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nexedge® multiple solutions one

nexedge® delivering digital extending analog advanced features extended coverage strong security and 12.5 6.25 khz compatibility are just some of the benefits of adopting next-generation nexedge® for advanced digital communications in addition nexedge® is designed for self-paced migration and upgrades by offering continued service to analog fleets as long as needed and software-driven upgrades for adding advanced digital system configurations and operations index t advantages 4 t technologies operating modes 6 t products accessories 8 t case studies

advantages stacking up nexedge ® makes sound business sense timeless spectrum efficiency all nexedge® equipment operates in 25 12.5 khz analog and 12.5 6.25 khz nxdn digital modes ­ ® migration by design nexedge ® supports both nxdn ® digital and analog modes via common transceiver technology service to both analog and digital fleets provides a self-paced migration path that accommodates any budgetary administrative organizational or time constraints nexedge® uses existing power amps and site management equipment providing a return on existing investments and a choice of multiple suppliers for years to come nexedge ® conventional operates in 12.5 khz mixed mode so that analog and digital fleets can share the same channel nexedge® digital trunked traffic channels can be shared with analog conventional analog trunked or both types of traffic satisfying spectrum requirements today tomorrow operationally fit nexedge® systems are configurable in traditional conventional

advantages secure privacy nexedge s nxdn® digital signal offers inherent security against casual electronic eavesdropping versus easily intercepted analog radio the built-in nxdn® scrambling provides security and confidentiality for communications within the same system and talk group inter-site ip links are further secured through encrypted vpn tunneling the nexedge® system manager allows operators to validate/invalidate unit and group ids for system access via ip access as fleet organization changes or as temporary or seasonal users come and go each nexedge® subscriber radio has a factory embedded unchangeable unique one-of-a-kind electronic serial number esn that can be invalidated to prohibit access to unauthorized cloned lost or stolen radios while preserving the organization s unit and talk group id numbering schemes critical features for critical jobs nexedge® 65,519 id range accommodates group and individual private unit-to-unit calling for large fleets and multi-user

technologies operating modes adding up nexedge ® offers you the formidable advantages of tomorrow s technologies the nxdn® digital advantage as signal strength decreases noise and dropouts increase in analog systems thus degrading intelligibility nxdn® signal reduces noise and detects and corrects digital errors before being heard by the user thus increasing the effective range beyond that of analog systems nexedge® systems support the following nxdn® digital modes t nxdn® conventional t nexedge® conventional ip networks t nxdn® trunked t nexedge® multi-site ip networks nxr-700/800 nxr-710/810 nxr-700/800 in addition nexedge® equipment supports analog modes nxdn® conventional mode nexedge® base units include a 16-ran radio access number capacity conventional repeater controller for 16 user group site sharing the 65,519 each group id and unit id capacity adds group and individual selective calling capability beyond conventional analog also mixed mode operation allows

technologies operating modes nexedge® conventional ip networks nexedge® conventional ip links up to 16 or 48 digital conventional repeaters into one system for wide area coverage or coverage fill-in extensions as users roam throughout the network the subscriber units use the beacon signals and to chose the best repeater for communications version 2.00 or later and certain routing type required [16 unicast 48 multicast for maximum no of repeaters per network ip connections wide area calling nxdn® trunked mode nexedge® trunked mode provides increased capacity enhanced call capabilities improved security and faster communications with less required user operation than conventional systems the system automatically assigns channels for faster efficient use of spectrum allowing users to concentrate on the job at hand the 3,000 each unit id and group id per-site capacity provides ample unit and fleet organization capabilities group and individual calls enjoy complete privacy as other

ready to deploy products high-performance nexedge ® hardware nx-200/300 vhf/uhf digital fm portable radios despite their compact lightweight design these handheld radios are fully equipped for both digital and analog operating modes the clear backlit display and ergonomic layout of the controls enhance operating ease while the rugged mil-std construction ensures all-weather reliability 8 nx-210 vhf digital fm portable radio for users desiring a larger keypad for frequent selective paging phone interconnect dispatch center signaling or remote control signaling the nx-210 offers a compact rugged platform with the same display as the nx-200 in only a slightly larger

nx-700/800 vhf/uhf digital fm mobile radios as smart in operation as they are in looks these nx-700/800 radios feature everything necessary to take full advantage of both digital and analog operating modes mobile users will appreciate the large dot-matrix lcd intuitive controls and multi-scan capabilities nxr-700/800 vhf/uhf digital fm base units the nxr-700/800 repeater base units offer full nexedge capabilities including analog and digital conventional conventional networking trunking and multi-site trunked network capabilities like other kenwood repeater families this platform offers superior transmit and receive performance in a low profile 1ru design that saves valuable site space for choice of power amplifiers power supplies site monitoring and management equipment nxr-710/810 vhf/uhf digital fm base units the nxr-710/810 repeater base units offer analog and digital conventional capabilities ideal for small and mediumsize systems but without compromising on performance

in active service case studies how nexedge® is already making a difference g8 hokkaido toyako summit for the g8 summit at toyako in hokkaido which was held in july 2008 kenwood s nexedge was chosen to ® the system had to guarantee security and confidentiality as well as clear voice quality and the perfect solution was nexedge ® during the summit the system performed flawlessly and the ministry expressed its satisfaction for its part kenwood is proud that nexedge ® could play a key role in supporting an event of such international importance provide group-call communications for japan s ministry of foreign affairs ministry officials wanted to link three sites ­ new chitose airport the international media center and the summit venue ­ while allowing radio-to-radio communications within each area the venetian las vegas hotel casino supplied by anderson communications inc opened in 1999 the venetian resort hotel casino is one of the largest luxury resorts in the world and it

case studies cn tower toronto supplied by mobile business communications ltd since 1976 toronto s cn tower ­ the tallest freestanding structure in north america ­ has played a key role in the city s telecommunications infrastructure and it also offers visitors a superb view from its two observation decks a building of this unusual nature poses some special challenges for the people who work there ­ and that goes for their radio system too according to kerry adams president of mbc ­ the toronto dealer who installed the cn tower system ­ ensuring that a solid signal propagates throughout the facility was an important factor in the selection of nexedge® ­ with its 6.25 khz capability ­ to replace the previous analog ltr® trunked system the new digital trunked system also brought them increased capacity allowing for multiple talk groups ­ not previously possible with the ltr® system ­ so employees in different departments can all be talking simultaneously yet independently

t kenwood has always connected with people through sound now we want to expand the world of sound in ways that only kenwood can listening to our customers and to the pulse of the coming age as we head toward a future of shared discovery inspiration and enjoyment fax +32 02 757 91 40 c 3970 johns creek court ste 100 suwanee ga 30024 u.s.a tel +1 678 474-4700 fax +1 678 474-4730 http p t tel +1 905 670-7211 fax +1 905 670-7248 tel +39.02.204821 fax +39.02.29516281 tel +44 0 1923 816 444 fax +44 0 1923 819 131 tel +34 93 507 5252 fax +34 03 266 0235 leuvensesteenweg 248j b-1800 vilvoorde belgium tel +32 02 757 90 60 fax +32 02 757 91 40 tel +65 6741-3336 fax +65 6741-3633 l etoile paris nord 2 50 allee des impressionnistes bp58416 villepinte 95944 roissy ch de gaulle cedex tel +33 0 825 800 109 fax +33 01 48 17 44 01