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act 196 3 payroll accounting course id:000007 introduces the design and implementation of modern payroll systems lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture attributes course also offered in modules act 277 3 managerial accounting topics course id:000008 the study of the uses of accounting information in managerial planning and control of organizations prerequisite acc 202 lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture act 279 3 course id:000010 computerized accounting systems accounting concepts and principles are applied using computerized accounting systems lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours prerequisite acc 201 or act 101 and act 102 or concurrent enrollment in act 102 computer literacy 3 credit hours components lecture act 281 3 individual taxation course id:000013 the study of the theory and applications of federal and individual income taxes will be emphasized lecture 3 hours prerequisite one semester of college accounting or consent of instructor components

bas 2742 0.6 course id:005151 bringing employees into the organization identifies the operational requirements of the employee intake function including hr planning job analysis employee recruitment and employee selection prerequisite bas 2741 or consent of instructor lecture 0.6 credits 9 contact hours components lecture bas 2743 0.6 course id:005152 developing and evaluating employees examines training and development methods career planning tools and performance appraisal methods and techniques prerequisite bas 2742 or consent of instructor lecture 0.6 credits 9 contact hours components lecture bas 2744 0.6 compensating employees course id:005153 identifies compensation design pay for performance systems benefits and employee services pre-requisites bas 2743 or consent of instructor lecture 0.6 credits 9 contact hours components lecture bas 2745 0.6 employee relations course id:005154 recognizes occupational safety and health adherence collective bargaining issues and

clt 275 1 clinical experience course id:006831 familiarizes the student with the clinical laboratory environment as it relates to phlebotomy and front office responsibilities this would include blood collection procedures handling and answering internal phone calls communication with and registration of patients insurance filing and data entry pre-requisite admission into the clt program or permission of the clt program director or coordinator clinical 1.0 credit 30 contact hours components clinical clt 280 4 5 practicum i course id:004253 practicum i is designed to develop performance skills and professional attitudes in the student in assigned areas of the clinical laboratory utilizing and depending upon external institutions to insure adequate clinical education and training the clt program director will provide a prescribed schedule of rotations for each student prerequisite clt 101 or admission into clt program or permission by clt program director/coordinator lecture 0 hours

eet 275 4 electrical motor controls lab course id:001430 provides practical experience in the use of control devices and their applications in industry today safety and electrical lockouts are included provides hands-on experience in advanced studies in electrical controls used in industry including three-phase motor control and variable speed control using solid state devices and programmable controls prerequisite [engt 111 and engt 113 and engt 115 and engt 117 with a minimum grade of c or consent of electrical technology program advisors corequisite eet 274 laboratory 4 credits 120 contact hours components laboratory eet 276 2 course id:001431 programmable logic controllers underlying principles and applications of programmable logic controllers including installation logic fundamentals and numbering systems basic programming of inputs outputs timers and counters comparators basic data manipulation and safety circuits of industrial plcs prerequisite engt 110 and engt 114 and eet

course id:003958 this intensive training course was developed in response to the tragic deaths of many firefighters across the nation in the past several years many of those who perished did so because they could not get out of the fire building or area where they were working we train our firefighters in confined space hazardous materials infectious disease control and incident command but until now there was no training course that taught our firefighters how to save their own lives the firefighter survival and rescue courses are designed to fill this void by reviewing conditions and situations which may pose a risk to firefighters and by teaching firefighters how to help themselves in emergency conditions prerequisite frs 1024 or consent of instructor lecture 1.1 credits 16 contact hours components lecture frs 2053 3.4 course id:003933 hazardous materials technician provides the required training for federal occupational safety and health administration osha kentucky occupations

