NX-210 by Kenwood Communications Division

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Contacts for Kenwood Communications Division

Kenwood USA Corporation
Communications Sector
3970 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

By Phone/Fax:
Land Mobile & Business Radio Divisions
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 474-4730

Systems Division
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 957-1880

Amateur Radio
Phone: (310) 639-4200, Option 4, Option 1
Fax: (310) 761-8290

NX-210 is listed under these categories

Consumer Electronics > Radio

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nx-210 nexedgetm vhf digital fm portable radio general features · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 5 w 136-174 mhz model 512 ch-gid 128 zones 12-key keypad model 14 character alphanumeric aliases backlit dot matrix lcd 3-digit sub-display function/status lcd icons rssi indicator date 12/24 hour time clock transmit/busy/call alert/warn led on/off volume knob 6 front pf menu keys 2 side pf keys emergency/aux key 500 mw speaker audio vox ready emergency call features emergency man-down option lone worker multi-language display programmable tx/rx indication on/off special alert tone patterns time out timer busy channel lockout lcd battery status indicator low battery alert battery saver weather-sealed acc connector mil-spec speaker mic options kmc-38gps speaker mic option kpg-111d windows® fpu flash firmware upgrading front panel test tune cloning mil-std-810 c/d/e/f mil-std driven-rain

options i knb-31a i knb-32n i knb-33l i knb-43l ni-mh battery 2500mah knb-33l i ksc-326 rapid rate six unit charger for ni-cd/ni-mh/li-ion i kmc-41m mil-std ip 54/55 speaker microphone i khs-15-bh over-the-head heavy duty headset ni-cd battery 1700mah i kvc-15 rapid rate vehicular charger adapter for ksc-32 i kmc-38gps gps speaker microphone i khs-15-oh behind-the head heavy duty headset li-ion battery 2000mah li-polymer battery 3300mah primary lithium battery 4500mah i kvc-18 d.c vehicular charger i kep-1 heavy duty earphone i vgs-1 voice guide storage unit i knb-49pl i kbp-6 i kra-22 vhf helical antenna i khs-11bl 2-wire mini lapel mic with earphone i kra-26 kbp-6 i khs-12bl 3-wire mini lapel mic with earphone i kbh-11 belt clip 2.5 alkaline battery case vhf whip antenna i ksc-32 rapid rate charger for ni-cd/ni-mh/li-ion i kra-16 vhf stubby antenna i kra-25 vhf high gain antenna i khs-14 lightweight single muff headset i klh-154k2 heavy duty leather carrying case all accessories