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2016 k900 kia.com information in this brochure is current at the time of printing kia motors america kma cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information please see kia.com for the most up to date vehicle information vehicles shown include optional equipment and video and camera screens are simulated by publishing this brochure kma does not create any express or implied warranties as to any products shown see your kia retailer or kia.com for details on kia’s available limited warranties ©2015 kia motors america inc reproductions of this material are prohibited without the expressed written approval of kia motors america inc kia motors america inc p.o box 52410 irvine ca 92619-2410 1-800-333-4kia part un160

an exceptionally refined luxury sedan “president’s award for all-time highest vehicle satisfaction”1 “best in class vehicle satisfaction luxury car”1 for the 2015 k900 for the 2015 k900 presenting the 2016 kia k900 — a brilliant union of dynamic performance innovative technology and evocative design featuring premium amenities fine materials and elegant available features such as supple nappa leather trim genuine wood accents and a vip package that includes power-reclining rear seats k900 provides both superior comfort and sophisticated styling its superb craftsmanship has helped the 2015 k900 earn the autopacific® “president’s award for all-time highest vehicle satisfaction”1 and “best in class vehicle satisfaction — luxury car”1 award spacious and refined powerful and uncompromising the k900 is a luxury sedan designed to compete with the finest automobiles on the road today 1 see features and

dynamic performance k900 is powered by an available 420-horsepower† 5.0l gasoline direct injection gdi v8 engine that delivers absolutely exhilarating performance or by an impressive 311-horsepower 3.8l gdi v6 engine both of these engines are complemented by an 8-speed automatic transmission that provides precise smooth and seamless operation plus the smart shift drive feature automatically activates the optimum mode — eco normal or sport — based on your driving style k900 also features a rear-wheel-drive platform that results in excellent weight distribution for crisp handling and driving enjoyment in addition sophisticated multi-link front and rear suspension helps ensure an exceptionally comfortable drive † with premium gasoline see features page for availability not all optional features are available on all trims k900 luxury v8 with vip plus package

extrasensory perception as technology rapidly progresses kia’s engineers have continuously pushed boundaries culminating in the remarkably advanced k900 it is equipped with an impressive array of advanced systems that help monitor your driving environment and instantaneously convey real-time information to the driver available features include advanced smart cruise control,2 lane departure warning system,2 autonomous emergency braking,2† and blind-spot detection with lane change assist,2 which utilizes a radar system to help detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spots and recognize those approaching from behind with a virtual mind of its own k900 both informs and assists you seamlessly helping to connect you to the road and your surroundings no system no matter how advanced can compensate for all driver errors driving conditions accidents and/or injury 2 see features and specifications pages for availability and endnote not all optional features are available on

superb ergonomics from the perfectly positioned driver information system’s control dial to the available shift-by-wire gear selector and steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters k900’s controls are intuitively placed for convenient operation attention to detail extends to refinements like leather trim on the dashboard and center console while a wealth of technologically advanced features help enhance every aspect of the daily drive together with its impeccable styling and array of luxuries k900’s ergonomics provide a level of control that you’ll enjoy every moment behind the wheel see features page for availability not all optional features are available on all trims simulated image shown for illustration only k900 luxury v8 with vip plus package

confidence inspiring technology highly intelligent features advanced technology applied intelligently makes complex operations simple whether parallel parking backing out of a parking space flowing with city traffic or traveling with the benefit of advanced smart cruise control,2 k900 drivers receive a concise and valuable stream of information about their driving environment helping them to maintain command at all times forward-thinking technology is its own reward case in point is k900’s wealth of advanced features designed to enhance your comfort convenience and entertainment with poise and confidence k900 lights the surrounding area as you approach your vehicle at night helps you navigate your route and escorts you in the style that you deserve 1 2 3 4 9 10 11 12 5 6 7 8 13 14 15 16 1 autonomous emergency braking2 2 surround-view monitor2 3 blind-spot detection with 4 advanced smart cruise control2 9 smart power trunk 10 voice-command navigation 5 11 driver information 12

advanced voice recognition uvo luxury services’ 5 advanced voice recognition technology lets you conveniently manage your music and it’s nice to be well connected enjoy hands-free5 use of your phone with simple intuitive verbal commands remote access the uvo luxury services5 app lets you remotely lock or unlock the k900’s uvo luxury services app5 doors activate the horn and lights to a free app allows you to integrate a help locate your car start the engine compatible smartphone 7 with your k900 to warm it up and activate the climate this lets you make the most of uvo luxury control system in advance services,5 including control of its remoteaccess features and a dial-in connection my car zone to talk to a live customer care agent my car zone provides curfew speed and geo fence alerts based on your local search powered by google tm12 targeted presets you can access uvo luxury services5 allows access to this feature from your compatible googletm12 through an

elegance born of sophisticated refinement superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail combine to create a truly luxurious interior k900’s elegant design is enhanced by available supple premium nappa leather trim and complemented by available genuine wood trim accents exceptional interior spaciousness and a tri-zone climate-control system translate into first-class comfort for every seating position in addition superb interior sound insulation dramatically reduces road noise so everyone can enjoy a quiet ride in absolute luxury see features page for availability not all optional features are available on all trims k900 luxury v8 with vip plus package

