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Kenwood USA Corporation
Communications Sector
3970 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

By Phone/Fax:
Land Mobile & Business Radio Divisions
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 474-4730

Systems Division
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 957-1880

Amateur Radio
Phone: (310) 639-4200, Option 4, Option 1
Fax: (310) 761-8290

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Consumer Electronics > Radio

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tk-272g/372g compact synthesized fm portable radios s max 32 channel capacity s mil-std 810 c/d/e s weather-resistant seals s die-cast chassis s 8-character/13-segment lcd s qt/dqt built-in signaling s 2-tone decoder/encoder s flash memory s multi-mode wide/narrow bandwidth per channel s companded audio wide and narrow s ptt id per channel s scan with

a starring role in every situa elements of a premium radio product get a flying start with kenwood s tk-272g/372g tou versatility integrated qt dqt signaling 32-channel m and a built-in speaker mic jack are just some of the ma strength durability a clear demonstration of kenwood s high standards of design manufacturing and quality assurance is the fact that our facilities are iso-9001 certified reliability is built into every one of our products from the component level up so when it comes to choosing the communications equipment on which your business must depend you can rely on the kenwood brand vertical layered design in a fresh departure from the conventional stacked design the battery pack forms the entire back of the unit and the transceiver components form the front this approach results in a stronger chassis and a single pcb and improves the overall styling and appearance of the radio mil-std 810 c/d/e the tk-272g/372g are manufactured along kenwood s demanding technical

ation every application use-friendly interface an essential part of performance is operating ease and thanks to a sophisticated ergonomic layout with carefully arranged controls these radios are simple for anyone to use setup and maintenance are also easy ugh portables that offer top performance operating ease and memory capacity priority scan high output 500 mw speaker any features that make these radios an unbeatable investment unit cloning cloning enables duplication of radios in the field via a simple interface cable without the use of a pc or special equipment wide/narrow channel bandwidth the tk-272g/372g can be programmed for wide or narrow bandwidth operation per channel to accommodate all channel allocations now and in the future alphanumeric lcd display the 8-character display panel provides quick recognition of operating status and present settings with alphanumeric and icon characters for enhanced nighttime viewing pressing the backlight key illuminates the lcd display

options knb-14 ni-cd battery 7.2 v 600 mah kvc-3 regular rate vehicular charger adapter for ksc-15 khs-8bl 2 wire-palm mic with earphone black kra-15 uhf whip antenna knb-15a ni-cd battery 7.2 v 1100 mah kra-16 kvc-4 rapid rate vehicular charger adapter for ksc-24 khs-8be 2 wire-palm mic with earphone beige vhf stubby antenna kra-17 uhf stubby antenna knb-20n hi-mh battery 7.2 v 1600 mah kmc-17 heavy-duty speaker microphone khs-9bl 3 wire-lapel mic with earphone black klh-112 leather case kbp-1 battery case kmc-21 compact low-profile speaker microphone klh-6sw swivel case adapter ksc-15 regular rate charger for knb14/15a khs-9be 3 wire-lapel mic with earphone beige kep-2 earphone coil cord kit for kmc-17/21 kbh-8ds swivel belt loop with d-stub backplate ksc-24 rapid charger khs-1 headset with vox/ptt khs-22 behind the head headset kbh-10 spring action belt clip khs-7 kmb-16 multi-charger adapter lightweight single speaker headset kra-14 vhf helical antenna khs-7a light weight single