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Catalogue: Kenwood Communications Division HF / All - Mode Transceivers
Catalog: HF / All - Mode Transceivers
Company/Brand: Kenwood Communications Division

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Kenwood Communications Division Contact Information

Kenwood USA Corporation
Communications Sector
3970 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

By Phone/Fax:
Land Mobile & Business Radio Divisions
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 474-4730

Systems Division
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 957-1880

Amateur Radio
Phone: (310) 639-4200, Option 4, Option 1
Fax: (310) 761-8290

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1 12 x 6 11 x 4 x 4 12 x 30 x 8 13 x 24 x 6 144 mhz 144 mhz fm transceiver 17 x 12 x 6 174 mhz 220 mhz all mode 220 mhz dual band 220 mhz transceiver 220 mhz transceivers 24 x 12 x 12 28 30 mhz 28 x 7 x 8 28 x 8 x 10 28 x 8 x 20 28 x 8 x 7 430 450 mhz 440 mhz all mode 450 mhz 450 mhz transceiver 5 x 10 x 10 6 m transceiver 7 in 1 9 c 3 1 c 3 9 c 3 4 c d 9 c 3 g j e g 3 j 5 h j 1 3 c 3 a c i m o all band receiver amateur band receiver d 5 h 1 d f d p o d s 2 0 9 t t r e dual band receiver e 4 d a d 4 e t c fm call channel hf transceiver hf transceivers j j 3 j h c h e kenwood 2 m kenwood dual band kenwood ts 870 kenwood ts 870s l b s c m m p o r n r u g e r h a m m e r t r w ts 870s used kenwood ts 870s v 2 r x 1 x band receiver

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2 TS-870S 160m to 10m amateur band operation, 100kHz to 30MHz general coverage receiver IF-stage DSP (Digital Signal Processing) DSP filters noise reduction Windows control software supplied Built-in K1 LogiKey Built-in automatic antenna tuner Programmable function keys H F / A L L - M O D E T R A N S C E I V E R S TS-870S Transmitter Frequency Range* 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meter amateur bands Receiver Frequency Range 100 kHz 30 MHz Mode J3E (SSB), A1A (CW), F1D (FSK), F3E (FM), A3E (AM) Output Power (without antenna tuner) SSB/CW/FM/FSK: 100 W, AM: 25 W Selectivity SSB: 2.3 kHz (-6 dB), 3.3 kHz (-60 dB) CW: 200 Hz (-6 dB), 450 Hz (-60 dB) FSK: 500 Hz (-6 dB), 1.0 kHz (-60 dB) AM: 9 kHz (-6 dB), 12 kHz (-60 dB) FM: 14 kHz (-6 dB), 18 kHz (-60 dB) Sensitivity [at 10 dB (S/N)] (0 dBu 1 mV) SSB/CW/FSK: Less than 1 mV (100 500 kHz), 4 mV (500 kHz 1.705 MHz), 0.2 mV (1.705 24.5 MHz), 0.13 mV (24.5 28 MHz), 0.1

3 VC-H1 Portable SSTV unit 1/4- inch, 270,000-pixel CCD camera 360-degree rotatable and detachable camera head 1.8-inch TFT color LCD monitor Up to 10-picture memory Built-in microphone and speaker Connect to a Kenwood handheld, mobile or HF transceiver with an optional cable Computer connectivity with an optional connection kit (KCT-24S) Power supply: AA alkaline batteries (4) VC-H1 Terminals Data I/O (for transceiver), Video in, Video out, COM (for computer), DC IN (6.0V) CCD camera 1/4" CCD (270,000 pixels), Resolution: 512 x 492 pixels f 4.6m/m, Focus: 50 cm (19.7" ), Aperture: auto, White balance: auto Monitor 1.8" TFT color LCD Dimensions, projections not included (W x H x D) 62 x 160 x 30 mm (2.4 x 6.3 x 1.2 inch) TS-570S ( G ) 160m to 10m plus 6m amateur band operation, 500kHz to 30MHz plus 50 to 54MHz general coverage receiver 100-watt output on all bands (SSB/CW/FM/FSK) 16-bit AF-stage DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Digital filtering with 3 ne