1 2 3 4 5 6 1 panoramic sunroof 2 heated and ventilated seats k900’s panoramic sunroof brightens any enjoy optimal comfort year-round thanks drive allowing you to enjoy sunny days to heated front and rear seats with multiple and fresh air it includes a power-retractable temperature settings and ventilated front sunshade for enhanced convenience and available ventilated rear outboard seats 3 power seat cushion extension 4 rear-seat center controls available power-adjustable driver’s seat a control panel allows convenient adjustment cushion extension is a welcome luxury of the second-row climate system the providing extra support and allowing drivers power rear-window sunshade as well as the to select their own custom comfort settings rear seats’ heating and available ventilation 5 power rear-window sunshade 6 16-way adjustable driver’s seat rear passengers can relax and enjoy a memory settings for two drivers provide cool and comfortable drive thanks to

advanced safety systems to help handle unexpected conditions k900 features advanced safety systems designed to help give you peace of mind every time you drive each one is engineered to help you maintain control even in harsh road conditions and in some emergency situations.† these safety systems are designed to function automatically leaving you free to focus on safe driving electronic stability control esc traction control system tcs electronic brake-force brake assist system bas hill-start assist control hac esc provides improved directional when tcs senses wheel spin distribution ebd if bas detects emergency braking to help keep your k900 from rolling stability which helps you maintain better during vehicle acceleration it uses to help maintain more consistent based on how quickly you step on the backward when starting off on a steep control in difficult driving situations a combination of engine power braking as vehicle loads and weight brake pedal it instantly applies full

designed to help protect driver and passengers k900 is equipped with passive safety systems designed to help minimize injury when certain traffic accidents are unavoidable an advanced airbag system helps protect driver and passengers with a reassuring array of dual front front and rear seat-mounted side and full-length side curtain airbags.13 eight advanced airbags dual front airbags full-length side curtain airbags and front and rear seat-mounted side airbags comprise a sophisticated system managed by advanced sensors that can even respond in certain rollover situations airbag seat belt sensors this system monitors the severity of certain impacts the presence of a front passenger and seat-belt use and then controls airbag inflation accordingly.13 front seat-belt pretensioners pretensioners have been designed to tighten the front seat belts in the event of certain collisions reducing the likelihood of injuries in some situations side-impact door beams all doors are reinforced with

stunning design commitment to america k900 takes its place as the flagship of a line of vehicles that — kia motors has invested over $1.1 billion in its manufacturing plant in under the direction of renowned president and chief design officer west point georgia utilizing the latest manufacturing processes and peter schreyer — has captured worldwide attention for interior state-of-the-art robotics the plant has produced more than 1.5 million and exterior styling kia vehicles represent the passionate vehicles since 2009 the sorento crossover and certain optima midsize collaboration of designers who have created a distinctive look sedans are currently being built at this plant.† together with on-site that makes every kia recognizable at first sight and local suppliers the georgia facility is responsible for the creation of more than 15,000 jobs in west point and the surrounding areas it’s all extensive research and development part of kia motors’

packages colors v6 vip package k900 paint finishes feature superior quad coating a four-coat baking process that enhances clarity and visual depth while creating richer colors available on luxury v6 1 autonomous emergency braking2† 2 surround-view monitor2 3 advanced smart cruise control2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 blind-spot detection w/lane change assist2 exterior 5 rear cross-traffic alert2 6 lane departure warning system2 7 head-up display3 8 power door latches soft close 9 16-way adjustable driver’s seat • power headrest • power seat cushion extension 10 12-way power-adjustable front passenger seat w/lumbar support not shown 11 executive rear seat • power-reclining rear seats • ventilated rear outboard seats • air lumbar support 9 9 9 11 11 12 11 snow white pearl p bright silver m mineral silver m aurora black pearl p premium v6 bk luxury v6 bk/b v6 vip bk/b luxury v8 bk/w v8 vip bk/w/tb premium v6 bk luxury v6 bk v6 vip bk luxury v8 bk v8 vip

— — — 1 1 1 1 1 — — — 1 1 1 1 — — — 1 1 1 1 1 1 — — — 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8-speed sportmatic® transmission shift-by-cable gear selector shift-by-wire gear selector 18 alloy wheels 19 chrome-finish alloy wheels 4-wheel disc brakes hid headlights w/dynamic bending light led headlights w/dynamic bending light led front fog lights led positioning lights led daytime running lights rear led combination taillights panoramic sunroof w/power-retractable sunshade perimeter approach lighting dual heated auto-dimming power-folding outside mirrors w/led turn-signal indicators laminated glass windshield front rear side windows hydrophobic water-repelling glass front side windows auto rain-sensing wipers windshield wiper de-icer integrated dual exhaust with chrome surround luxury v8 1 1 5.0l gasoline direct injection v8 engine luxury v6 luxury v8 3.8l gasoline direct injection v6 engine premium v6 luxury v6