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high tech that stretches out every tankful niro gets its impressive efficiency1 by precisely delegating the work the parallel hybrid system switches between gasoline and electric power or uses the optimum combination of both recharging the battery when required an array of advanced technologies work in sync to achieve tremendous results on the road you will notice its smoothness — and the responsive power when you accelerate real-time charge status a hybrid system gauge shows fuel and battery levels rates your current fuel efficiency and shows whether niro is in charge eco or power mode the 4.2-inch color lcd has an energy flow screen with real-time illustrations it shows you if power is coming from the gas engine the electric motor or both you can scroll to this screen using the steering-wheel-mounted controls.4 coast eco driving-assistance system an available advanced eco drivingassistance system uses niro’s available navigation4 system to analyze routes and topography its predictive-energy control then helps optimize battery use automatically by precharging the battery before going uphill and using regenerative braking going downhill its coasting guide coaches you to take advantage of coasting opportunities to help maximize fuel efficiency.1 pedestrian warning system parallel hybrid system efficient electric motor lithium-ion polymer battery regenerative braking idle stop go isg at low speeds niro is often only powered niro’s full parallel hybrid system is a sophisticated an electric motor located between the niro’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion polymer kinetic energy is captured when the brakes are applied the to help increase fuel efficiency1 and reduce by the quiet electric motor so it includes design that allows both the gasoline engine and gasoline engine and the transmission propels battery is both lightweight and compact it regenerative braking system converts this energy to help idling noise the gasoline engine shuts off a pedestrian warning system that is electric motor to simultaneously provide power niro in all-electric mode this permanent powers the electric motor and is recharged charge the lithium polymer battery stop-and-go city driving when at a complete stop then when the designed to generate a noticeable sound directly to the wheels for optimum efficiency and magnet motor works in combination with the through regenerative braking it is designed generally entails more charging through braking whereas on accelerator is pressed the isg automatically to let pedestrians know it is approaching superb performance in a variety of road conditions gasoline engine to provide the ideal amount for power and durability and is mounted out highway trips the gasoline engine does more of the charging restarts niro to resume driving of power from both sources of the way beneath the rear seats hybrid technology 1 4 see features and specifications pages for availability and endnotes not all optional features are available on all trims simulated screen shown image shown for illustration only touring with advanced technology package shown