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what colors does it come in platinum graphite aurora black pearl gravity blue snow white pearl aluminum silver actual colors may vary from printed brochure see kia.com/niroev for interior combinations the content in this brochure is based upon information available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice kia motors america inc makes no guarantees or warranties either expressed or implied with respect to the accuracy of the content presented please see kia.com for the most up-to-date vehicle information vehicles shown include optional equipment and video and camera screens are simulated see your kia retailer or kia.com for details on kia’s available limited warranties ©2019 kia motors america inc reproductions of this material are prohibited without the expressed written approval of kia motors america inc kia motors america inc p.o box 52410 irvine ca 92619-2410 1-800-333-4kia kia.com instagram.com/kiamotorsusa facebook.com/kia youtube.com/kia

you have questions we have can i answers we get it you’re interested in the niro ev but you still have a few key questions no problem here is where you’ll find the info you’re looking for along with a few reasons why the all-new 2019 niro ev is the perfect combination of modern style crossover versatility advanced technology and of course — all-electric efficiency.1 charge it on my lunch break sure thing it takes 54 minutes to charge up to 80 at a 100 kw ccs dc fast charge station2 or 75 minutes at a 50 kw ccs dc fast charge station2 — which can be found at locations such as restaurants businesses shopping malls the gym and more your niro ev will show you where to find them ccs dc fast charge2 minutes to an 80 charge 1.25 75 54 et yg wit h a frie n d a n dy ou ’ll b e ch du pa te r b lu n ch ge nd bat g lo w plu g ra g in 440-480v ar tin 440-480v re a d y to goinaboutanh 1 see back cover for endnote this page and cover ex premium shown our 2

what about charging at home absolutely for the fastest home charging kia recommends that you purchase a level 2 240v residential charger,2 which can charge your niro ev to 100 in about 9.6 hours or you can even charge it by simply plugging it into a level 1 120v wall outlet† yes the same kind of outlet you plug your coffee maker into — but we’re thinking the one in your garage is preferable this option takes a while longer but makes a handy alternative what about road trips go ahead start planning national parks beach getaway music festival high school reunion with an epa-estimated range of 239 miles,1 up-to-the-moment tracking of your remaining battery and estimated miles you can travel and a display map of all the places you can charge up along the way there’s nothing to keep you from hitting the road like you always have — sans the gas station stops 120v outlet charge time for 100 charge is 59 hours 2 see back cover for endnote † optional

does it have enough room for my stuff how do i manage my ev features on the go plenty niro ev gives you the versatile crossover flexibility you need to stow and go with ease as in a large cargo area with 60/40 fold-flat rear seats front armrest with concealed storage and a large center console with a deep open lower storage area.† meet uvo kia’s smart telematics system that integrates with your compatible smartphone to let you easily manage your niro ev functions just download and activate the kia access with uvo link app for a range of convenient features it lets you remotely schedule charging based on your departure time to take advantage of off-peak rates,3 find charging stations near you sync destinations from your smartphone to the navigation system,4 perform remote functions like preheat or precool the cabin lock/unlock the doors,3 and more ­— all as a complimentary service for one year from the original retail purchase/lease date.5 go to owners.kia.com or

forward collision-avoidance assist 8 is designed to help detect and alert you of a collision risk and even automatically apply the brakes in some cases so how is driving an ev different hp a powerfully efficient,1 201 hp motor produces 291 lb ft of torque for super-quick acceleration forward collision warning8 is designed to help detect slowing or stopped traffic ahead and alert you if it detects you are getting too close braking can help recharge the battery thanks to niro ev’s regenerative braking system which captures a portion of the vehicle’s kinetic energy and feeds it back into the battery when you’re coasting or braking niro ev’s steering wheel–mounted paddle shifters can adjust four levels of regenerative braking and can even bring you to a stop without pushing the brake pedal.7 from a regular cuv the great thing about niro ev is that it gives you the versatility and flexible design of a crossover along with an outstanding epa-estimated