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southcentral kentucky community and technical college transfer services transition center main campus building a transfer contact jennifer dietzel director of student success southcentral community and technical college 1845 loop drive bowling green ky 42101 270 901-1188 denna white director of admissions southcentral community and technical college 1845 loop drive bowling green ky 42101 270 901-1001 800 790-0990 southeast kentucky community and technical college transfer contact rachel goatley coordinator of transfer advising west kentucky community and technical college 106 anderson bldg p.o box 7380 paducah ky 42002 270 534-3187 sandra tucker director of distance education advising west kentucky community and technical college 106 anderson bldg p.o box 7380 paducah ky 42002 270-534-3263 public university transfer contacts eastern kentucky university nicole mcgrew transfer admissions

3 phy 201 and phy 203 8 credit hours 3 phy 231 4 credit hours 3 phy 232 4 credit hours 3 psy 110 3 credit hours 3 spa 201 3 credit hours 4-5 spa 201 and 202 6 credit hours spanish literature 3 trn 110 humanities 3 credits hours statistics 3 sta 220 3 credit hours studio art 2-d 3 art 112 3 credit hour studio art 3-d 3 art 113 3 credit hours studio art – drawing 3 art 110 3 credit hours us government polictics 3 pol 101 3 credit hours us history 3 his 108 and his 109 6 credit hours world history 3 his 101 3 credit hours upon presentation of documentation of appropriate laboratory experience credit will also be given for the laboratory portions of these courses upon presentation of documentation of appropriate laboratory experience credit will also be given for the laboratories associated with these courses phy 241 242 respectively kctcs does not offer courses that are an exact equivalent for the ap subject offered appropriate general education credit is awarded in these

college level examination program clep kctcs colleges accept the general and subject examinations of the college level examination program clep the subject examinations cover specific material which is common to courses in many colleges and universities the level of proficiency to earn credit through clep is approximately equivalent to that required to earn a “c” in the course guidelines for clep general examinations clep subject examination foreign languages college level french language college level german language college level spanish language history and social sciences american government history of the united states i history of the united states ii introductory psychology principles of macroeconomics principles of microeconomics introductory sociology western civilization i ancient near east to 1648 western civilization ii 1648 to the present social sciences and history human growth and developmental science and mathematics calculus college mathematics college

student load – maximum student load the maximum load to be carried during any semester by a student including residence correspondence and extension courses is 19 credit hours or the number of hours specified in the curriculum for the particular semester whichever is larger a student who has attained a grade-point average of 3.0 on a load of at least 15 credit hours for the preceding semester may be permitted by the college president or designee to carry a maximum of three additional credit hours provided the total is not in excess of 22 credit hours for the semester normally the maximum course load including residence correspondence and extension courses shall be four credit hours for the fourweek intersession six hours for the five-week session seven credit hours in a six-week session or 10 credit hours in the eight-week summer session a student who has attained a grade point average of 3.0 may be granted permission by the college president or designee to carry a maximum of

changing grades a grade once reported shall not be changed except when the instructor states in writing that an error has been made the grade change must be submitted by the end of the following semester or session or in exceptional cases at the discretion of the president or designee however each respective college appeals board may change a grade to p or w in the case of a violation of student academic rights or to a w in the case of an academic offense grade-point average gpa the gpa on the kctcs transcript is derived from all courses taken at kctcs institutions the grade-point average is the ratio of the total grade points earned to the total credit hours attempted excluding courses taken on a pass/fail basis and courses with grades of w or i total grade points are derived by multiplying the number of credit hours for the course by the number of grade points assigned to the grade earned a 4 b 3 c 2 d =1 e 0 reporting final grades the final grades for a course shall be filed

an associate in fine arts afa degree is designed to transfer into a baccalaureate of fine arts bfa program at a four-year institution it consists of a general education requirement of 24 credit hours a fine arts core of 18 credit hours and 18 additional credit hours of concentration for a 60 credit hour minimum general education component written and oral communications 9 credit hours arts and humanities 3 credit hours the course chosen to satisfy this requirement must be from a discipline other than the discipline in the fine arts core and/or concentration quantitative reasoning 3 credit hours natural sciences 3 credit hours must include a laboratory experience for general education certification in the natural sciences category social and behavioral sciences 6 credit hours total general education 24 credit hours fine arts core sub-total 18 credit hours concentration sub-total 18 credit hours total 60 credit hours degree requirements 1 completion of minimum of 60 credit hours 2

