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owensboro community and technical college transfer services trac central transfer retention advising and careers 2nd floor room 206 learning resource center main campus 4800 new hartford road owensboro ky  ph 270-686-4683 transfer contact katie ballard career resource and transfer coordinator trac central lrc rm 206 4800 new hartford road owensboro ky 42303 270 686-4529 sandy carden registrar owensboro community and technical college 4800 new hartford road owensboro ky 42303 270 686-4536 866 755-6282 somerset community college transfer services transfer center somerset campus north stoner building room 102 laurel campus north building 2 room 228 transfer contact somerset campus betty nichols administrative assistant somerset community college stoner building room 102b 808 monticello street somerset ky 42501 606 451-6652 laurel campus betty nichols administrative assistant somerset community college building 2

european history french language german language human geography italian language and culture japanese language and culture latin vergil microeconomics macroeconomics music theory physics b physics c mechanics physics c electricity and magnetism psychology spanish language spanish literature statistics studio art 2-d studio art 3-d studio art – drawing us government politics us history world history 3 3 4-5 3 4-5 3 3 4-5 3 his 104 and his 105 fre 201 fre 201 and fre 202 ger 201 ger 201 and ger 202 geo 172 trn 106 trn 106 and trn 107 jpn 201 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 4-5 jpn 201 and jpn 202 6 credit hours 3 4-5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4-5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 trn 106 trn 106 and 107 eco 201 eco 202 mus 174 phy 201 and phy 203 phy 231 phy 232 psy 110 spa 201 spa 201 and 202 trn 110 humanities sta 220 art 112 art 113 art 110 pol 101 his 108 and his 109 his 101 3 credit hours 6

guide to educational credit by exam –cps/cap recommendations part i – office systems technology computer concepts– 3 credits computer information systems– 3 credits part ii – office administration business communications – 3 credits records management 3 credits part iii – management management supervision– 4 credits human resource management – 3 credits accounting – 1 credit recommended credit total 20 suggested kctcs courses ost 105 – introduction to information systems 3 ost 240 – software integration 3 ost 235 business communications 3 ost 160 records and database management 3 child development associate military school age msa after successfully completing one three credit hour iec course a student enrolled in the iec program who holds a current child development associate cda credential from the council for professional recognition will be granted credit for iec 101 iec102 and iec 190 no other

prior learning assessment portfolio students may contact any kctcs college for information regarding applications for college credit via portfolio modularized credit courses some kctcs courses are available in a modularized credit format allowing students to register for courses that are components of the full or “parent” course for example bas 212 may be taken as a three credit course or students may enroll in bas 2121 bas 2122 and bas 2123 as separate courses which are the equivalent of bas 212 the sum of the modular credit courses is equal to the full course the student transcript will display the modularized credit course in the term the student earned the credit and once all components of the full course are earned the full course will appear on the transcript modular credit courses are designated as a four digit number the first three digits are those of the parent course the last digit is the number of the modular credit segment component e.g xxx 2021 xxx 2022 xxx

course number and hours of credit 3 semester or session and year of enrollment 4 signature of the instructor 5 a brief statement of the reasons for recording the incomplete grade and 6 an adequate guide for removal of the incomplete grade in the instructor’s absence the division chairperson or designee shall forward to the college president or designee the appropriate letter grade to replace the incomplete grade w represents a withdrawal from class without completing course requirements a student may officially withdraw from any class up to and including the date of mid-term with a w grade after the date of midterm and through the last class of the semester or session any student may officially request to withdraw from a course and receive a w which may be given at the discretion of the instructor each instructor shall state on the first or second class meeting the factors to be used in determining if a student will be allowed to withdraw during the discretionary period an

academic credentials awarded associate in arts aa and associate in science as general education core requirements aa as 2401015000 2401016000 written communications 6 credit hours 6 credit hours students who complete eng 105 must take an additional 3 credit hours of general education from any of the general education categories oral communications 3 credit hours 3 credit hours arts and humanities 6 credit hours 6 credit hours one course must be selected from humanities and one course from heritage quantitative reasoning 3 credit hours 6 credit hours natural sciences 3 credit hours 6 credit hours one science course must include a laboratory experience social and behavioral sciences 9 credit hours 6 credit hours two disciplines must be represented and different from those in the arts and humanities category quantitative reasoning or natural sciences 3 credit hours subtotal general education core 33 credit hours 33 credit hours associate in arts requirements 12 credit hours select

