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Contacts for Kenwood Communications Division

Kenwood USA Corporation
Communications Sector
3970 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

By Phone/Fax:
Land Mobile & Business Radio Divisions
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 474-4730

Systems Division
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 957-1880

Amateur Radio
Phone: (310) 639-4200, Option 4, Option 1
Fax: (310) 761-8290

Catalog TK-2300/3300

Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

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Consumer Electronics > Radio

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tk-2300/3300 compact vhf/uhf fm portable radios general features · 2 w 150-174 mhz vhf · 2 w 450-470 mhz uhf · 4 16 channel models · single priority normal scan · transmit busy call alert scan warn led · 2 pf keys · super lock manager key lock · 500 mw speaker audio · enhanced kenwood audio · companded audio · voice announcement · vox ready · voice inversion scrambler built-in · qt dqt · dtmf encode decode1 · special alert tone pattern2 · 10 call alerting tones · time out timer · busy channel lockout · low battery warning · battery saver · windows® programming tuning3 · wireless cloning · mil-std-810 c/d/e/f · ip-54/55 water dust intrusion fleetsync® · ptt id digital ani · selective call4 accessories included · knb-45l li-ion battery · ksc-35k 3-hour fast charger · kbh-10 spring action belt clip · removable

options i knb-29n ni-mh battery pack 1,500mah i kra-23 uhf low profile helical antenna i khs-7a single muff headset with in-line ptt i khs-27 d-ring in-line ptt headset i knb-45l 2,000mah/7.4v li-ion battery pack i kra-26 vhf helical antenna i khs-8bl/be 2-wire palm mic with earphone black/beige i ksc-31 fast charger for the knb-29n 3-hour i kra-27 uhf whip antenna i kmb-28 six unit charger adapter for six ksc-35k chargers chargers not included i khs-9bl/be 3-wire lapel mic with earphone black/beige i kmc-45 speaker microphone i ksc-35k fast charger for the knb-45l 3-hour i khs-22 behind-the-head headset with ptt i kmc-21 compact speaker microphone i kbh-10 belt clip i kra-16 vhf stubby antenna i khs-23 2-wire palm mic i kwr-1 water resistance bag i kep-2 earphone kit for kmc-45 2.5mm plug i kra-17 uhf stubby antenna i khs-25 d-ring ear hanger with ptt boom mic i klh-126 nylon case i kra-22 vhf low profile helical antenna i khs-7 single muff headset i khs-26 earbud in-line ptt