3 certificates will be applicable toward at least one associate degree the above are minimum general education requirements additional hours may be required in specific program curricula requirements for a certificate are applicable to the requirements of a diploma or associate degree in the same or a related field of study requests for exceptions must include appropriate documentation to justify approval certificates may contain general education courses emphasizing the skills identified in the secretary’s commission on achieving necessary skills scans report that are critical to entry-level workforce success for persons prepared at the certificate level and associated with the diploma or associate degree program scans identified three foundation skills and five competencies necessary for success in the workplace foundation skills basic skills reading writing arithmetic and mathematics listening and speaking thinking skills thinking creatively making decisions solving problems

other training options in addition to full-time programs kctcs colleges provide short-term training courses to meet specific labor force needs and demands contact the local college for a list of short-term training programs and schedules general education requirements competencies will be met at the level appropriate to the credential a general education core curriculum will enable kctcs colleges to graduate men and women who are intellectually flexible articulate reflective creative and prepared for continuous learning for all students this implies some understanding of the value of higher education and the world of work and career fields related to their own abilities interests and needs the general education core competencies will enable students to develop their own values pursue goals and contribute to the political moral social and cultural enrichment of society general education competencies students should prepare for twenty-first century challenges by gaining:  a knowledge

est 150 introductory ecology 4 est 160 hydrological geology 3 geo 130 earth’s physical environment 3 geo 251 weather and climate 3 gly 101 physical geology 3 gly 102 historical geology 3 gly 110 environmental geology 3 gly 111 laboratory for physical geology 1 gly 112 laboratory for historical geology 1 gly 130 dinosaurs and disasters a brief history of the vertebrates 3 gly 131 dinosaur laboratory 1 gly 220 principles of physical geology 4 phy 151 introductory physics i 3 phy 152 introductory physics ii 3 phy 160 physics and astronomy for elementary teachers 3 phy 161 introductory physics laboratory i 1 phy 162 introductory physics laboratory ii 1 phy 171 applied physics 4 phy 172 physics for health science 2 phy 201 college physics i 4 phy 202 college physics lab i 1 phy 203 college physics ii 4 phy 204 college physics lab ii 1 phy 231 general university physics i 4 phy 232 general university physics ii 4 phy 241 general university physics i

his 261 african american history 1865 present his 265 history of women in america his 295 east asia to 1800 his 296 history of asia ii humanities art 104 introduction to african art eng 135 greek and roman mythology in translation eng 233 literature and identity eng 234 introduction to women’s literature eng 264 major black writers eng 282/hum 282 international film studies hum 121 peace studies hum 135 introduction to native american literature hum 140 introduction to latino literature hum 150 introduction to african literature hum 160 introduction to holocaust literature and film hum 202 survey of appalachian studies i hum 203 survey of appalachian studies ii hum 204 appalachian seminar hum 230 contemporary japanese literature and culture in translation hum 250 appalachian literature survey hum 251 contemporary appalachian literature mu 101 folk and traditional music of the western continents mus 104 introduction to jazz history mus 208 world music rel101 introduction to

mup 214 mus 106 muse 222 pgy 206 socl 230 spa 151 sta 200 sta 210 sta 215 sta 291 trombone ii uk music in film morehead music for the elementary teachers morehead elementary physiology uk deviant behavior wku spanish for health professionals uk stats force in hum judg uk  intro to statistical reasoning uk intro to statistical reasoning eku statistical method uk course transitions a significant number of courses have changed prefixes and/or course numbers this does not change the ability of the courses to fulfill general education course requirements as long as courses were eligible at the time of enrollment the majority of the course changes for general education courses are available in appendices b-e math course transitions that took place fall 2004 and fall 2010 are available in appendix b biology course transitions are available in appendix c chemistry course transitions are available in appendix d art foreign language general music philosophy political science psychology