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admission applying for admission a student enrolling at a kctcs college for the first time must submit an application for admission students who are re-entering a kctcs college after being out for one or more semesters should contact the college admissions office to confirm the process for readmission students may be admitted to a kctcs college as freshmen as students with transfer credit from other institutions as visiting students or as non-degree students kctcs colleges admit students who have graduated from high school who have earned a high school general equivalency diploma ged who are eligible to pursue a ged or who are dually enrolled in high school and the college admission and registration procedures • prospective students should contact the admission office of the college they wish to attend and request an admission application or visit the college’s website to complete an online application • the full and proper name of the student and kctcs student id

readmission after two or more years academic bankruptcy a student who has been readmitted after having remained out of a kctcs college for a period of two or more years and who has completed at least 12 credit hours in college-level courses with a grade point average of 2.0 or better after readmission may choose to have his/her previous kctcs course work removed from the computation of the grade point average this procedure is commonly called “academic bankruptcy.” a student who declares academic bankruptcy will continue to receive credit for those courses in which a grade of a b c d or p was earned prior to readmission without including those grades in the gpa computation a student who has completed a credential and re-enrolls may not apply the academic bankruptcy rule to courses taken for the credential already completed previous college work an applicant who has previously attended an accredited college or university which awards degrees at the associate level or higher

mathematics assessment and course placement act sat 27 or higher 610 or higher 22 or higher 510 or higher 19-21 460 or higher compass algebra domain 83-99 50-99 36-49 31-35 25-35 16-30 asset na el alg 4655 int alg 43-55 el alg 4145 int alg 39-42 el alg 3940 int alg 36-38 el alg 3440 int alg 33-38 el alg 2738 int alg 26-35 kyote3 kctcs courses na mat 170 mat 175 or any course listed below ca 14 or higher mat 150 or any course listed below ca 7-13 and mp 27 or higher mat 150 with mat 100 or supplemental instruction1 mat 146 mat 105 mat 110 mat 116 mat 126 or any course listed below ca 7-13 or mp 21-or higher intermediate algebra or any course numbered mat 105 through mat 1262 with supplemental instruction4 or any course listed below ca 5-13 all courses numbered mat 105 through mat 1162 with supplemental instruction4 or any course listed below mt 055 mp 0-11 mt 065 ca 0-6 or mp 12-20 mat 065 provided that if there is a concurrent pre-algebra score it is between 42-99 or any course

reading assessment and course placement act 20 or higher sat 470 critical reading compass compass 85-100 asset asset 44-55 kyote 20 or higher kctcs courses no reading required compass 83-84 asset 43 entry-level courses with concurrent enrollment in cms 185 or supplemental instruction1 2 compass 70-82 asset 38 42 rdg 0302 or dre 030 2 compass 49-69 asset 32-37 rdg 020 compass 48 and below no score available refer to adult basic education for reading admission act supplemental instruction such as extra class sessions additional labs tutoring and increased monitoring of students beyond that usually associated with an entry-level course to be developed and provided at the college 1 2 after the completion of this option students can move to entry level courses without additional supplemental instruction note:transfer students with 12 or more credit hours at the 100 level or above in general education courses with a 2.0 gpa are exempt from reading placement requirements english assessment