4 TM-742A ( D ) 144MHz/440MHz dual-band operation Four band options to choose for tri-band operation: UT-28S, 28MHz, 50W; UT-50S, 50MHz, 50W; UT-220S, 220MHz, 25W; and UT-1200, 1.2GHz, 10W Dual/triple receive Microphone with large backlit keys 101 memory channels per band Detachable display and control panels (opt.) F M M O B I L E T R A N S C E I V E R S TM-V7A 144MHz/440MHz dual-band operation Dual receive on same band Large, cool-blue reversible LCD Quick-release detachable front panel display 5-in-1 programmable memory 280 multi-function memory channels 147-channel visual scan with pause DTSS selective calling with page CTCSS encoder/decoder 1200/9600bps packet terminal Microphone with large backlit keys PC programmable TM-642A ( D ) 144MHz/220MHz dual-band operation Four band options to choose for tri-band operation: UT-28S, 28MHz, 50W; UT-50S, 50MHz, 50W; UT-440S, 440MHz, 35 W; and UT-1200, 1.2GHz, 10W Dual/triple receive Microp

5 TM-331A 220MHz single-band operation 20 memory channels with multi-scan functions Auto repeater offset 1.6MHz) Multi-function microphone supplied TM-261A 144MHz single-band operation 62 multi-function memory channels with split channel memory Meets MIL-STD for vibration and shock Memory Name function with 6 digits Alphanumeric Display Menu system Selectable CTCSS tone encoder Microphone with large backlit keys Wireless cloning function TM-G707A 144MHz/440MHz dual-band operation Wide band receive Highvisibility amber LCD showing up to 7 large alphanumeric characters Easy Operation mode Quick-release detachable front panel display 5-in-1 programmable memory 180 multi-function memory channels Memory Name function CTCSS encoder/decoder 1200/9600bps packet terminal Microphone with large backlit keys PC programmable Excellent intermodulation rejection TM-541A 1200MHz single-band operation 10W RF power output Easy-toread, easy-to-operate illuminated keys plus large LCD Mic

14 channels 38 talk groups (CTCSS) CORDS (Communication Range Detection System) Privacy Talk Auto Channel Select Large display with icons Push-button ease-ofoperation Available in Platinum, Yellow, Black Dimensions, projections not included (W x H x D): 2-1/4 x 4-1/8 x 1.0 in. 6 F M H A N D H E L D T R A N S C E I V E R S TH-D7A(G2.0) 144/440MHz dual-band opera-tion DATA COMMU- NICATOR; built-in 1200/ 9600bps TNC, APRS operation, VC-H1 control Kenwood Sky Command System (KSS) II for remote control of a TS-570S/ D(G) or TS-870S TM742A(D)/ TM-V7A DTMF remote control Dual receive on same band V V (VHF only) for both voice and data* Compati-ble with NMEA-0183 ver. 3.0 Large dot-matrix LCD (12 digits x 3 lines), multi-scroll key, menu mode 200 memory channels with 8-character memory name input Backlit keys Built-in CTCSS DTMF memory (10 ch. up to 16 digits) MIL-STD 810C/ D/E water resistance High-gain dual band antenna * Not app

7 Optional Accessories HF Transceivers FM Mobile Transceivers *1 Needs plug-adaptor *2 Works with IF-232C *3 When using AT-50 *4 Of equivalent quality *5 Height does not match *6 Service center installation only. Contact an authorized dealer for details. *7 Built-in for TS-2000X *8 Built-in Digital IF Filter, TS-870S model does not require IF filter options 0 0 0 2 - P C R A l o r t n o C o i d a R m a r g o r P 0 5 - T A c i t a m o t u A r e n u T a n n e t n A A 3 - U R D g n i d r o c e R l a t i g i D t i n U 5 - S H e x u l e D s e n o h p d a e H 6 - S H l l a m S s e n o h p d a e H D 0 1 - F I t i n U e c a f r e t n I 5 1 - S P K g n i h c t i w S C D y l p p u S r e w o P A 0 3 - F L r e t l i F s s a P w o L B 0 3 4 - B M t n u o M e l i b o M S 3 4 - C M e n

Optional Accessories FM Handheld Transceivers Not all accessories may be available, please contact dealers for details. The equipment meets or exceeds published specifications. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to advances in technology. KENWOOD reserves the right to add or delete models or products without notice to maintain its competitive position in the market. Products included in this catalog are products that were a part of KENWOODs product line as of the date of this printing. 9 - T B e s a C y r e t t a B 1 1 - T B e s a C y r e t t a B 3 - C M E e n o h p o r c i M p i l C h t i w e n o h p r a E 3 - C M H t e s d a e H h t i w T T P / X O V A 8 - C S K r e g r a h C t c a p m o C 4 1 - C S K r e g r a h C d i p a R 9 1 - C B r e g r a h C d i p a R 2 3 - B P d r a d n a t S k c a P y r


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