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table of contents special characteristics points of caution in selecting and using worms worm wheels page 292 kwgdl duplex worms kwgdls duplex worms shafts agdl worm wheels page 310 kwg ground worm shafts agf worm wheels page 314 swg ground worms ag worm wheels page 320 sw worms bg.cg worms wheels page 328 suw worms pg plastic worm wheels page 344 catalog number of khk stock gears the catalog number for khk stock gears is based on the simple formula listed below please order khk gears by specifying the catalog numbers example worm gear pair worms k wgdl 2 r1 hand of thread number of starts right hand single thread module2 type duplex worm materialscm440 worm gear pair 9 worms material k scm440 s s45c su sus303 type w wg wgdl worms ground worms duplex ground worms worm wheels a g 1.5 20 r2 hand of thread number of starts right hand double thread number of teeth20 module1.5 type worm gears materialcac702 worms wheels material a cac702abc2 b cac406cbc6 cac502apbc2 c fc200

worm gear pair available in speed reduction ratios of 1/10 to 1/120 in many materials and styles characteristics the simplest way to obtain a large speed reduction with high torque in a compact space is with worm gear drives khk stock worms and worm wheels are available in modules 0.5~6 and in speed ratios of 1/10~1/120 made in a variety of materials and styles we also offer stock duplex worms and worm wheels with which you can obtain a very low backlash high rotational precision system main features of types of worm gear pair offered the following table lists the main features for easy selection material indicates old jis designation type duplex worms worm wheels catalog no kwgdl kwgdls module 2~4 2~4 2~4 0.5~6 0.5~1.5 2~6 1~6 1~6 0.8~6 1~3 1~6 0.8~6 1~3 no of threads or speed ratio single thread single thread tooth precision heat surface khk w 001 treatment finish khk w 002 note 2 teeth induction hardened thermal refining and teeth induction hardened ground ground cut main

khk technical information efficiency of worm gear drives and their self-locking feature 1 efficiency of worm gear pair the efficiency of power transmission varies somewhat with the conditions of assembly and lubricant but is generally 30~90 excludes losses from bearings and churning of lubricants the efficiency of khk stock worm gear pair is given below as a reference efficiency of kwgdls agdl worm gear pair min-1=rotation of worm worm min-1 catalog no efficiency of swg/ag worm gear pair min-1=rotation of worm worm min-1 catalog no 100 40 42 43 43 43 300 46 49 51 52 52 600 52 55 56 58 59 900 55 59 61 62 63 1200 1800 59 62 64 65 66 62 66 67 68 69 100 36 37 40 42 43 43 47 49 53 54 56 59 60 60 63 66 69 69 300 42 42 46 49 51 52 56 58 58 59 63 65 67 68 71 73 74 75 600 46 48 52 55 56 59 63 65 63 65 68 71 72 74 77 78 79 80 900 49 52 55 59 61 63 66 68 66 68 71 74 75 77 79 81 82 83 1200 1800 51 55 59 62 64 66 69 71 68 70 71 76 78 79 81 83 84 84 56 59 62 66 67 69 72 74 71 74 77 79 80 81 84

worm gear pair selection hints please select the most suitable products by carefully considering the characteristics of items and contents of the product tables it is also important to read all applicable caution notes shown below before the final selection use of catalog numbers when ordering will simplify and expedite the processing of your order the helixes of worms and worm wheels rh single thread lh single thread 1 caution in selecting the mating gears worms and worm wheels have either right-hand or left-hand helix the same hand worms and worm wheels comprise sets however the number of threads and whether they use normal module or axial module system must also be matched the table below shows available combinations of khk stock worms and worm wheels mating worm gear selection chart worm kwgdls rh single rh single kwg rh double rh single swg rh double rh triple rh single rh double sw lh single lh double rh single suw rh double mating worm wheel agdl rh single agf ag0.5~ag1.5 rh

khk technical information 3 selecting worms and worm wheels by precision the precision standards of khk stock worms and worm wheels are established by us the table below indicates the tolerance ranges for our products precision of worms khk w 001 khk established the precision grades 1~4 of worms for profile and lead errors jis b 4354 1988 gear hobs was used as reference lead errors are measured over one full revolution 4 other points to consider in the selection process there are various footnotes to the product pages under the headings of caution and note please consider them carefully when selecting these products there may be slight differences in color or shape of products shown in the photographs from the actual products khk reserves the right to make changes in specifications and dimensions without notice hk standard worms and worm wheels are made for general k commercial machinery please avoid using them for precision positioning applications hk is ready to produce and

worm gear pair application hints in order to use khk stock worms and worm wheels safely carefully read the application hints before proceeding if there are questions or you require clarifications please contact our technical department or your nearest distributor 2 points of caution in assembling khk stock worms and worm wheels are designed such that when assembled according to the specified mounting distance with a tolerance of h7~h8 the backlash shown in the product tables is obtained do not attempt to eliminate backlash by pushing worms into worm wheels or operate with the worm shifted in the direction along the tooth because of the helix of the gear teeth worms and worm wheels produce axial thrust forces the directions of thrust depend on the hand of the helix and the direction of rotation this is illustrated below in fig.2 the bearings must be selected properly to be able to handle these thrust forces khk co ltd technical department phone 81-48-254-1744 fax 81-48-254-1765 e-mail

khk technical information because large thrust forces act on worms if they are not secured to the shaft firmly they tend to shift use of step shafts set screws dowel pins etc are recommended also check for loosening of bearings due to thrust forces how well the worms and worm wheels are assembled has large effects on the friction of the unit the tooth contact at the time of assembly must be checked for correctness as shown below 3 notes on starting operations before operating check the following are the gears firmly mounted on the shafts have you eliminated uneven tooth contact does the gear mesh have a proper amount of backlash please avoid the condition of no backlash is there sufficient lubrication if the gears are exposed install a safety cover for protection never touch gears while they are in motion check the noise and vibration while the machine is in operation for any unusual conditions if an abnormality is encountered recheck the gears and assembly conditions also check

worm gear pair description of duplex worm gears the usual method of adjusting the backlash of a worm gear assembly is to modify the center distance once assembled such adjustment require a major rework of the gearbox housing the use of duplex worm gears allows the backlash adjustment to be made by axially shifting the worm this simplifies greatly the assembly and maintenance operations because of the unique characteristics of the product please take time to study its construction and proper use 1 backlash adjustment mechanism and method of adjustment the dual-lead worm is formed to give a difference between the right tooth surface and left tooth surface so that it provides a unique tooth profile in which the tooth thickness varies continuously corresponding with the lead difference fig.1 the worm gear is also formed in its right and left tooth surface when such a worm and worm gear are set up at a constant assembly distance and the worm is moved in the axial direction the tooth

khk technical information 2 point of caution during assembly khk duplex worm gears differs in module between the right and left tooth surface and therefore you must orient the worm and worm wheel properly please carefully verify the following two aspects before proceeding with assembly verifying the orientation of assembly an arrow indicating the orientation of assembly is stamped on both the duplex worm and worm wheel when assembling the worm and worm wheel check the worm wheel of the arrow mark on the front such that the direction of arrow mark on the worm coincides with that on the worm wheel should the assembly be incorrect the center distance a will become larger than the normal distance resulting in difficulty of assembly and improper gear engagement fig.3 verifying the reference position a v-groove 60° 0.3mm deep line on tip peripheral of the duplex worm tooth marks the reference tooth the gear set is designated to have a backlash of nearly zero 0.03 when the reference