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Contacts for Kenwood Communications Division

Kenwood USA Corporation
Communications Sector
3970 Johns Creek Court, Ste. 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

By Phone/Fax:
Land Mobile & Business Radio Divisions
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 474-4730

Systems Division
Phone: (678) 474-4700
Fax: (678) 957-1880

Amateur Radio
Phone: (310) 639-4200, Option 4, Option 1
Fax: (310) 761-8290

Catalog TK-3173

UHF Compact Portable Radios

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Consumer Electronics > Radio

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tk-3173 compact uhf fm portable radios conventional trunked general features · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 w 450-490 mhz conventional ltr® zones 8 character alphanumeric aliases backlit lcd function status lcd icons transmit busy call alert warn led 4 front panel pf keys 3 side pf keys orange emergency aux key 500 mw audio power enhanced kenwood audio companded audio encryption ani board control easy option port 20-pin emergency call features emergency man-down option qt dqt dtmf encode decode1 special alert tone patterns2 call key3 time out timer busy channel lockout lcd battery status indicator low battery alert weather-sealed acc connector speaker mic options windows® programming tuning4 windows® firmware uploading4 field programming tuning cloning · · · · mil-std-810 c/d/e/f mil-std driven-rain ip-54/55 water dust intrusion intrinsically safe option conventional zones · · · · · · · · · ·

options knb-25a knb-26n knb-35l ni-cd battery pack 1,200mah ni-mh battery pack 2,000mah li-ion battery pack 7.4v/1950mah li-ion battery pack 7.4v/1950mah i.s battery case kra-23 uhf low profile helical antenna khs-1 head set with vox/ptt khs-8bl 2-wire palm mic with earphone black khs-22 kra-27 uhf whip antenna knb-35l head set khs-9bl 3-wire lapel mic with earphone black knb-40lc kbp-5 kmc-17 speaker microphone kvc-3 regular rate vehicular charger adapter for ksc-30 kvc-3 klh-138 kmc-21 speaker microphone kvc-4 rapid rate vehicular charger adapter for ksc-25 leather case w/swivel belt loop ksc-25 ksc-30 kbh-12 belt clip rapid charger ksc-25 kep-2 earphone cord kit for kmc-17 khs-7a lightweight single muff headset all accessories and options may not be available in all markets contact an authorized kenwood dealer for details and complete list of all accessories and options charger for knb-25a and knb-26n specifications model general tk-3173 frequency range type 1 450-490 mhz number of