course id:005615 examines principles of radiation protection and measurement as well as basic radiation biology principles particularly the effects of various radiation levels on living organisms prerequisite img 214 and img 216 and img 219 lecture 2.0 credits 30 contact hours components lecture systems operations prerequisite img 201 or img 216 or consent of instructor defined by enrollment in an accredited nuclear medicine program or enrollment in second year of an accredited radiography program or arrt registry or nmtcb registry lecture 3.0 credits 45 contact hours components lecture img 260 3 course id:005332 computed tomography imaging procedures img 226 1 radiographic pathology course id:005616 examines concepts related to disease and etiology with emphasis on radiographic indicators of disease and their impact on exposure factor selection prerequisite img 214 and img 216 and img 219 lecture 1.0 credit 15 contact hours components lecture examines the procedures positioning

msy 291 1-3 masonry applications course id:001670 msy 298 3 practicum ii course id:001671 provides students with additional opportunity to refine skills lab 1.0 – 3.0 credits 45-135 contact hours components laboratory provides additional supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives students participating in the practicum do not receive compensation prerequisite consent of instructor practicum 3.0 credits 90 contact hours components practicum msy 299 3 cooperative education ii course id:001672 provides additional supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives students participating in the co-op education program receive compensation for their work prerequisite consent of instructor co-op 3.0 credits 90 contact hours components co-op mat mathematics mat 055 3 pre-algebra course id:004555 includes operations on whole numbers integers decimals and fractions introduces exponents square

nip nursing integrated program nip 102 3 introduction of pharmacology course id:006847 introduces dosage calculations and medication administration of commonly used medications includes an overview of common drug classifications drugs and their effects emphasizes nursing responsibility accountability and application of nursing process to drug therapy pre-requisite admission to the integrated nursing program successful completion of a medicaid nurse aide equivalent course and proof of active status on the medicaid nurse aide registry completion with a grade of “c” or better of bio135 psy110 com181 eng101 and cis100 or equivalent students must have basic life support certification current liability insurance coverage and current immunizations for the duration of the course pre-requisite or co-requisite ahs100 nip116 lecture 3.0 credits 45 contact hours components lecture nip 116 10 fundamentals of nursing course id:006838 focuses on basic nursing concepts that the beginning

ost 208 3 course id:004507 instructor consent required introduction to hospital coding ost 225 3 course id:003776 introduction to desktop publishing introduces the basics of hospital icd-9 cpt and hcpcs coding conventions and provides the foundation needed for entry-level diagnosiss and procedural code assignments prerequisite consent of instructor lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture uses desktop publishing software to design and produce high resolution publications such as flyers brochures business forms and newsletters introduces basic design techniques type and graphics layout and related terminology prerequisite computer literacy course and ost 110 lecture 3 credits 45 contact hours components lecture ost 210 3 course id:003773 advanced word processing application ost 227 3 medical office software students learn to use advanced features of a current word processing software to format and produce documents utilized in an office lecture 3 hrs laboratory 0

rct 298 2 practicum ii course id:004481 the advanced internship will provide students with experience in the work-related environment of realtime judicial reporting students are placed in courtroom and or freelance office settings a 40-page salable transcript of verbatim testimony must be turned in for at least 50 hours of direction under a practicing court reporter of which a minimum of 40 hours shall be spent in actual writing time records must be maintained to verify the internship experience including a internship verification form b narrative report and c transcript of internship experience the student will complete the specific graduation requirements outlined in ncra general requirements and minimum standards for the following tests 225 word per minute testimony two-voice 200 words per minute jury charge and 180 words per minute literary the student shall complete at least 40 verified hours of actual writing time during internship and give a presentation to an organization or

course id:004443 provides on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives students participating in the practicum do not receive compensation laboratory 1-6 credits 30-180 contact hours/30:1 ratio prerequisite consent of instructor components practicum wld 299 1 6 course id:004598 instructor consent required cooperative education program provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives prerequisite consent of instructor components co-op wmt wood manufacturing technology wmt 110 2 course id:002176 technical drawing and blueprint reading fundamentals of multiview and pictorial drafting techniques and reading and interpreting architectural furniture and cabinet drawings are the focus of this course students will apply blueprint reading skills by preparing materials and cutting lists for actual jobs components lecture wmt 120 4 wood product manufacturing course id:002177 fundamentals of wood