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distinctive performance ts -590 s hf/50 mhz all mode

uncover the hidden the ts-590s marks a bold new chapter in kenwood s proud history of manufacturing high-performance transceivers featuring a narrow-band roofing filter the ts-590s significantly reduces interference from unwanted signals which results in excellent rx performance revealing signals that would be hidden to lesser rigs with if agc based on advanced dsp technology kenwood has essentially redefined hf performance built to satisfy the most demanding dx er this high-performance hf transceiver takes amateur radio to the next level continuing the kenwood tradition of operating ease and rugged reliability · best dynamic range in its class versus off-frequency interference · 500 hz 2.7 khz roofing filters · 32-bit floating point dsp · 100 w heavy-duty design · automatic antenna tuner · usb port for pc connectivity

superb rx performance excellent dynamic range even with powerful off-frequency interference thanks to a narrow-band roofing filter and dedicated 1st mixer this new transceiver offers the best dynamic range in its class to handle adjacent unwanted signals reciprocal mixing to measure the level of reciprocal mixing an off-channel signal is mixed with the output of a signal generator which is then varied until the unwanted signal can be detected as noise the higher the figure the less noise will be generated by adjacent interference allowing undisturbed reception powerful 500 hz 2.7 khz roofing filter on 15 20 40 80 or 160 meters the ts-590s employs down conversion for the first if 11.374 mhz having the 1st roofing filter 6 khz bw directly after the mixer enhances the noise blanker s ability to deal with adjacent off-frequency signals what really determines rx performance is the 2nd roofing filter after the post amplifier the ts-590s comes equipped with a 500 hz and 2.7 khz bw 6-pole

i if auto-notch manual notch automatic and manual notch are both implemented at the if stage by removing a powerful interfering signal with a notch filter you can capture a weak target signal with the if auto-notch notch frequency automatically tracks the beat frequency the notch filter has such sharp characteristics that it is not possible to adjust it manually manual i if auto notch notch however offers not only manual adjustment of the notch frequency but also the choice of either normal or wide attenuation to suit the type of interference being encountered extensive interference/noise removal features adjustable if filter passband by adjusting the dsp filter passband you can tailor interference removal to suit your needs this provides slope tuning in ssb/am/fm modes and bandwidth width/shift control for cw/fsk/ssb-data communications i slope tune by adjusting hi/low cut it is possible to avoid interference on one or both sides of the target signal available only in ssb mode

i beat cancel bc1 bc2 whereas if auto notch is i beat cancel effective against a single multiple beats can be cancelled powerful beat the beat cancel feature comes into its own when there are multiple relatively weak beats choose bc1 to remove weak and/or continuous beat interference and bc2 to handle intermittent beat like that of a cw signal since this can be used in conjunction with if auto notch even more effective beat cancellation is possible ssb/am/fm only i beat cancel off i beat cancel on i optional tcxo the tcxo temperature compensated crystal oscillator which is available as an option ensures superb frequency stability ±0.5ppm throughout a wide temperature range from -10°c to +50°c i drive output including 135 khz band the drv terminal provides external access to the tx drive output approx 0 dbm this is not just handy when a transverter is attached the main antenna terminal cannot be used for transmission on the 135 khz band but this drv terminal fills that need

i direct frequency entry direct band selection the keypad is used for amateur band direct key access there are 3 memories for each band so you can quickly call up the frequencies you usually use also the buttons ­ laid out to optimize ease of operation ­ provide responsive feedback i usb connectivity for pc control thanks to the addition of a usb port the ts-590s can be hooked up to a pc with a usb cable enabling pc control of the transceiver plus tx/rx audio connectivity superior ease of operation plus more enjoyable tx/rx performance the user-friendly man-machine interface means you can count on impeccable operation ­ under the grueling conditions of a contest or a dxpedition note because of the theoretical latency of usb audio it cannot be used for applications that are affected by a time lag i remote control of the ts-590s using a computer using the arcp-590 radio control program it is possible to access virtually all functions from a computer this makes it easy for you to

i off beep in addition to conventional audio confirmation of operation a different beep sounds when a feature or mode is off allowing clear differentiation other features rx · rx equalize · att pre-amp · adjustable rf gain adjustable af gain selectable sql level fsk · basic rtty settings keying polarity shift width high/low tones reverse mode fm · fm wide/narrow switching for tx/rx · repeater subtone · fm signaling ctcss cross-tone data · independent ssb-data/fm-data modes · choice of if filters for psk31/afsk operations · variable ano/ani level · selectable data modulation line acc2/usb · data vox accessory connectors · acc2 connector for packet operations · remote connector compatible with linear amp control i programmable function keys pf a pf b the ts-590s features 2 programmable function keys you are free to select frequently used functions for assigning to these keys i memory/scan functions g easy-to-use memory the memory name function enables clear identification

options mc-90 deluxe desktop microphone mc-43 hand microphone pg-20 dc cable 7 metres mb-430 mobile bracket sp-23 external speaker arcp-590 radio control program available free for downloading from the kenwood website mc-60a desktop microphone ps-60 hs-6 headphones so-3 tcxo heavy-duty power supply 22.5a arhp-590 radio host program mc-47 hand microphone hs-5 headphones lf-30a low-pass filter 50 mhz band is not supported sp-50b mobile speaker vgs-1 voice guide storage unit available free for downloading from the kenwood website not all accessories may be available please contact dealers for details main specifications ts-590s general frequency range tx rx mode frequency stabilitys antenna impedance antenna tunable range supply voltage current drain tx rx no signal operating temperature dimensions without projections w xhxd with projections weight net 180,80,60,40,30,20,17,15,12,10 6 meter bands 0.13 30 mhz 50 54 mhz vfo continuous 30 khz 60 mhz j3essb a1acw a3eam f3efm f1bfsk