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the sound of the wind the subtle variations in the sound of the wind tell us a great deal about the weather they also affect our mood from gentle breeze to storm they evoke very different emotions actually they are a primitive form of music cd receiver

r-k1 the fascination of the original to keep the musical signals as clear as possible and transmit them to the loudspeakers the mechanical components are kept separate as far as possible from the electronics the effects of any interference are thus minimised furthermore all components are carefully selected for their effect on sound quality to achieve as clear a sound reproduction as possible cd

cd receiver a little technology symmetrical design of the circuits the completely symmetrical circuits ensure that the digital/analogue converter can transmit analogue signals to the amplifier without any loss of quality the use of differential circuits also suppresses external interference more effectively than any other system electronic volume control the volume is controlled by two separate controls for left and right by wolfson wm8816 by utilising negative feedback the traditional problems with r-k1 block diagram supreme ex channel separation are completely avoided and a high signal-to-noise ratio is achieved cd-direct source direct both serve to keep the path that the signal has to travel as short and clean as possible this is why the sound control is kept out of the signal path this is available for cd players and also for other sources supreme ex during the production of a cd all signals above 20 khz are cut off `supreme ex is a technology with which the higher harmonic

r-k1 amplifier of superb quality independent power supply three-step differential discrete circuits see the block diagram on page 8 for the pre and power amplifiers by which reciprocal influences are prevented and each step of the amplifier is stably powered super c4 circuit completely separate and independent first amplifier step to counteract the effects of the power supply and the mains makes the application of differential amplifiers possible totally eliminates every type of noise new linear trait the emitter resistance that is usually built into the final transistor is separately set here the reaction speed of the final step consequently increases and the reproduction of low frequencies improves there are two new linear trait units on each side left and right large toroidal power transformer the application of a toroidal or ring-shaped transformer decreases the stray field magnetic flux the conversion is also efficient because the win-dings are much more secure ultimately this

cd receiver cd mechanism internal completely separate cd mechanism as far as the cd player is concerned the operating system the electronics and the earth are completely separated from the amplifier unit thereby avoiding interference for the transmission of dynamic control signals and digital music signals use is made of `optocouplers optical digital links the mechanical part is insulated from the earth potential consequently the audio circuits are completely noise-free completely insulated mechanics in order to `read the cds as accurately as possible the mechanism is located in an exclusive separate housing this also contributes towards the prevention of malfunctions due to electromagnetic interference sound quality ­ functions and properties sound control ­ balance separate sound controls for high and low left and right plus a balance control linked to the `advanced volume volume control retains the full sound quality these adjustments are operated very practically via the

e vena wat e r fa l l s ta r t s with a drop also any sound starts with silence powerful waterfalls are formed by a concentration of spring water and drops of water trickling through the leaves with our elaborate signal integration the reproduction of this magnificent sound makes you feel as if you are actually there at the source itself speaker system

ls-k1 loudspeaker system ls-k1 the unparalleled reproduction of a three-way system from the most subtle nuance to the greatest climax a perfectly clear sound speaker

speaker system separate compartments woofer newly developed with a cone of cross-carbon s-shaped edges for better reproduction of the input signal voice coil with square wire for optimal magnetic flux loudspeaker chassis moulded aluminium chassis to which the heavy magnet is mounted also conducts away heat tweeters voice coil wound with square wire coil body made from light materials to counteract deformation due to heat slim construction thanks to the acoustic materials and the magnetic fluid super tweeters newly developed super tweeters with an ultra-broad frequency range and subtle reproduction of all sounds from all instruments new ultra-light dome with builtin voice coil for a direct and subtle sound separate compartments for super tweeter and tweeter structurally separated by a partition more than 30 mm thick which keeps the vibrations and pressure of the woofer away from the super tweeter and the tweeter thus protecting the subtle sounds at higher frequencies front plate 30 mm

esule cd receiver amplifier nominal power peak power r-k1 2 x 38 w 20 hz ­ 20 khz 0,07 6 ohms 2 x 45 w 20 hz ­ 20 khz 0,07 4 ohms 2 x 55 w jeita 6 ohms 2 x 70 w jeita 4 ohms 0,015 20 hz ­ 20 khz 10 w 6 ohms 0,003 1 khz 10 w 6 ohms 105 db aux tape md d.audio 95 db phono 520 mv/100 kohms aux md/tape 520 mv/200 kohms md/tape rec 1 hz ­ 40 khz speaker system ls-k1 jeita 6 ohms 40 w max peak power 80 w 12 cm 2,5 cm soft dome 2 cm hard dome 85 db 45 hz ­ 40 khz 3 khz 20 khz 180 x 330 x 275 mm 5,7 kg each 2 loudspeaker cables 2 m 8 feet cleaning cloth specifications total harmonic distortion signal-to-noise ratio input sensitivity/impedance output level/impedance digital section supreme ex cd digital input 1 2 reproduction frequency cd section frequency range dynamic range playable discs tuner section fm reception range mw reception range power power consumption power consumption in stand by dimensions wxhxd weight accessoiries threeway loudspeaker system bass-reflex magnetic

faithful to the original sound source in audio manufacturing an interaction between scientific technology and performance leads to the elimination of distortion and signal interference is reduced till the utmost limit for musical performance we have devoted ourselves to produce the purest sound possible this esule is the result of our efforts please listen to the sound of voices and instruments you have never been able to hear so pure before soundmeister mitsuo

kenwood has always connected with people through sound now we want to expand the world of sound in ways that only kenwood can listening to our customers and to the pulse of the coming age as we head toward a future of shared discovery inspiration and enjoyment all brand names and product names are trademarks or trade names of their respective holders