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dedicated to making safety a top priority electronic stability control esc electronic brake-force brake assist system bas esc provides improved directional distribution ebd if bas detects emergency braking stability to help maintain better to help maintain more consistent based on how quickly you step control in difficult driving situations braking as vehicle loads and weight on the brake pedal it is designed at kia the process of improving all aspects of safety is relentless continuous engineering advances and during emergency maneuvers it distribution change the ebd system to apply full braking force instantly breakthroughs in material design have led to vehicles with exceptionally strong body construction works to control the engine and brakes automatically adjusts the front-to which helps shorten your overall to help keep your niro on course rear balance of brake pressure stopping distance hill-start assist control hac vehicle stability management vsm traction control system tcs advanced airbag system airbag seat-belt sensors front seat-belt pretensioner front rear crumple zones side-impact door beams when starting off on a steep hill for additional steering-direction when tcs senses wheelspin during an advanced airbag system helps protect this advanced system monitors height-adjustable anchors both front and rear crumple zones all doors are reinforced with steel hac automatically holds the brake control capability the vsm system is acceleration it uses a combination of driver and passengers with dual front the severity of certain impacts pretensioners are designed to tighten the are engineered to help absorb and beams to help absorb impact energy pressure for two seconds after you designed to intervene in appropriate both engine power and brake force to front seat-mounted side and full-length the presence of a front passenger front seat belts in certain collisions helping to dissipate impact energy helping and deflect side-impact force the take your foot off the brake pedal situations to help the driver regain help transfer power to the wheel that side curtain airbags and is complemented and seat-belt use and then helps reduce the likelihood of injuries front seat to preserve the basic structural body’s support pillars are reinforced to control of the vehicle has more traction by a driver’s knee airbag control airbag inflation accordingly belt anchors are height-adjustable to allow a integrity of the passenger com help strengthen the body of the vehicle proper fit helping ensure effective operation partment in certain collisions active safety strategically placed airbags and advanced sensors complemented by a variety of active safety systems.† † no system no matter how advanced can compensate for all driver errors driving conditions accidents and/or injury always drive responsibly 17 see specifications page for endnote simulated images shown for illustration purposes only 17 17 touring with advanced technology package shown passive safety