been dropped from an occupation or technical program course enrollment may be dependent upon readmission to the program after a student has completed the same course twice a division chair or designee in consultation with the instructor may refuse to approve a third registration in the same course including those offered by correspondence extension and distance learning technology subject to the approval of the division chair or designee a student may receive approval for a substitution of comparable courses e.g mat 150 may be taken as a repeat option for ma 109 and vice versa note a parent course

a diploma program is designed to prepare students for technical employment within a one to two-year period 36-60 credit hours the total number of credit hours for the diploma must not exceed those required for a degree in the same program of study a prescribed program of technical and general education courses is designed to prepare students for a specific job title diploma programs provide preparation for a specific occupation credit toward an associate degree and continued training opportunities for certificate program graduates the diploma program contains general education courses emphasizing the skills identified in the scans secretary’s commission on achieving necessary skills report that are critical to entry-level workforce success for persons prepared at the diploma level 1 diplomas will address appropriate general education competencies 2 diploma curricula will be approved through the kctcs curriculum process 3 diplomas will be applicable toward at least one

144 hours per year of supplemental related instruction required of the apprenticeship program additional information may be obtained by calling the kentucky apprenticeship council or the united states department of labor bureau of apprenticeship training continuing education courses continuing education courses can be either credit or non-credit and are designed to meet the needs of the labor market and persons preparing to enter the workforce they can also supplement knowledge and skills for initial employment or job advancement they are developed to meet the lifelong learning needs of the general public by providing short-term training retraining or upgrading of skills for employment or job advancement customized industry training at the request of business and industry community and economic development coordinators ced assist in the development and implementation of customized training for prospective and current employees a specialized training agreement is developed that

other training options in addition to full-time programs kctcs colleges provide short-term training courses to meet specific labor force needs and demands contact the local college for a list of short-term training programs and schedules general education requirements competencies will be met at the level appropriate to the credential a general education core curriculum will enable kctcs colleges to graduate men and women who are intellectually flexible articulate reflective creative and prepared for continuous learning for all students this implies some understanding of the value of higher education and the world of work and career fields related to their own abilities interests and needs the general education core competencies will enable students to develop their own values pursue goals and contribute to the political moral social and cultural enrichment of society general education competencies students should prepare for twenty-first century challenges by gaining:  a knowledge

psy 298 essentials of abnormal psychology 3 rae 120 introduction to chinese culture 3 rel 101 introduction to religious studies 3 rel130 introduction to comparative religion 3 soc 101 introduction to sociology 3 soc 151 social interaction 3 soc 152 modern social problems 3 soc 220 the community 3 soc 235 inequality in society 3 soc 249 mass media and mass culture 3 soc 260 population resources and change 3 spa 115 hispanic culture country or region 3 swk 275 the family 3 wgs 200 introduction to women’s and gender studies in the social sciences 3 1 a student may not receive credit for both ant 130 and rel 130 2 may be used to fulfill either social and behavioral sciences or arts humanities competency but may not be used to fulfill both general education categories arts and humanities heritage diploma aas aa as afa flk 276 introduction to folk studies 3 his 101 world civilization i 3 his 102 world civilization ii 3 his 104 a history of europe through the

ger 102 elementary german ii 4 ger 201 intermediate german i 3 ger 202 intermediate german ii 3 jpn 101 beginning japanese i 4 jpn 102 beginning japanese ii 4 rae 150 elementary chinese i 4 rae 151 elementary chinese ii 4 sed 101 sign language i 3 sed 102 sign language ii 3 sed 203 sign language iii 3 sed 204 sign language iv 3 spa 101 elementary spanish i spoken approach 4 spa 102 elementary spanish ii spoken approach 4 spa 201 intermediate spanish i 3 spa 202 intermediate spanish ii 3 other degree and/or credential requirements cultural studies courses cultural studies is defined as a course in which the major thrust is the study of one or more non-traditional and/or underrepresented cultures that are traditionally excluded from or marginalized in mainstream american curriculum cultural studies courses demonstrate a cultural emphasis in their course descriptions for completion of the aa/as degree students must complete at least one cultural studies course social and

implementation fall 2012 lower division university courses that fulfill general education requirements the courses listed below are offered by kctcs colleges through agreements with the kentucky universities that developed the courses kctcs honors the university course content prerequisites and general education status of the courses courses descriptions for these courses are included in the course description section at the end of the catalog ana 209 asl 101 asl 102 asl 201 asl 202 biol 110 bio 216 che 253 cs 215 cs 216 cs 275 his 110 itp 115 lead 200 ma 109 ma 110 ma 111 ma 112 ma 113 ma 114 ma123 ma162 ma 201 ma 202 ma 213 ma 214 ma 241 mat 201 mse 201 muc 175 muc 190 mup 114 mup 214 mus 106 muse 222 pgy 206 spa 151 sta 200 sta 291 principles of human anatomy uk american sign language i eku american sign language ii eku american sign language iii eku american sign language iv eku inquiry biology for teachers morehead biological inquiry and analysis murray materials science ul