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thursday 23rd – sunday 26th march portsmouth and the maritime coast • 4 days please see holiday brochure for more information thursday 23rd march chartwell spring at emmetts garden march day excursions we travel to kent for this two-centre excursion chartwell was the family home of sir winston churchill and the studio houses the largest single collection of his paintings the gardens reflect churchill’s love of the landscape and nature emmetts garden is best known for its amazing spring colour and the views reaching across the weald of kent there are refreshment areas at both venues garden displays will be subject to seasonal weather conditions price includes admission lsm £34.50 • nm £36.50 • n/t members £16 departs 8am • returns 6.30pm monday 27th – friday 31st march west end to warners at cricket st thomas • 5 days please see holiday brochure for more information tuesday 28th march national guide dog breeding centre the national breeding centre is located in warwickshire the tour will give you the chance to see the puppies as they socialise and grow gaining experience of everyday sights and sounds which will help them develop the skills they need as guide dogs you can expect to see the national breeding centre going through its daily activities and find out how they use the latest technology and innovations in their breeding programme their guides will take you along the specially built walkways which enable you to view their work without disturbing either the dogs or staff take the sensory tunnel experience to get a brief insight into living with sight loss and learn how people with sight loss get about towards the end of the tour you ll have the opportunity to purchase gifts and pet products from our shop where tea coffee can also be purchased most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the dogs who will accompany centre guides on the tour we will be making refreshment and comfort stops at services today the national guide dog breeding centre are a registered charity and make no charge for their tours and therefore ask for a donation to be given on the day departs 8am • returns 8pm lsm £26 • nm £28 thursday 30th march rye on market day travelling to rye on market day which is one of the most picturesque towns in england with its cobbled streets and tudor stuart and georgian houses plenty of shops and restaurants for lunch lsm £20 • nm £22 departs 8.30am • returns 6pm 18 visit us at or call 01268 765240