transitional courses courses numbered 001-099 cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements diploma a diploma program is designed to prepare students for technical employment within a one to two-year period 36-60 credit hours the total number of credit hours for the diploma must not exceed those required for a degree in the same program of study a prescribed program of technical and general education courses is designed to prepare students for a specific job title diploma programs provide preparation for a specific occupation credit toward an associate degree and continued training opportunities for certificate program graduates the diploma program contains general education courses emphasizing the skills identified in the scans secretary’s commission on achieving necessary skills report that are critical to entry-level workforce success for persons prepared at the diploma level 1 diplomas will address appropriate general education competencies 2 diploma curricula will be

other training options in addition to full-time programs kctcs colleges provide short-term training courses to meet specific labor force needs and demands contact the local college for a list of short-term training programs and schedules general education requirements competencies will be met at the level appropriate to the credential a general education core curriculum will enable kctcs colleges to graduate men and women who are intellectually flexible articulate reflective creative and prepared for continuous learning for all students this implies some understanding of the value of higher education and the world of work and career fields related to their own abilities interests and needs the general education core competencies will enable students to develop their own values pursue goals and contribute to the political moral social and cultural enrichment of society general education competencies students should prepare for twenty-first century challenges by gaining:  a knowledge

mat 175 calculus i 5 mat 184 calculus ii 4 mat 185 calculus ii 5 mat 206 mathematics for elementary and middle school teachers ii 3 mat 261 introduction to number theory 3 mat 275 calculus iii 4 mat 285 differential equations 3 sta 210 statistics a force in human judgment 3 sta 220 statistics 3 natural sciences diploma phx 150 introductory physics 3 any science course approved for the aas aa as or afa aas aa afa as ana 209 principles of human anatomy 3 ast 101 frontiers of astronomy 3 ast 155/bio 155 astrobiology 3 ast 191 the solar system 3 ast 192 stars galaxies and the universe 3 ast 195 introductory astronomy laboratory 1 bio 112 introduction to biology 3 bio 113 introduction to biology lab 1 bio 114 major discoveries in biology 3 bio 115 biology laboratory i 1 bio 116 biology ii 3 bio 117 biology laboratory ii 1 bio 118 microbes and society 3 bio 120 human ecology 3 bio 121 introduction to ecology laboratory 1 bio 122 introduction to conservation biology

other general education courses foreign languages aas aa as afa fre101 elementary french i 4 fre 102 elementary french ii 4 fre 201 intermediate french i 3 fre 202 intermediate french ii 3 ger 101 elementary german i 4 ger 102 elementary german ii 4 ger 201 intermediate german i 3 ger 202 intermediate german ii 3 jpn 101 beginning japanese i 4 jpn 102 beginning japanese ii 4 rae 150 elementary chinese i 4 rae 151 elementary chinese ii 4 sed 101 sign language i 3 sed 102 sign language ii 3 sed 203 sign language iii 3 sed 204 sign language iv 3 spa 101 elementary spanish i spoken approach 4 spa 102 elementary spanish ii spoken approach 4 spa 201 intermediate spanish i 3 spa 202 intermediate spanish ii 3 other degree and/or credential requirements cultural studies courses cultural studies is defined as a course in which the major thrust is the study of one or more non-traditional and/or underrepresented cultures that are traditionally excluded from or marginalized in

1 scoring a minimum of a 75 composite score on the digital literacy exam or 2 achieving the ic3 certification or 3 articulating credit from another institution which has demonstrated compliance with the above course criteria as identified by the registrar of the receiving college in cooperation with the digital literacy faculty of the receiving college or 4 receiving credit for an approved kctcs digital literacy course or 5 providing documentation of successful completion of other certification exams as approved by kctcs documentation of digital literacy will be placed on the student’s transcript students may choose to take the standardized computer exam to demonstrate computer competency students who score a passing score on the exam will have met the requirements of digital literacy and documentation will be placed on the student’s transcript lower division university courses ldu the courses listed below are offered by kctcs colleges through agreements with the