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hi-fi component system superlativeconvenienceandquality enjoy the best of both worlds experience the best in hi-fi sound and the convenience of easy external media compatibility plus superb dvd music/movie entertainment as well as seamless connection and playback of digital audio files all yours to enjoy with the outstanding new k-series line-up from kenwood 4

compact hi-fi component system k-series k-821dv compact hi-fi component system k-series k-821dv whether you enjoy watching your favourite dvds or listening to the array of cool sounds stored on ipods the k-series k-821dv is designed for true satisfaction the k-821dv is a 2.0ch home theatre system with a fully digital high-power amplifier offering 40w per channel output it is equipped with a divx certified dvd player and comes with an integrated digital connection dock for superior reproduction of ipod music what s even more exciting is that the system also features coneq acoustic-power equalizing technology dts surround sensation creates virtual surround sound for dvds the k-821dv can down-mix audio signals for 5.1ch dvd-video to 2 channels using the dts surround sensation to fully enhance audio effects providing a simulated 3d multichannel surround sound from any stereo speaker system as a result the reproduced audio is as dynamic as a conventional theatre system with excellent

acoustic sound system k-series k-1000 at kenwood there are a number of sound quality meisters who produce our audio equipment naturally they all have a great love for pure and genuine audio reproduction so it was decided that the k-series k-1000 would go fully digital to guarantee the ultimate in high fidelity the result was clear and true sound that transcends existing conceptions of compact component systems clear a mode ensures clearer sound even at low volume listening to your favourite tunes at low volume settings because people around you have turned in for the night can cause the music to lose some of its presence and details but the clear a mode solves this problem easily just switching the mode on reduces the output to 10w per channel and creates 0.5db per increment volume settings allowing you to make very precise adjustments even at low volume and for times when there is no need to worry about other features l r-k1000-s receiver with 2 x 50w output l faithful to the

compact hi-fi system k-series k-323 simple is best to capture the pure essence of sound the first thing you ll notice about the k-323 compact hi-fi system is its attractive yet simplified design uniquely boxy in appearance the k-323 is nonetheless perfectly sized to fit in beautifully with any kind of interior but audio performance is where user satisfaction takes on new meaning as the sounds reproduced are quite frankly impressive 10

digital amplifier speaker system prodino core-a55 small and efficiently designed the corea55 will delight you with its versatility various music sources from usb to sd as well as optical digital to pcs can be linked and so much more an assortment of connectors including pc the prodino features an array of digital and analogue connectors such as an sd card slot usb optical digital pc digital audio player and aux terminals connection to ipods easy to use the prodino is equipped with a multifunctional controller that is extremely easy to use as it features illumination that changes colours according to the operation mode being used is also made easy with the optional ipod dock pad-ip7 other features l effective output power 10w x 2 l sound modes d-bass 1 d-bass 2 realistic movie vocal live night sound mode off l straight mode l 4mm thick hairline finish aluminium on the upper/lower panels satin finish on the side panels l full-digital headphone amplifier l input level adjustment l

compact hi-fi component system c-series never compromise get more out of life some people believe they shouldn t compromise on the important things in life such as where they live what they wear and how they spend their leisure time if this is you then you ll just love the c-series ingeniously compact yet delivering impressive performance the c-series micro systems are tailored for audiophiles who know exactly what they want and demand only the best 14

compact hi-fi component system m-series compact hi-fi component system m-707i-b the unique m-707i is standard supplied with ipod dock to allow the playback and control of ipod 3g and higher models also capable of reproducing mp3 wma compressed files and powerful enough to output 45w per channel simply put your ipod on the dock to play and control it hook up an ipod to the dock to playback music or video and control directly from the remote while connected your ipod is automatically recharged supported ipod versions include ipod 4g photo 5g video 6g classic ipod nano 1/2/3 ipod touch and ipod mini other features l rxd-m707 cd receiver l power output 2 x 45w l 5-preset equalizer x-bass l usb host recording compact hi-fi component system from cd to usb/playback from usb devices l auto-reverse full logic mechanism deck l ls-m707 speaker system l terminals out composite for ipod video m-707i-s compact hi-fi component system m-909dv divx and xvid ready dvd component system with a

av control centre far more thrills and excitement the easy way move light-years ahead in home cinema entertainment as kenwood s av control centre avcc models can easily and quickly connect and control external devices connect kenwood avcc with blu-ray tm and hdtv through hdmi allows multi-channel or hd audio enjoyment 18 www.kenwood.com note speaker system shown here and on the front cover may not be available in certain

av control centre with 7-ch amplifier krf-v9300d v8300d av control centre with 7-ch amplifier krf-v9300d an hdmi repeater hd audio decoder with 7-channel amp dolby virtual speaker and headphone set-up sd to full hd up-scaler composite to hdmi converter plus kenwood proprietary pure audio mode 2 and ipod control capability is there really anything else you need converting the original source to enhance both sound and picture the krf-v9300d converts video signal at a higher resolution of up to hd1080p with video up-scaler sound matches just right with the connected speakers the dolby virtual speaker/dolby headphone simulates 5.1-ch surround sound from the two front speakers while 7-ch full surround sound is enabled with full speaker configurations other features l hdmi repeater 2 in 1 out l hd audio decode with 7ch amplifier l analogue video convert composite hdmi l 32bit floating point dsp l pure audio mode 2 and new linear trait l straight decode mode l ipod control l auto room eq

av control centre krf-v6400d krf-v5450d av control centre with 6-ch amplifier krf-v6400d the krf-v6400d is a blu-raytm compatible 6-channel avcc with hdmi repeater ready to deliver the ultimate in home theatre entertainment what s more easy set-up function for setting up speakers is a mere two steps away just choose a suitable room and set the listening position on the remote controller hdmi repeater for high quality sound to ensure maximum enjoyment from high-definition av sources the krf-v6400d features an hdmi repeater that splits av signals from the hdmi cable to enhance sound quality the video signal is sent directly to the monitor via the hdmi cable whereas the sound is further improved with dsp other features l hdmi repeater 2 in 1 out l 6-ch amplifier l pure audio mode l straight decode mode l easy set-up 2-step speaker set-up via remote control l dolby digital ex 6.1-ch decoding and dolby pro logic iix l dts surround and dts 96/24 l dts-es 6.1-ch decoding l multi-channel

notes l information contained in this catalogue is subject to change without notice l screen pictures in the catalogue are simulated l ipods sd cards cds or any other accessories shown in this catalogue are not supplied and must be purchased separately l apple ipod and iphone are trademarks of apple inc registered in the u.s and other countries made for ipod means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to ipod and has been certified by the developer to meet apple performance standards apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards l the sd and sdhc logos are trademarks of the sd card association l dolby and the double-d symbol are registered trademarks of dolby laboratories l dts the dts logo and symbol are either registered trademarks or trademarks of digital theater systems inc l divx® divx® certified and associated logos are trademarks of divx inc and are used under license l hdmi