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Catalog TM-D710A

Multi Communicator 144/440MHz FM Dual Bander

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tm-d710a multi communicator 144/440mhz fm dual bander with kenwood s advanced tm-d710a you can harness today s most exciting developments in radio communications including echolink® ax.25 and the latest features of

peerless pathfinder built-in 1200/9600bps terminal node controller tnc compliant with ax.25 protocol the built-in tnc is compatible with the ax.25 protocol enabling easy access to aprs functions for 1200/9600bps packet communications simply hook up the tm-d710a to your pc aprs® ready automatic packet/position reporting system cooperating with bob bruninga wb4apr who first developed aprs kenwood has developed system firmware for the tm-d710a that enables easy aprs operation without aprsdos was written by wb4apr bob bruninga requiring a pc when connected to a gps receiver this radio will display positional information including direction and distance and when hooked up to a weather observation device it aprs+sa was written by kh2z brent hildebrand can display temperature and rainfall information all of this data can be exchanged with other stations the information can also be output to a pc for map display using commercially available aprs application software

separate panel with extra-large 2-color switchable backlight lcd multifunction key display the tm-d710a has a separate control panel with an extra-large display that clearly identifies the multifunction keys for easy operation to maximize visibility the backlight color can be switched between warm amber and cool green and two different stands are supplied one for on-dash installation and the other for fixed stations kenwood sky command system ii kenwood s sky command system ii allows you to use the tm-d710a for remote access to kenwood s ts-2000/2000x/b2000 with built-in transporter functions operating as the commander your tm-d710a transmits control signals to the transporter which also relays your voice to the hf radio in return hf signals are transmitted back to the commander this system allows you to transmit and receive hf signals set frequencies with lcd confirmation switch memory channels and much more ­ all remotely you could thus enjoy hf access using the tm-d710a while

optional accessories specifications tm-d710a general frequency range band a b frequency range band a band b tx 144 148 mhz 430 450 mhz 118 524 mhz 136 524 mhz 800 1300 mhz excluding cellular band f1d f2d f3e 50 dc13.8v ±15 -20°c +60°c within ±5ppm 10°c +50°c vhf hi mid low uhf hi mid low less than 13.0a less than 5.5a less than 4.0a less than 13.0a less than 6.5a less than 5.0a less than 1.2a at 2w audio output 6.20 x 2.80 x 1.52 inch 155 x 70 x 38 mm 5.60 x 1.72 x 5.68 inch 140 x 43 x 142 mm 6.24 x 2.81 x 2.24 inch 156 x 71 x 56 mm 5.60 x 1.76 x 6.32 inch 140 x 44 x 158 mm 0.66 lbs 0.3 kg 2.64 lbs 1.2 kg mc-59 16-key hand microphone pg-2n dc-power cable pg-3b dc line noise filter rx rx pg-5a data cable pg-5f extension cable kit 4m pg-5g programming interface cable mode antenna impedance power requirement operating temperature range frequency stability current drain transmit pg-5h pc interface cable kps-15 switching dc-power supply sp-50b external speaker for echolink