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1 2 3 5 6 7 4 1 forward collision 2 autonomous emergency braking16 3 pedestrian detection16 warning system this available system is designed to available autonomous emergency available forward collision warning detect and monitor vehicles traveling braking includes pedestrian system activates alerts when the ahead of you it then works to detection if it senses a stationary vehicle detects objects ahead that automatically apply the brakes if it or moving pedestrian ahead it will may cause a potential impact determines a crash might be imminent warn you if you don’t respond encouraging the driver to decelerate helping to avoid a collision or mitigate it is designed to brake for you to the effects if it cannot be avoided avoid or lessen impact 4 front rear park assist system16 5 lane departure warning16 6 rear cross-traffic alert16 an available sonar-sensor system is this available system is designed to available rear cross-traffic alert concealed in both the front and rear detect the vehicle moving out of its helps warn the driver of cross traffic bumpers when parking an audible lane without the turn signal being while the vehicle is in reverse by warning is given if the system detects used when it does it helps alert you activating audible and visual alerts certain objects close to your vehicle with a combination of audible and to help reduce the likelihood of a the driver’s state of mind is an essential focus of the development of blind-spot detection visual warnings collision and reduce impact all kia vehicles niro puts this objective center stage with drivewise with lane-change assist16 kia’s suite of advanced available driver-assistance technologies an available radar system helps detect drivewise features are intended to keep you alert calm informed vehicles in the driver’s blind spot and 16 7 smart cruise control 16 using advanced radar technology available smart cruise control automatically drivewise systems a wiser state of mind helps to maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle directly ahead and aware of surrounding traffic and potential hazards and to holding a constant speed or slowing or accelerating your niro when appropriate intervene when necessary to help you avoid collisions 16 see features and specifications pages for availability and endnote not all optional features are available on all trims images shown for illustration only then provides audio and visual alerts lane-change assist helps detect vehicles in adjacent lanes approaching from behind touring with advanced technology package shown