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guidelines for clep general examinations clep credit is under review with anticipated updates for fall 2012 clep subject examination scaled score to earn credit equivalent course credit hours 50-69 fre 201 3 70 or above fre 201 202 6 50-69 ger 201 3 70 or above ger 201 202 6 foreign languages college level french language college level german language college level spanish language 50-54 spa 102 201 7 55 or above spa 102 201 202 10 50 or above 60 60 50 50 50 50 60 60 pol 101 his 108 his 109 psy 110 eco 202 eco 201 soc 101 his 104 his 105 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 50 55-59 ma 113 bio 103 4 3 60-64 bio 102 bio 112 6 65-80 bio 150 152 6 55 or above che 170 180 6 50 acc 201 202 6 history and social sciences american government history of the united states i history of the united states ii introductory psychology principles of macroeconomics principles of microeconomics introductory sociology western civilization i ancient near east to 1648 western civilization ii 1648 to the present science and mathematics calculus i general biology general chemistry business principles of accounting industry standard certification examinations national board for respiratory care nbrc examination computer and information technologies a student who has passed the nbrc entry-level examination to the respiratory care program will be awarded thirty-seven to thirty-nine 37 – 39 semester hours of credit after completion of at least 15 credit hours of the general education courses in the approved curriculum the student must also provide evidence of successful completion of the american heart association basic life support course for health care providers pending curriculum committee revision a student who has completed and passed an industry standard certification examination administered by an authorized testing center may earn credit hours equivalent to the courses within the program of study as specified in the information technology curriculum credit will be granted only upon receipt of an official proof of certification credential stating the date passed a copy of the credential must be filed as part of the student’s permanent record the credential must be accepted before the expiration date of the credential or within five years of the date the credential was earned and specified on the examination whichever comes first special exam step or challenge institutionally developed and administered exams provide an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course content and receive credit toward program requirements the student must be accepted for admission and enrolled in the college and apply for the exam through the student records office for more information see “tuition and charges.” military service experience dual credit a student may receive course credit in recognition of collegiate level credit completed through dsst dantes subject standardized tests to receive course credit for successful dsst exams the student must have received a minimum standard score of 46 credit will be given only upon receipt of an official dsst score report or transcript a student may receive course credit where appropriate and equivalent courses are available for formal military training as recommended in a guide to the evaluation of educational experiences in the armed services ace guide published by the american council on education kctcs dual credit is concurrent enrollment in high school and a kctcs college with credit awarded by both.  a high school student may earn both high school and college credit dual credit for the same course upon completion of course requirements.  college credit will be awarded for courses taken for dual credit with a kctcs college upon the student’s completion of the course requirements and will become part of the student’s official college transcript the kctcs assessment and placement and grading policies apply to dual credit courses offered by kctcs.  additional information about dual credit should is available at the local kctcs college 64