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2 1 3 4 artfully intuitive technology 7 2 uvo eservices app 4 3 7 or 8 touch-screen display the uvo eservices infotainment system provides you with an easy hands-free an available free app downloaded the uvo eservices 4 infotainment system way to connect to your niro by integrating your compatible smartphone8 with your at the app store ®13 or google playtm uses a 7-inch touch screen that also displays vehicle uvo eservices can keep track of your vehicle’s parking location with parking store lets you use a compatible rear-camera images and battery system minder,9 download apps from the app download center monitor your vehicle’s driving smartphone8 to access uvo eservices’ charging status models with available habits access 911 connect10 or enhanced roadside assist,11 and check maintenance features or use a computer to access navigation4 feature an 8-inch touch screen requirements with vehicle diagnostics on the large touch screen additionally there uvo eservices through myuvo.com for navigation results audio interfaces 12 14 are no subscription fees 4 for the first 10 years to access all of these benefits smart welcome communication data and entertainment by organizing all these elements this available feature greets you as you 4 apple carplaytm13 efficiently niro makes driving as simple as it is enjoyable connectivity to approach niro with the smart key the your mobile apps is seamless and you can even access them by voice all informed while at the same time helping to keep you focused on the road 6 1 uvo — short for “your voice”4 niro connects you to life-enriching conveniences of modern driving including this intuitive technology is designed to make sure you are connected and 5 mobile phone contacts and other data 6 wireless phone-charging 5 android autotm14 system 7 rear-camera display16 apple carplay and android auto let you take full advantage of the uvo eservices 4 an available integrated cordless to help you see things behind your vehicle front and rear lights come on the side infotainment system by simply connecting your compatible smartphone with a charger allows you to fully charge a that you might not see by looking over mirrors fold out as leds flash and the usb cable you can then use it to navigate to your destination make phone calls and qi-compatible smartphone15 by your shoulder niro features a rear door-handle pockets and interior lighting retrieve voice mail receive text messages and respond to them verbally and more simply placing it on a convenient tray camera display with dynamic guidelines illuminate softly welcoming you plus compatible apps are displayed on the touch screen in the front console eliminating the to assist with backup maneuvers 8 need for accessory cables or wires advanced technology 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 see features and specifications pages for availability and endnotes not all optional features are available on all trims simulated screens shown touring with advanced technology package shown