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TH-K2AT 144MHz FM TRANCEIVER The spirit of adventure is alive and well NOAA Weather Radio reception* with audible alert Large LCD panel and backlit keys Multiple scan functions 5W RF output Tough weatherproof construction * US only TH-K2AT 144MHz FM

SOPHISTICATED DESIGN In sharp contrast to other transceivers in this class, the smart navy-blue TH-K2AT is sophisticated inside and stylish outside. PRIORITY SCAN By specifying a priority channel for scanning, you can be ready to receive on either of two different frequencies. Among the many other scan functions are VFO, MR, call, tone, CTCSS, DCS and program. 6-CHARACTER MEMORY NAMES There are up to 100 memory channels available, or 50 if you use memory names (up to 6 alphanumeric characters to identify a channel). And in addition there are 8 special function memories. WEATHER ALERT/RX (US only) In addition to reception of the NOAA Weather Radio, this transceiver can warn you with an audible alert to emergency transmissions such as storm warnings. BUILT-IN CTCSS, DCS As well as CTCSS (42 sub-audible tone frequencies) and DCS (104 codes), the TH-K2AT offers a 1750Hz tone burst. INTERNAL VOX Convenient hand-free operation is possible when used with the optional

HIGH-CAPACITY Ni-MH BATTERY Supplied as standard is the environmentally friendly PB-43N Ni-MH battery, offering higher capacity than a Ni-Cd battery. In high-power mode RF output is an impressive 5W. LARGE BACKLIT LCD The large 13-segment LCD display with backlighting ensures excellent visibility when using memory names or choosing settings. PC PROGRAMMABLE Handling multiple memory channels and memory names is easy from a PC (requires optional PG-4Y interface cable and free MCP-1A software). This is also convenient for copying settings to another transceiver. 13.8V DC-IN In addition to offering both battery-powered and 13.8V DC operation, the TH-K2AT can be used during battery-charging. Moreover, charging is faster than the previous models. BACKLIT FRONT KEYPAD Backlighting now makes key operation easy in low-light situations. HIGH-GAIN ANTENNA Shortened for easier carrying, the 4-inch antenna still offers high gain. LARGE SPEAKER, LOUD AUDIO Speaker output has

General TH-K2AT Frequency Range* TX: 144-148 MHz RX: 136-174 MHz Mode F3E (FM), F2D Antenna Impedance 50 W Operation Temperature Range -4 F +140 F (-20 C +60 C) Power Requirements (nominal) External DC 12.0-16.0 V Battery DC 6.0-9.0 V Microphone Impedance 2 k W Dimensions (W x H x D) With PB-43N (Projections not included) 2-7/16 x 4-6/16 x 1-2/16 (58 x 110 x 28.4 mm) With PB-43N (Projections included) 2-7/16 x 5 x 1-7/16 (58 x 127.7 x 35.8 mm) Weight 12.5 oz (355 g) with PB-43N, antenna, belt hook Transmitter RF Output Power (approx.) HI: DC-IN 13.8 V 5 W PB-43N 7.2 V 5 W MID: DC-IN 13.8 V 1.5 W PB-43N 7.2 V 1.5 W LO: 0.5 W Modulation Reactance modulation Maximum Frequency Deviation less than 5 kHz Modulation Distortion less than 5% (300 Hz 3 kHz) Receiver Circuitry Double Super Heterodyne Intermediate Frequency 1st IF 38.85 MHz 2nd IF 450 kHz Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) less than 0.18 V Squelch Sensitivity less than 0.13 V