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optional accessories bt-13 battery case khs-21 headset without vox ptt specifications th-f6a general frequency range main a-band tx/rx 144mhz 220mhz 60mhz main a-band guaranteed range tx or rx 440mhz 438-450mhz 1 rx 0.1 1300mhz f3e f2d f3e fm f2d am j3e ssb sub b-band modulation sub reception range terminal figures band terminal terminal el dc battery terminal reception standby single band average battery save single band simultaneous reception standby dual-band dimensions w xhxd net weight approx including projections with bt-13 battery case including projections operating temperature range with supplied li-ion battery receiver circuitry intermediate frequency 1st if 2nd if sensitivity hi hi dc 144mhz 1.8a 2.0a 0.8a 0.5a 100ma 30ma 170ma 35ma dc 5.5 dc 12.0v pb-42l li-ion battery pack current emc-3 clip microphone with earphone ptt external dc 7.4v standard voltage dc 13.8v 220mhz 2.0a 2.0a 0.8a 0.5a 100ma 30ma 170ma 35ma 440mhz 2.0a 2.0a 0.8a 0.5a 100ma 30ma 170ma 35ma smc-32 speaker microphone pg-4y programming interface cable db-9 2-5/16 x 3-7/16 x 1-3/16 58 x 87 x 30mm 2-3/8 x 4-1/8 x 1-3/8 8.8oz 61 x 104 x 35mm 250g -4° 140° -14° 122° ° ° c smc-33 speaker microphone with remote control pg-3j cigar lighter cord with noise filter smc-34 speaker microphone with volume remote control pg-2w dc cable main a band double super heterodyne except for w-fm conversion sub b band sub b band w-fm fm/am/ssb 59.85mhz 57.60mhz 10.8mhz 450khz 450khz less than 0.18 v 7.08 2.24 ­ 500mhz 108mhz sub b band am approximate sub b band fm approximate mhz sub b band w-fm approximate ­ 500mhz 30mhz sub b band ssb approximate hmc-3 headset with vox ptt sc-51 soft case with swivel belt clip squelch v selectivity -6db more than 12khz -40db less 28khz low frequency output at 8 ohms 10 distortion more than 300mw at 7.4v transmitter rf output power approximate 144mhz 220mhz 440mhz dc in hi low el 2 0.5w 0.5w 5 li-ion hi low el 5 bt-13 hi low el 0.5 0.3 0.05w 0.5 0.3 0.05w 0.5 0.3 0.05w modulation reactance modulation maximum frequency deviation fm ±5khz n-fm ±2.5khz spurious radiation more than 1w/less than 0.1~1w less than ­60db ­50db ­40db less than 0.1w frequency stability ±5 ppm 10 ° ±8 60 c modulation distortion less 3 300 microphone impedance 2k 1 824 849mhz and 869 894mhz 2 3 rf output power in dc-in mode factory preset is 5w but for safety reasons when the automatically switch to 0.5w approx if temperature in the main unit increases the time for automatic switchover will vary according to ambient temperature however it should normally take approximately two to five minutes in continuous operation for continuous operation it is highly recommended that low power approx 2w be used not all accessories may be available please contact dealers for details except for sensitivity specifications are guaranteed for amateur bands only kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancement in development for this reason specifications may be changed without notice jqa-qma1205 ads#09006 printed in usa